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~~ o.O homemade scallops!!

Posted by Ania On Thursday, February 01, 2007
Ooooo.....Keisha Campbell recently shared a little nugget about the EK Succsess corner-adorner, which I happen to have (at least the small one - limegreen) can remove the cornerholders/bottom and use it to make SCALLOPED EDGES!!!!! Woohoo! Yes, this is big news!! I immediately had to try - and indeed - it works!! (alright, now - if it actually said so somewhere on the package that followed this cornerpunch then yes - I admit it - I don't read such stuff *blush*). It requires some practice, but it seemed very easy enough so I can't wait to do it on my next layout! :D And now I need the big one aswell as I only have the small one and have been wanting the big for a while - but not really been up for it until now :P

Anyways. Amalie wasn't feeling too well today - so she stayed at home. She threw up twice. (edit: thrice) Yuck. She sat down very very quiet and like, looking very pale and sick and all that while watchin Shrek on TV for 40 minutes total - then she got up and wanted to play on her (or alright, her brothers) PC. She's so sweet. I love how she learns sign-language so quick. When the picture of a car showed on the screen she turned to me and beamed signing the word "car". Aw! And when she wants more cookies and I say "no" she just says "more!" with sign and I melt and give in......but I digress :p Hm. Right. Then she played some with some cars and then finally stood up and wanted to dress up and go out.... right.

Ooooh! Få med dere Keisha Campbells tips om hvordan lage "hjemmelagde" scallop-kanter! Kjempeenkelt med EK Succsess sine hjørnepunchere!! Så bra! Har hatt min lenge, men ikke visst om dette før nå. Damn! Og om det faktisk stod på emballasjen så *blushblush* :p

Ellers er Amalie syk for tiden - kastet opp to ganger og greier - måtte hentes hjem fra bhg 20min etter levering. Stakkars. Vel hjemme satt hun blek og pjuskete på sofaen og så på Shrek - i 40 minutter. Etter det kviknet hun til, ville spille på PC'n, leke med bilene og så deretter kle på seg for å gå ut. Skjønne, søte Amalie! *fnis*
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3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ o.O homemade scallops!!'

  1. Ingunn Said,'> 9:32 PM

    Åååh, jeg som har sittet og knotet med skalpell for å lage scallops! *kjøpe corner rounder*

    Tusen takk for at du oppdaterer så ofte forresten, jeg koser meg virkelig med bloggen din!


  2. Kathrine Said,'> 2:16 PM

    *plutselig trenger jeg en hjørnerunder*


  3. piamiin Said,'> 8:33 PM

    Dakar liten!!!!


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