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Posted by Ania On Tuesday, May 06, 2008

All aprils photos are finally edited. I delete all the RAWs after editing. Totally SINful but totally necessary for me. Need. New. HDD. Besides. I've RARELY actually gone back to edit a RAW photo even though the style, preference & way I edit changes constantly. I cringe at photos from like three months ago because it's edited so horribly. Well. Not that bad, but you catch my drift. Anyways. 2.99GB. That's jpgs only. Imagine if I kept the RAW too. Eek. Damn that mommyhood clouding my better judgement making it *extremely* hard to delete even totally off-focus-photos of the children. Damn it! Miss my sister and nieces.

Oh by the way. Yesterday an old man (he probably couldn't see well :p) asked if Adrian was my little brother. Haa. Haa. Right! Off to do my backupduty!

Note to self: When taking photos of your oldest boy making waffles in the kitchen. Make sure you remove the whiskey-bottle FACING the camera in the background.

edited to add: Wohoo, D300 is now 12.499 at Yes I try to keep a close tab on the prices - from the initial what, 13.999 or whatever when Nikon launced this baby last year to 12.999 a few months ago and 12.989 a few weeks ago and now 12.499. Move down faster baby, faster!

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Photos ~~'

  1. Camilla G Said,'> 3:53 PM

    haha. du er så vittig ania:)
    Ooo.. blir ett dilemma for meg, når jeg en gang begynner å ta bilder i RAW-format (ikke helt der enda!) Men det tar plass, jeg har en portabel harddisk med flesteparten av bildene på, og siste året inne på laptopen, og da blir det bare til at en bruker de som er lettest tilgjengelig! Ha en fin uke, alle sammen !(Inkl broren din)


  2.'> 6:54 PM

    Ha Ha about the Whiskey bottle!!! lol *love it* Hey that's what photoshop is for!
    *shock* you delete your RAW's??? (me too) I take waaaaaay to many pic's.


  3. Unknown Said,'> 9:27 PM

    He he, you make me laugh with all your little notes! :D Whiskey-bottle, LOL!
    I'm on to buying a D200 second-hand, can't afford the real thing yet, but I'm happy still! :)

    Have a nice evening!


  4.'> 11:49 PM

    so with on edited photos, i think we go through phases like scrapbooking, LOL


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 4:00 AM

    this is a fantastic photo Ania! LOVE the lighting!


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