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Posted by Ania On Friday, April 17, 2009
Finally got my Scrapbook Trends magazine (April) today, along with the Simply Handmade magazine aswell :) Figured I'd share my stuff in there as there was quite a few of them :)

A minialbum made with Luxe Designs materials :)

A layout about myself *blush* using Hambly Screenprints, Sassafras & Making Memories-stuff.

And a layout about my sister and Amalie using Fancy Pants Designs stuff :)

And then we have Simply Handmade :)

I was quite delighted to see that they actually used three pages for my project - a box made from an empty Fancy Pants chipboardpackage and three matching cards to go w/the box..
(although I'm sorta embarassed about the cards themselves, but hey...nice of them to display them too :p)
And while I was snappin' publication-images I figured I'd finally get around to snap this one too - the last Vi Scrapper-magazine (sniff - they decided to not continue the magazine).

My card is on the cover...along with a familiar name..??

Oh gee, it's Sasha!!! Hi thar! ;D

Anyways, movin on ;p Here's my Fancy Pants Valentine card & (chocolate)box w/stuff from Fancy Pants Designs & Prima Marketing Inc :)

And here's the card that could be seen on the cover aswell - w/stuff from Luxe Designs and Daisy D :)

And I wrote an article about everyday-scrapping, asking a bunch of talented scrapbookers to contribute and snuck this Hambly-layout in ;p

Oh, and I got another box today too, from Fancy Pants -- and inside there was this bag which Amalie snagged quite quickly (and filled w/her toys...ahem...."okay you'll get to borrow it but remember, it's mommys'!")

I'm quite giddy & in a scrapbooking-mood atm, but alas....there was a new patch in WoW w/new raid-content which must be tested out and we're probably off to the summerplace this weekend (which means moar photos! yay!)..and then my mom will come visitng next week and then there's Amalies' birthday and then there's this silly surgery by the end of next week soooo *sigh*

Have a lovely weekend - get out - the weather's quite nice ;p

Ps!! Check this out!! :D

Title - "Better" - Regina Spektor
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8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ If I kiss you where it's sore will you feel better? ~~'

  1. Zarah Said,'> 7:58 PM

    Wow... They're FAB!! You rock! :D


  2. Carrin Said,'> 8:02 PM

    Det må jeg si!! Gratulerer så masse med velfortjent publisering! :)


  3. Sonja Said,'> 8:11 PM

    Åhh det er ikke måte på hvor mye du får publisert, kjempe bra :)
    Ha en toppers helg!!!


  4. KimmyS Said,'> 8:44 PM

    Toot Toot - you are amazing chic!!!!


  5. Maren Said,'> 8:21 PM

    Så utrolig gøy!! Gratulerer så mye med publiseringen din, men du er jo så flink så det e rjo ikke rart!!! :D

    Søte Amalie med bag'en! :D


  6. Tracie H Said,'> 12:27 AM

    WOW! So many pubs...WTG you!
    Amalie is growing so quickly - she really has shot up very quickly.
    Im all packed and ready to go - flying out on monday morning but have lap top with me so hopefully we can chat? If not - then good luck with the surgery - thinking of you LOTS and missing you even more!


  7. Aquarell Said,'> 7:14 PM

    Så flott! Gratulerer med masse publisering!:D


  8.'> 5:15 PM

    i have to grin and be like a idiot here.. LOL.. i still don't have that copy. can u keep one for me pls? :D


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