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~~ you are my sweetest downfall ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, April 20, 2009
I'm Skissedilla's very first guest - a new Norwegian challengeblog based on sketches!! :D
I was so thrilled to be asked - I even made my own sketch for them - yay me! :D Here's my interpretation of the sketch - and head on over to check out their takes aswell :)

Materials include: Hambly Screenprints - papers, rubons, kraft-stickers & transparencies :) Oh, and MM tiny alphas :)

And if you want a chance on this little RAK of mine - including stamps from Luxe Designs, Studio Calico, a bottle of Bronze Glimmer Mist, flowers from Scrappers Choice and Prima, a little bling from Prima & a chipboardalpha from Scrappers Choice - then you have until sunday April 26th to do the sketch yourselves - just don't forget to directlink it to this post :)

Yesterday was also a Pencil-Lines-day, w/sketch #131 made by Anna Bowkis and tags sponsored by Shabby Chic Crafts, who also guested us this week :)

I decided to create a card for my Amalie who'll turn four years old on thursday...using a printable alpha-tag from Shabby Chic Crafts and pretty much just Prima for the rest :) I just LOVE "Mommy & me"!!!!!! :D SO so so cute :D

Oh, and this is me and Eli. And Sonja behind the camera.
Last week we went out for a photowalk to Herdla. Beaches equals skippin' & jumpin'. Everybody knows that. And look @how high I'm jumpin' ;p (okok, might have something to do with the fact that Eli was on the way down while I was on the way up, but...details, eh?)

Oh, and there's me. Again. Yeah. I like to jump. & spread my arms. & spill sand all over.
I think Eli was behind the camera this time.

So does the kiddo. Only. He makes way more awesome postures & faces.
This is from our trip to the summerplace this weekend.

See? Awesome jumpin'. He's got that from me 'natch.

Have a wonderful week y'all :)

Title: "Samson" - Regina Spektor
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8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ you are my sweetest downfall ~~'

  1. Ellen* Said,'> 12:19 PM

    Haha - dere ser utroolig spretne ut både du og Adrian! Og Eli også for den saks skyld!:o) Blir gjerne med på photoshoot på Herdla en gang - f.eks. en fridag - når hard working women har fri;o) Ha ei fin uke - og stikk GJERNE innom en tur på onsdag! Klem, E*


  2. Zarah Said,'> 12:30 PM

    Great photos and I LOVE that LO. The sketch rocks and I'm SO doing it! :D


  3. Vibeche Said,'> 1:15 PM

    Herlige bilder fra turen ut på Herdla, ser ut som dere har storkost dere :)
    Nydelig skisse og lo du har laget, likte tittelen :)
    Jeg håper virkelig at du stikker innom en tur på onsdag, det er jo så lenge siden jeg har sett deg.
    Kos deg masse vennen,


  4. Eli Said,'> 1:45 PM

    Hehe - TROR du at det kan ha noe med det å gjøre altså; at jeg var på vei til å lande omtrent før du kom deg opp i lufta? *fnis* Herlige bilder av Adrian!! - og som alltid er det flott det du lager vennen. Kom innom på onsdag! (du vet jo hvem som sa du måtte prøve å få det til ;) ) KLEM <3


  5.'> 5:16 PM

    u have to teach me how to jump and not look like a rice sack being thrown in the air! :D


  6. StianK Said,'> 12:33 AM

    aah, for en søt blogg du har!!!:)


  7.'> 3:57 AM

    HI Ania from steamy South Florida. Love your latest for Pencil Lines and was wondering if you could tell me where to find the mother/daughter rabbits that you have featured. Thanks!


  8. Eli Said,'> 6:56 AM

    Forresten du; du er søøøøøøt (sånn om du skulle tro jeg mente noe annet ;) ) KLEM <3


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