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~¨ Long time no blog!~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, September 09, 2007

How cute is this little dude??
One of the adorable weddingguests at the BBQ the day before the wedding.

Well, it kinda feels like that to me - haven't blogged since weds :P
Been busy doing stuff - and also trying to wrap up the weddingphotoediting - which I finished about 2am sat night. Yay. Also got a little flashthingie setup for webpresentation for the family & their friends aswell - think I'll take some of the best photos & do an own separate presentation when I get around to it cause I'm like, sorta proud about the photos & wanna share even though I've got loads to learn. I also want to be more bold with the editing/colors of the photos, but I had the potential processing in mind and that's always tricky -- I mean - just because the colors/photos looks good on my screen doesn't necessarily mean it will at others screen/when theyre processed. Ohwell. As I said - got lots to learn.

Sharing some more random weddingphotos for now just because I want to :p

And! Sunday = PLday = new layout to share! This time we were sponsed by SIStv & Jeanette - got the fabby Candytown-kit :) Can't say I'm too satisfied with my own attempt on this sketch - I think I did two or three different versions before deciding to just go for this one -- so please just ignore this one and rather head over to the Pencillinesblog cause the other girls just totally blows your mind with their layouts from the same kit! Seriously! Anyways - this is the 'I "heart" candytown' collection from SIStv & I did some glossy accent on the embellishments which ofcourse doesn't really show here in the scan.

Also sharing the layout I did for the Casino contest at Minneriket - yay - the contests at Minneriket just totally rocks :) And I love this layout because it reminds me of the wonderful times we had during our recent vacation - here's the breakfasts we had in Wien.

Btw. Did you see the Bad Girls Design Academy? The contest is on now -- first class was by Ms. Rago herself and was about Color Theory. And there's already a lot of great homeworks already delivered in the gallery! Wohoo! :D

Anyways. Stay safe & behave - tomorrow I'm off to the hospital once again for another surgery -- this time I'll be gone for one day only - so I'll be home again on tuesday. See yas :)

BTW. Did you know that Happy Scrappin Scrapbooking are hosting a fabulous Scrap Pink Crop Sept 28th -30th? If you sign up by donating to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Foundation through their site you can win one of these prizes:

1st Prize Cricut Expression Machine
2nd Prize Cricut Machine
3rd Prize Cuttlebug Machine & many other prizes!

Yay! See ya there..? :)

12 intriguing feedbacks to '~¨ Long time no blog!~~'

  1. _Kine Said,'> 10:48 PM

    Digger All in-lo'en din, altså! Og bildene dine er helt nydelige! Lykke til i morgen. *klem*


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 10:50 PM

    Skikkelig flotte bilder Ania! Himmel som du har jobbet da - står respekt av. Håper at de som skulle få se skrøt en hel masse!! Flotte LO`r og! Lykke til i morgen.

    KLEM, Eli


  3. banglamarie Said,'> 11:57 PM

    Her er det WOW til alt!!!
    Du er kanonflink med kamera!!
    Lekre bilder fra bryllupet!

    Likte godt frokostlayouten også :)


  4.'> 12:44 AM

    loving those photos aniia, btw did you think RAW was worth it?!?
    love the layouts as well


  5. iris Said,'> 1:35 AM

    Gorgeous layouts Ania!! And your photos... omg your photos... sigh :)


  6. Christine Said,'> 8:33 AM

    bildene dine fra bryllupet er helt fantastiske! jeg elsker editingen! og det bildet av han lille gutten var helt utrolig! elsker fargene!

    tror ikke du trenger å bekymre deg sånn alt for masse om hvordan fargene ser ut på din skjerm, om/når de blir levert til fremkalling så blir jo fargene og densityen på bildene justert, det gjør vi hvertfall hos oss :) men tror ikke du trenger å bekymre deg!

    og for et flott bidrag du hadde til all inn, den ser helt smashing ut :D


  7. Catrine Said,'> 10:35 AM

    Kule og flotte LO'er som vanlig fra din kant!
    Og bildene diner er nydelige! Wow!
    Lykke til i dag! *klem*


  8. Aquarell Said,'> 11:27 PM

    LO'ene dine er så flotte!
    Og for ikke å snakke om bildene dine... Nydelige bryllupsbilder...:)


  9. ellen s. Said,'> 5:25 PM

    great stuff, girl! i love the photos too!!!!!!


  10.'> 8:52 PM

    Jeg er helt "in love" med midraget ditt til All in! :D
    Utrolig flotte bilder fra bryllupet!

    Lykke til med operasjonen!


  11.'> 1:37 AM

    all very nice photos :) congrats!!


  12. Kim Sonksen Said,'> 9:55 PM

    Not only do i adore those layouts but the photos are AMAZING


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