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~~ Very well.... ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, January 04, 2007
Never liked how this one turned out, but I still think the pictures are somewhat adorable :)
Adrian insisted that I should bring my camera along to scrap him and the suitcase.
Right. Can't say no to that request :p

Some pictures from the registery 'sign-in' at the elementary school.
Peek-a-boo! Children just can't resist huge cardboard-boxes now can they? :P
Aww look at them! Amalie *loves* kethcup (such a feinsmecker I know), and Adrian loves helping her out :D
Look at her! Such a cutiepie even when protesting against my "no". Love these pp from Scenic Route!
Love these pictures of the pumpkin-carving, and like the subtle way the pp is used here :)

Well. This is it. I'm leaving for the hospital shortly. I'm gonna undertake a strange, scary journey this year. Originally I was just gonna write that I was gonna start doing this complicated, four-part (I think) surgeon spread all over the year, but it'd be strange just writing surgeon without saying what kind of I guess. So. I'm going to get myself an ear enchantment. A physical one. That's the best way I can describe it I guess without actually describing it, because I find it slightly gross and very personal so I don't wanna. Don't ask, I'm pretty embarrassed about it. Ohwell. You'd think I'd be happyhappycheerycheery about the whole thing, but...I'm not. I'm just embarrassed. Would prefer to alienate myself from the whole thing. But I'm looking forward to the end result. I think. It'll be strange. I should be happy. I probably will. But for now I'll stick to thinking that it has to be done for me to feel free. Hopefully I'll be able to quit being embarrassed of myself and stop being pretty much always on guard when outside/with others when the whole thing is done. Will be gone for a week or so. They weren't able to tell me for sure how long I'd be gone.

Anyways. I've stocked up on magazines for almost two months now. 2x Scrapbooking mm, 2x Creating Keepsakes and 1x Det Nye. Been hoping to obtain Scrapbooks Etc and/or Scrapbook Trends for a while now, with no luck (the airports really ougtha have them but no). I'll even bring a mediabook or two along. Maybe my all-time favourite: "After the death of the childhood". Love that book. If anyone wanna bring me a book or two I'd appreciate anything scraprelated and I'd love books by Sherry Turkle (anything but "Life on the Screen" which I have). One of my fave professors :p Or maybe one of Neil Gaimans two last books. Anyways. I'm babling. See you in a week or so. Was told it'd be possible to hook up at the wireless net at the hospital, so here's hoping that I'll 1. get to borrow a laptop before tomorrow 2. be okay enough to be on the net during the next few days. Picture me raiding/playing WoW from the hospital-bed? Hah. Hope all these mags won't make me itch to scrap while at the hospital, cause that'd so suck. I already hate the thought of leaving the scrapping-table now after the long break I've already had at the holidays. Jeje.

While I'm gone. Here's some layouts I found lying around when trying to count my 2006 layouts. Synnøve: I really tried. But it's too many. I think the number must be around 190-200?My main-LO cat for 2006 has 180ish objects. I don't scan all of my layouts (but pretty much like 95% of them haha. Some of the double-spreads are scanned twice tho.). And then there's quite a few LO's in other cats I haven't bothered counting. So I'm not quite sure. But here's a few I haven't shown here on my blog before. There. That should do for a week? :p I even saved one-two layouts ok for the next time I'll be gone this long from my blog. Haha. I'm such a blog-nerd :p

-Love & kisses

Blir borte en uke ca. Send meg en tanke der jeg ligger på sykehuset da vel :p
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7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Very well.... ~~'

  1. Catrine Said,'> 9:22 AM

    Mange gode tanker fra meg!*klem*
    Jeg skjønner du synes det er skummelt, men håper du blir veldig fornøyd når det er gjort!

    Så mange lekre LO'er! Jeg er så utrolig imponert over tempoet og effektiviteten din! Og alle blir så flotte og!

    Klem fra Catrine


  2. _Kine Said,'> 9:43 AM

    Lykke til! Jeg skal tenke på deg :)

    Så mange fine lo'er det var her! Mine favoritter er skolegutt og Halloween. Digger det scenic route-papiret.



  3. Ellen Said,'> 9:44 AM

    Sender deg masse gode tanker og håper alt går flott på sykehuset!

    Og enig med Catrine - æ e imponert!!

    Håper å se deg på nett igjen snart!

    Klem fra meg


  4.'> 1:46 PM

    Lykke til Ania. Hadde ikke hørt om dette før jeg så det nå på blog'en din, og det høres jo ikke spesielt morsomt ut, men du får tenke på slutt-resultatet og tenke positivt :)

    Vi skal tenke på deg mens du er der, håper alt går lett og smertefritt!


  5. Vibeche Said,'> 2:01 PM

    Ønsker deg lykke til på sykhuset, håper alt går bra.

    Ellers må jeg si det var masse flotte LO`er du har lagt ut her i dag. Jeg er så imponert over hvor flink og rask du er, alltid masse flotte sider fra deg.


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 2:25 AM

    Hei snuppa!

    Er så kjekt å følge deg og resten av familien her på sidene dine.. Følger med jevnlig jeg!

    Var utrolig kjekt å være på kurset ditt, du er så dyktig!!!
    Håper vi sees snart igjen!

    Lykke til med ventetid, operasjoner og savn av familie mm.. Heldigvis har sykehusene peiling på hva de gjør, og erfaring med å pleie folk! Er de sure, så be dem ringe meg så skal jeg gi dem en kjennepreken!!

    Kos deg med blader og annet dill!

    Forresten.. :


    GOD Klem fra Tine


  7.'> 7:35 AM

    Lykke til, Ania...

    Kommer til å "savne" deg, så jeg håper du fikk lånt deg en laptop og at det er WLAN på sykehuset...

    Er imponert over hvor mange layouter du ha laget/lager, du er utrolig effektiv, og ikke minst kreativ også.

    Gleder meg til å se hv 2007 bringer...

    Klem fra Synnøve


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