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~~ An enjoyable photosession ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, May 08, 2008

Had a lil photosession yesterday - yay I got to take piccies of a yummy lil baby!!
Am not sure which ones of the hand-piccies I like best and I am aware the editing of the second last photo is a bit off (purple outline of the babys white body) - but all in all - I think I managed to get a few nice shots and it was a nice experience taking photos of someone else in their home (with that as the purpose) working with the environment we had at hand. Got loads more to learn - like trying to plan the cropping better at location and stuff - but hm, I'm still inexperienced as in I rather want to snap the photo like now instead of waiting for the right crop and the moment possibly gone. But all in all - a great experience :) Like 260 photos got culled down to 115 - well done self! And oh, this lil man had such a funny hair - it soo reminded me of my own Amalie when she was at his age - her hair was like, standing right up like a lil troll. Too cute!

For those curious - I brought both my 18-200 and 50mm lenses but only used the latter. Wish I whipped up the 18-200 one though for the groupshots, but ahwell. I love primelenses too much.

10 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ An enjoyable photosession ~~'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 4:30 PM

    Hei Ania!
    Kjempeflotte bilder, du er utrolig flink! Veldig kjekt at du ville gjøre dette for oss :)

    Elisabeth, Eirik & Magnus


  2. _Kine Said,'> 5:00 PM

    Håndbildet i s/h var det aller fineste syns jeg :) Liker de andre bildene også, syns du har fått fram herlige farger i dem :)


  3. Catrine Said,'> 6:06 PM

    Herlige bilder du har hatt ania! :D
    Som Kine likte jeg og best håndbildet i s/h!
    Nå gleder jeg meg til jeg får en liten baby å fotografere, selv om jeg ikke er like flink som deg. ;)
    Ha en fin-fin dag! *klem*


  4. Aquarell Said,'> 7:43 PM

    Ååååå, så nydelige bilder...
    Håndbildene var spesielt fine, det er så flott med den lille hånda mot den store...:D


  5. Anette S Said,'> 9:05 PM

    Får en fantastisk hårmanke! Så søt! Kjempefine bilder! Jeg liker godt det der Pappa sitter i fokus bak og ser på sine to kjære! Nydelig!


  6. Sonja Said,'> 10:14 PM

    kjempefine bilder Ania!


  7.'> 7:01 AM

    Utrolig fine bilder! Jeg likte det hånd-bildet med farger best tror jeg :)


  8. Anonymous Said,'> 11:12 PM

    a"freakin"MAZING Shots Ania!!! You have SUCH A great eye!! These photos make me want to see MORE of your work. Keep it up!!


  9. Hege Said,'> 10:21 PM

    *dån* For noe utrolig vakkert. Du er en fantastisk fotograf og så flink til å få frem det beste i modellene. Det sier mye om deg som menneske også det...!!!



  10. Miia Said,'> 8:36 PM

    So beautiful pics!! cool... :)


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