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~~ Pencillines 83/Scrappedugnad w/Xtina ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, May 05, 2008

Innocent days. Happy (?) family.
Made for Pencillines #83 w/ Debbie Jewells fab sketch and with Xtinas scrappedugnadchallenge in mind - to scrap vintage & use a non-scrappy-item or two in the layout. I glued the dress-pattern to the background using gesso.. it subdued the kraft-color of the pattern & made the paper look dreamy & stuff. All the stuff on this layout (bar the tags/pattern) is from the May Bad Girls kit. Lovely kit that one :)

Scrappedugnad is celebrating 6 month + NSD btw - come check out the free loot! =)

Not much to share about this week. Will have a little photosession on weds. Dreading for next week - yet another surgery. Oh the joy. So atm I'm basically just preparing scrappy stuff as I'll most likely be awol for a while following the surgery. Totally sucks goatballs. Or moose as you'd say in Norwegian. Sorry but it has to be said. Crossing fingers my stay at the hosp this time will only be 2 days and not 6. We'll see. Lucky me Blogger allows sceduling posts in advance now - yay. Might try it out preparing some posts for while I'm gone. We'll see.

Tilbrakte helgen ute på hytta - været spente seg fra oppholdsvær til sol - når det var sol var det fint og varmt, når skyene skygget for sola ble det fort kjølig. Ungene stortrivdes ute - selvsagt - Adrian fisket helgens første fisk og begge ungene spiste og likte fisk til middag. Yay. Ikke stort nytt herfra - neste uke er det på'n igjen med ny operasjon - hele greia suger elg. Jeje. Lurer på om jeg kommer hjem i tide før 17. mai og hvordan formen min da blir. Ohwell.

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Pencillines 83/Scrappedugnad w/Xtina ~~'

  1. Carrin Said,'> 10:52 PM

    Masse lykke til med ny operasjon!! *klem*


  2. Eli Said,'> 11:45 PM

    Kjedelig med alle disse operasjonene. Du får tenke hardt på hva som venter i andre enden. Stikker innom deg en dag - blingbling you know :) Klem, E


  3.'> 7:40 AM

    Lykke til med operasjonen!
    Hehe, goatballs :fnis:


  4. Beate Said,'> 10:29 PM

    Den LOen var bare kjempelekker!! :)


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 4:02 AM

    very cool, very cool. love it. i'm starting to reconsider my views on the whole sketch a layout idea...hmmm...


  6. Anonymous Said,'> 8:45 PM

    It's so beautiful!!!!


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