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~~ Time for some shoutouts & Bad Girl Layouts ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ahh I had a lovely evening out with my hubby last night -- one of his bdaypresents from his mom was her babysitting the kids and paying for a night out. We went to Louisiana, a creole restaurant downtown - yummy yummy lovely food & even yummier dessert! Then we went to see a movie -- unfortunately Stardust isn't out yet here in Norway (can you tell I'm so looking forward to that movie!), so we were quite on undecided what to see - but ended up with Knocked Up. Haha. Funny lil movie - quite predictable, but yet a little gem with all those characters and stuff (check out the E! lady and the E! boss - hilarious..and the E! editor..). And Katherine Heigl is just oh so adorable - loved her since her days in Roswell :) (and Paul Rudd is totally totally yummy..ever since his clueless days :p)

Anyways. Thought I'd show you my Bad Girls Septemberlayouts - and do have a look at the others layouts too...there's some amazing work done by the Bad Girls DT there..esp love how Tracie shows that this kit is indeed just fine for boy-layouts aswell.

There's a number of very very cool things that has happened sb-related to people around me lately, so I thought I'd gather them all and make a lil list and give each of them a lil shoutout just because they deserve so and because I'm *so* happy for them;

1. Iris Babao Uy - my fellow Bad Girl actually made one of the MMM 2008! (aka the inhouse-team for Memory Makers) - how totally fantastic & amazing!

2. Tracie - another fellow Bad Girl and a Pencilliner aswell - this foxy lady made the Piggy Tales DT along with another Bad Girl - Celia - who's recurring for her second year with them. So cool! Tracie - I know you'll totally rock these papers - they do seem to be you!

3. Anam aka Kihaku - from Pencillines also -- she recently won a huge contest called Lucky7 at with a totally gorgeous transparent layout...way to go and wow what a prize!

4. Linda!! Aka Calle! Aka the lady behind the newly made clearstamps from Cali Designs. In my last blogpost I mentioned this cool mail I got that totally surprised and blew me away -- yeap -- that was from Linda, who's been so nice and mailed me (and a few others :D) two of her own stampdesigns. So cute! So rock! Have a look at her designs which are sold at Papirloftet. So totally cool. Huge congrats and huge thank you for the nice mail :)

5. Papirloftet! One of three finalists to Postens (the mailoffice in Norway - they've got monopoly on all the mail/shippingstuff...for now...:p) Newcomer Online Business Award 2006-2007. That's so freaking awesome!! A scrapbookstore which actually gets nominated *and* manages to enter the finale..? Wow. It would be fantastic if they won, they truly have deserved it, but still - so fun just to get to the finale! Way to go!

Don't forget the BIG Bad Girl Design School contest!! 800$ worth of stash to the winner, and prizes to three runnerups aswell! Head over to the message board to learn more!

Oh. And it's Sept already. Dang where the heck did the days go!? Soon time for me to grow old's that time of the year...eek..

8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Time for some shoutouts & Bad Girl Layouts ~~'

  1. JACQ Said,'> 4:14 PM

    love the bad girls LOs :)


  2. banglamarie Said,'> 4:21 PM

    brudelayouten er bare så lekker. Knallflotte farger og knæsjne detaljer! Love it :)
    Og resten av det du har laget er også WOW :)
    Du er flink Ania!!


  3. Kristin Said,'> 6:26 PM

    Wow, så kule ting du har laget. Digger LO'ene dine!


  4. Anam_Kihaku Said,'> 9:13 PM

    stunnign work and oh wow those stamps are cool!!!


  5. Aquarell Said,'> 9:30 PM

    Herlige LO'er, spesielt bruden... Så flink du er!:)


  6. Unknown Said,'> 5:38 PM

    Nydelige lo'er!!Likte den kjæreste/kysse loen kjemmpe godt!
    Du er utrolig flink altså!


  7. Hege Said,'> 9:18 PM

    Hjelpe meg som du produserer Ania. Den brudeLOen var flott da. Stilig!


  8. StefaniaB Said,'> 5:43 PM

    Great works!!!!


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