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~~ Here it is! The real card! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, February 23, 2007

Hehe...I kinda didn't read the text as close as I should have when making the last Em-card - but begones! I made a new one now! With the correct theme! My shoe-story.....well....these shoes....right...the short version? Don't buy shoes on the net. You'd think that'd be obvious, and it really is......unless youre able to try the exact same shoe at your local shoestore before purchasing them on the net...but well..alright...where to start..uhm... ok... Victorias Secret. I LOVE the store. It was my favourite spendingplace before I found scrapping (Can't afford spend stuff on non-scrapbookingstuff these days hehe). But as the store only excists in the US I had to do all my orders over the net. One day I saw these shoes. Woah! Totally cool shoes. I knew it wasn't particulary smart, but I just HAD to get me these shoes. So - I ordered these...I think they were on sale by then - 25-35$. Once they arrived I found out that they were too small ofcourse. BLeh. I had to return them, and talking with the VS costumerservice they told me to please use UPS which they were using for shipping. Right. I found the little UPS office here in Bergen and the guy behind the counter was nice enough, helping me out filling forms and stuff. When asked about the shippingprice he said he wasn't totally sure but it'd most likely be around 250-300 NOK, which is like 48$ max. Ouch. Tad more pricey than I imagined, but heck. I really wanted the shoes so I told him fine, I'll return them. After some weeks the bill arrived in the mail. The shipping price? 1200 NOK which's like 190$!!!!!!!!! OMG!?!? What the..!? Hello???
Calling the UPS headquarter to ask if this surely must have been a mistake they told me nope, that's the right price, and also added that I shouldn't have asked the guy at the UPS OFFICE for a price inquiry, he wasn't competent enough to tell (NO shit...) and I should have called directly to the UPS main office in Oslo to ask for the prices (how would I know when I'm at the UPS office and theyres a guy working for UPS there helping me out....not telling me that I should call the HQs for prices...I wouldnt know myself kinda!?) ..... they later added that the guy I spoke to denied that he'd given me any priceestimate (as if I'd send a packet without knowing the price in advance!??) and that I was shit outta luck and had to pay and I should have known that 2-300NOK was too little anyways (said with a snort). Right. That was the last time I ever bought anything from Victorias Secret (*sigh*), and the last time I ever trust UPS. If forced to use any kind of mailservice I'd go for Fed-Ex or someone else just because UPS called me a liar straight to my face and well... sigh.... hello..... would I actually spend 190$ to return a pair of 30$ shoes if I had known?? *sigh* Anyways. After a few weeks of quarreling and lawyers involved I had to give up. And pay. And yes. Tbh. At some point I really really wanted to just grab a bat and head to the UPS office and kick the stupid guy senseless for 1. giving me the totally wrong price (at least he could have given me more realistic prices like saying it'd about 80-100$ - I'd SO back up by then and rather resell or give away the shoes) 2. denying that he ever did so. No, I didn't, but I sure wanted to.

I love these shoes though (I got new ones from VS after returning the first shoes natch). They're the most expensive shoes I've ever had and will ever have. And I aint gonna throw them away, I'm gonna use them till I'm dead and maybe..then maybe..they'll be worth the price. And I'll carry with me a grudge against UPS and stupid lying officemen and hq-women telling me that this wasn't uncommon, people *claiming* (emphasise "claim" - as if *I* was trying to scam them) they didn't know/got the wrong price and refusing to pay the real price (but then again why why why would I ever think the UPSofficeman would lie about that to me...if he really didn't know why the heck didnt he just say so but he didnt just said he thought it'd be 48$ and well hello 190$ is WAY more than 48$ dude). Now that's my shoestory and thank you for reading. Kick ass ~~

Ok. I'm calm now. This really ripped a bad bad bad story. I love my shoes. They look good on me. Period. And want to forget all about evil stupid lying men and women.

Anyways. I need help!! Should I buy the cutecute "fatbirds" stamps from Bampop or should I not?? They're so cute! But I know...I won't be using them that that'd be a waste.....but still..cute birds! And the name! "Fatbirds"! Aww..

Her er min ordentlige uke#7 kort i Em's "A deck of you" challenge, etter en liten misforståelse tidligere i uka :p Disse skoene .... har en lang forhistorie. Dyreste skoene mine ever. Dyrere enn bryllupsskoene med alle omkostningene :P Gidder ikke gjenta historien her (den kan leses på engelsk), men jeg sier bare en ting; ned med UPS.
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11 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Here it is! The real card! ~~'

  1. Ingunn Said,'> 2:17 AM

    Omg, for en historie!! Men kortet ble utrolig kult da :D


  2.'> 3:47 AM

    oh man! that is quite a story!!! at least you love the shoes right? and they ARE very cool! love your love card too!
    oh, and don't ever feel like you did anything 'wrong' with the art journal challenge - it is totally YOUR art journal, and you can do whatever you like!!!


  3. marie Said,'> 4:44 AM

    lol lol lol that was a story,i was feeling your pain girl, i was getting really mad lol lol lol.
    great card


  4. Gigi Said,'> 4:53 AM

    lololol!!!!! what a story! that crazy UPS man....but those shoes are fab! have fun flaunting them!!


  5. _Kine Said,'> 8:24 AM

    For en historie! UPS ja... Har hatt en del trøbbel med dem i forbindelse med Qk. Glad jeg slipper å ha noe med dem å gjøre igjen.

    Gå for fatbirds ;) De er kjempesøte. Mine kommer i posten i morgen, tenker jeg.


  6. Ellen Said,'> 10:56 AM

    Herregud - for en historie!! *dån*
    Men kule sko da - og knallkult kort!!:o)


  7. christine Said,'> 2:42 PM

    Stilig kort :D

    Det "deck of you" - hva slags kort bruker du? Spillekort som du scrapper over, eller er jeg teit nå?


  8. valerie Said,'> 9:09 PM

    fab story love the heels


  9. Lene Said,'> 1:17 PM

    Kult kort, kule sko og litt av en historie!


  10. Heidi Said,'> 12:25 AM

    He, he, he...for en historie Ania!!! Og jeg som trodde jeg hadde "skodilla"...fnis...
    Vel..UPS...har i allefall nå skjønt at DE bruker jeg ikke!!!!

    Ha en flott helg!!



  11. Paula Said,'> 7:47 AM

    Fabulous card & love the story.Im surprised it didn't put you of shoes!!!


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