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~~ Think of me as programmable soda ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pencil-Lines sketch #129
, sketched by Anna & guested by the amazing Melissa Deakin :) (LOVE her clean, tender style and love her photography :) :)

Used Scenic Route's "Sonoma" for this one :)
Amalie's such a lover of drawing, filling in and cutting out. Her cutting skills is especially great for her age (or maybe I'm just partial being her mom and all...the kindergarten thinks so tho and thinks it's because I'm a scrapper - but really - I normally don't let Amalie get near my stuff so it's NOT from me.. :p). Anyways. Had this little drawing on my desk for a while now - and finally decided to save it before it got lost/misplaced/thrown/ruined.

The last two days we've had my husbands two cousins visiting. Amalie's been totally looking forward to having a baby around, bugging us all morning "When will the baby be here?" "And now? When will he be here??" She was so pleased when they finally arrived - switching over to her "babyvoice" whenever talking to K. Who isn't really a baby anymore I guess :p

Baby K. So adorable :DIn the evenings we had wine, good food & Wii-cup :)
(I won twice..mwahahaha ;p)

We also painted some eggs. Well, Amalie did. :)

& here's a groupphoto of us all together taken before they had to leave home :)

Title: "Programmable soda" - Tori Amos
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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Think of me as programmable soda ~~'

  1. Maya Said,'> 6:17 PM

    Så kul LO med tegningen til Amalie på...kjekk måte å ta vare på tegningene på..Philip driver også på med klipping hele tiden og sjenker meg utklipte saker..kanskje jeg skulle ha scrappa litt med dem i stede for å bare putte dem steder jeg ikke husker...

    Ha en superfin påske :-)


  2. Birgit Said,'> 8:03 PM

    Wow, looks like you had fun! :) Love your LO!!


  3.'> 11:59 AM

    Your kiddos r so cute!


  4.'> 2:42 PM

    *grin* you sure you won? come here and go against me.. haaahaaa!!


  5. tovetyll Said,'> 10:03 AM

    åå dere hadde det sikkert supert!!

    kjempeflott LO, super måte å bevare tegninger og utklipp på:)

    Ha en super påske, kos dere masse**


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