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~~ Goodies, post no 500 and a RAK ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, May 09, 2008

Look what popped in my mailbox today! Such a sweet surprise - quite a few chipboards from Anam ...and not any chipboards, but Riff Raff chipboards - wow! They totally rock! And Anam!! You're too kind!! I'm very tempted to call them my babies - just look!! Hot darn, those dinos are too cute for words and the crown and wings and skull and mail....o.O Totally LOVE this!! Thank you so much!! And the quality really surprised me - so sturdy and solid and almost treelike...very clean and crisp cuts.. I was showing these chipboards on the net to some friends the other day and they thought it seemed a bit thin..but that's so not the case once you see it irl...I'm so happy!! It's even what I needed for a project I've had lying on my desk for days!! **hugs** I am definately buying more (Bad Girls stocking this!!)

In other words. I suddenly noticed this is my post no 500 on the blog. Shit! I had planned to do a lil RAK and all for my 500th post when I saw it was drawing near some weeks ago but it just snuck upon me and all so I'm kinda a bit unprepared...BUT!

Just comment in this post and I'll do a drawing on sunday or something like that - and yeah - anyone can comment :)
I kinda planned to take piccies of stuff I'd give away and stuff but ohwell - I'll update with a piccie later I guess :p It'll be scrappy stuff for sure ;p

61 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Goodies, post no 500 and a RAK ~~'

  1. tessa Said,'> 7:04 PM

    Grattis med luxe dt plass!!!


  2. Monica Said,'> 7:17 PM

    Så fine chipboard, kikket litt rundt og så de i bruk, gosjes de var lekre!!!
    Grattis med 500 poster, way to go! :)


  3. Aquarell Said,'> 7:40 PM

    500 poster, wow!
    Har et stykke igjen til det, gitt...
    God pinsehelg til deg!:D


  4. Anette S Said,'> 8:02 PM

    Gratulerer med verdens søteste chipboard, fantastisk designteamjobb og 500 poster!! Keep 'em coming!

    God helg!


  5.'> 8:02 PM

    De chipboardene så utrolig stilige ut! Må nok putte slike på ønskelista mi:)

    Ha en god pinse:)


  6. Carrin Said,'> 8:37 PM

    500 poster?! wow...80 her!!


  7. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 8:53 PM

    Stilige chipboards, nå må jeg rundt på nettet å snike, for å se hvor jeg kan få tak i slike :o)


  8.'> 8:58 PM

    Wow, 500 poster! Gratulerer så mye med jubileum!


  9. _Kine Said,'> 9:09 PM

    Dinosaurer er bra. Jeg liker kanskje best kjeksdinosaurer med sjokoladetrekk. Ha en finfin pinse :D


  10. Anonymous Said,'> 9:12 PM

    500 posts ? wow congrats ! And those chipboard are really cute espcially the dino


  11. Kathrine Said,'> 10:23 PM

    Jippi - jeg elsker raks!

    Superfine bilder (kom på besøk og knips leo før han blir for stor davel!), grattis med enda en dtplass (må inn å kikke hva luxe er *blush*) Og så heldig du er som fikk så kule chipboards!


  12. Vibeke Said,'> 10:44 PM

    Grattis med 500 !!! :)

    Må bare si: Du tar utrolig nyyyydelige bilder !!! :)


  13. Christine Said,'> 11:09 PM

    Du har sett Shrek, sant, med det eselet som hopper opp og ned og hyler "me, pick me, me me me, pick me!" ?

    Vel, sånn blir jeg hver gang jeg ser bokstavene RAK :D:D:D


  14. Camilla G Said,'> 12:30 AM

    jeg over dem på etsy for noen mnd siden, og bestillte meg noen pakker. artig at de er så stive / tykke, og så liker jeg fargen veldig godt! Gratulerer med DT-plass, og post nr 500:)


  15. Anonymous Said,'> 12:34 AM

    Wow, 500! Pretty cool, I doubt I will ever get to 500, maybe 50,congrats.
    What a nice pressie from Anam, when she has got so much going on at the moment, what a lovely lady,


  16. Anonymous Said,'> 1:31 AM

    Oooooh pretties! My LSS just got these in also and the quality is really good. They are fabulous!


  17. Staci Taylor Said,'> 1:47 AM

    Ania, those are the cutest chipboards ever!! Congrats on so many posts!


  18. Meredith Said,'> 1:57 AM

    Congrats on your 500th!! Really enjoy looking at your blog way down here in Australia!!


  19. Karen Knight Said,'> 2:41 AM

    500 posts. that is awesome. you rock girl!

    I luurvve that chipboard. i was going to buy some on etsy the other day. i am so am going to now cause it is GORGEOUS. i love the robots and wings they are just divine!

    Have a lovely day

    and congrats again

    Kayla Renee


  20. TiteC Said,'> 2:48 AM

    I've been reading your blog for a while now !
    I love your "work", and come by everytime you post because you're on my bloglines.

    Congrats on your new DT !! (you SO deserve it !)

    and I think you're a lucky girl : those chipboards are SO cute !!

    xx from France


  21.'> 3:26 AM

    Congrats on the 500 posts!!! Thanks for all teh inspiration!


  22. tonya Said,'> 3:29 AM

    congrats on hitting 500!!!!!


  23. Kataroo Said,'> 4:08 AM

    thank-you for the sweet comments on my blog today :)


  24. sylv Said,'> 4:41 AM

    Congrats on your blog posts and on being on the Luxe team!


  25. Unknown Said,'> 7:41 AM

    Congrats on the 500 posts and on your gorgeous works, you rock!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Hugs from Italy,


  26.'> 8:01 AM

    wow Ania, grat on the DT gig and woohooo for your awesome RAK and congrats on the big post count, keep the inspiration coming girlie :)


  27.'> 9:03 AM

    500 poster.. Dæven :p
    De chipboardene var jo bare supersøte da!!


  28. { Kristina } Said,'> 9:35 AM

    Grattis med 500 poster!! Utrolig tøffe chipboard. ;)


  29. Stephanie Said,'> 1:09 PM

    Congrats on your 500!!:)
    love those chipboard.


  30. Heather Said,'> 1:46 PM

    Congrats on hitting 500!!!


  31. Carrin Said,'> 5:44 PM

    Hattefokk ania; det er når noe som vanligvis tar laaaang tid må gjøres på KORT tid!!

    Ekstremt lite logikk å sense her, jeg vet. Ikke en eneste hatt som fyker igrunn...LOL!


  32. Mou Saha Said,'> 6:56 PM

    Hi Ania, Congrats on the Luxe DT. Looking forward to working with you


  33. Anonymous Said,'> 8:49 PM

    Congtrats on you 500 posts... and Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful ladies out there (tomorrow)


  34. Grylla Said,'> 9:48 PM

    Grattis med chipboards, 500 poster og enda en dt plass. Du er virkelig i skuddet om dagen, og det er fullt fortjent.


  35. Mari Said,'> 1:17 AM

    hei babe!!
    Grattis med 50 poster, og grattis med rålekre riffraffs!

    Og ikke minst DT plass hos LUXE!!
    mye som har skjedd mens jeg har vært borte ser jeg:)



  36.'> 9:28 AM

    Wow, the adorable photos from the photosession (oh my, these are perfect!!), the beautiful layout, your amazing design team success ... I missed so much the last days.
    Huge congrats, Ania, way to go!
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day. :)


  37. Anita Said,'> 3:41 PM

    Så gøy med rak! :D

    Gratulerer med både dt og 500 innlegg :) Og de chipboardene var sinnsykt søte :D


  38. Jill Said,'> 3:43 PM

    OMG, 500 poster!
    Det er alltid kjekkt å stikke "innom hos deg" fordi du som regel alltid er oppdatert.
    Ha en fortsatt fin pinse!


  39. Anonymous Said,'> 4:02 PM

    Grattis till de 500! Jag gillar verkligen din stil, fortsätt så!


  40. LilleAsk Said,'> 4:39 PM

    Gratulerer med 500 poster. Er inne og sniktitter på bloggen din rett som det er. Mye lekkert å titte på!
    Digger dinochipboarden!


  41. Anonymous Said,'> 6:28 PM

    Congrats on the post! I'm not sure when I'll get there :D

    Nice chipboards too and I enjoy your photos and scrapbook pages!


  42. Anonymous Said,'> 6:30 PM

    Også et stort tillykke med din post nr. 500 her fra Danmark !!

    God pinse.


  43. thorold Said,'> 8:25 PM

    Grattis till DT-platsen!
    Kikar in här ofta och får en massa inspiration. Tack för det!


  44. Anonymous Said,'> 9:07 PM

    Du er en stor inspirator, og det er alltid like kjekt å titte innom bloggen din. Der finner en alltid mye inspirasjon og kreativitet:) Takk for at du deler:)


  45. Unknown Said,'> 9:28 PM

    Wow!! Congrats on post 500!!!


  46. Heather Said,'> 10:58 PM

    congrats on your 500th post! I've been reading a little while and love your layout style :)


  47. Rach Said,'> 11:20 PM

    Hi, Ahh bless your little girl, she will miss her brother thats so sweet!
    Must get me some of that cool paint, Icant wait to see what youwill do with it!


  48. Anonymous Said,'> 11:32 PM

    så kult med rak da:)
    grattis med 500 poster


  49. Zoa Said,'> 11:55 PM

    congrats on your 500th post! adorable chipboard too :)


  50. Cecile Said,'> 2:26 AM

    Congrats on making it to 500 posts!!


  51. Anonymous Said,'> 4:39 AM

    CoNgRaTs on making the FabFifteen @Luxe! That's how I got here, and I LOVE your site! Looking forward to seeing more!!


  52. Surfine Said,'> 8:53 AM

    Gratulerer så mye med post 500, det er bloggere sin det,o) Alltid morro å besøke bloggen din anja!!


  53. Hedvig Said,'> 8:54 AM

    hejsan ania!
    jag älskar din blogg och tittar in nästan varje dag, lite dålig på att kommentera :)
    500 inlägg är jättehäftig men dina layouter är ÄNNU häftigare!



  54. Lori Said,'> 9:07 AM

    Riff raff are fabulous aren't they! Must get me some more!
    WTG on 500 posts! Keep up the good work ;p


  55. Anonymous Said,'> 12:08 PM

    Wow - 500 posts - good work! Congrats!


  56. Kim Watson Said,'> 1:49 PM

    I saw your work on Pencil are very talented & I luv your style. Well done on your 500th post...I've still got plenty to go before I reach 500 on my blog LOL!


  57.'> 2:14 PM

    Happy 500 my Dear!!!


  58. Eli Said,'> 6:09 PM

    Driftig dame du! :) Grattis med 500, og så håper jeg at du har hatt fine pinsedager :) Klem,E


  59. Karin Said,'> 6:51 PM

    Just in case you didn't do the drawing yet, i would love the rak. That looks so awesome and the thought of having vintage Norwegian paper is heavenly!
    Congrats on 500 posts!



  60. Christine Said,'> 7:44 PM

    Jeg fikk nesten lyst på chipboard nå.. Men bare nesten ;P

    Grattis med post nr 500 babe :D You rock!


  61. Vivs Said,'> 3:59 AM

    hooray for reaching your 500th post! you have awweeesome blog!


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