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~~ Honey I'm hoooomeeee ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, May 29, 2008

I know. It has been a while.
I've been gone - in Oslo at my dads place to work on my M.A. thesis. So much to do! When I went my husband told me it was fine as long as I "didn't even touch scrapbooking & worked hard". Well. I worked hard alright - day and night. And I DID NOT VISIT ONE SINGLE SCRAPBOOKING STORE!!! How 'bout that!! Dang. I wish I had but at the same time...I know this - full time away from the stash & stuff - was what I needed to get a kickstart - I can't go back to being a fulltime student right yet, but I will make an effort to work on stuff still.

Anyways. Am back home & indulging in stuff that's on my to-do-list. First out - a birthday-card (tag-card) for a young lady in our family. She's having a childrens party right now and Adrians with them - with this card and the pressie :) Love the Fancy Pants papers!! Used papers from different lines - Simplicity (gorgeous dreamy whitey paper - and it's got a totally kickass pink backside!), Daydreamer and Celebrate....and maybe some other lines aswell. The ribbons are all from Fancy Pants too, and the diecut aswell..I dressed the manilla-tags with more Fancy Pants paper on the back - some leftover scraps that I didn't use after all (don't you hate it when that happens? You arrange & stitch together papers and then you find out that this wasn't what you wanted after all...grr..well, I got to use them in the end!) The only things not Fancy Pants here are the letters (American Craft), brad (dressed in Doodlebug glitter & decorated with a pearl), stamp (cuuuuute! From Autumn Leaves) & the flowers (Prima).

Anyways. Must. Continue. Bad Girls is next on the to-do-list!

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Honey I'm hoooomeeee ~~'

  1.'> 7:20 PM

    so happy you are back home safe and sound!!
    and go you on getting so much done!!!!
    sometimes a bit of time away is just the ticket!!
    big hugs!


  2. Kathrine Said,'> 7:48 PM

    Velkommen hjem!
    Og gratulerer med innsatsen, tenk så deilig det blir å være ferdig!


  3. banglamarie Said,'> 10:58 PM

    Å så mye lekkert på bloggen din :)
    Flott kort/tagbok!!!


  4.'> 12:51 PM

    i absolutley adore your little book/card
    glad you are home safe and sound
    hugs xx


  5. Sri Said,'> 6:56 PM

    That is too cute, Ania! Love it!


  6. Unknown Said,'> 8:14 PM

    So cute card! Snyggt!

    Go girl with your thesis, must be a lot of work!



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