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~~ It's not like it's rocketsurgery ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For some reason I've been into creating cards lately..not that much but way more than normal for sure. And not because I like it, but fascinates me in a way. I find it utterly intriguing in fact, simply because I don't feel that I am mastering this "art" and it annoys the heck outta me. Which means I'm putting myself through the suffering of trying and failing, all because I want to figure out the "secret" behind a gorgeous card...I don't know...even creating socalled "average" layouts, layouts that I'm not personally satisfied with does not annoy me this much. I know it sounds silly - like - "'s just paper...and it's just cards for gods sake - it's not exactly rocketsurgery*". I know. I know. Still.


Anyways. Here's some of the better cards I created w/Fancy Pants leftovers. Maybe that's why... because I usually don't feel like cutting into whole 12x12 sheets of papers that I find it hard to combine stuff for a card?? Because I'm limited to whatever pieces of scrap I have at the time? Hm. Still. I should be able to make it work for me, no?

Oh gee..look at her mono-debating cardmaking like it's such a serious, serious thing.

Sorry. Hope I'm not insulting cardmakers out there now. I do finding "discussing" the aspects of a layout within myself a bit silly too. Blush.


Today's Earth Day - did you know that? :) :)
I've joined this movement/project on twitter: Earth Mosaic.... sounds cool, I'll see if I actually remember to do the assignment today - we're kinda preparing for Amalies birthday tomorrow :)

Speaking of Earth Day - Luxe Designs are coming out with a NEW collection today called Ecology - it's beautiful :) :) It'll also be the last collection I'll be working with for Luxe Designs, as the current DT-term is coming to an end... sad, but I'm happy we'll go out with such a beautiful collection :) :)

And boy, Earth Day sure is popular - Hambly Screenprints are doing a giveaway w/their nature-themed products, aswell as having specials on certain products :)

Happy Earth Day folks! :)

Oh, and things to remember:

Title: * rocketsurgery - a coined term within gaming at least - I'm not sure it's common outside of gaming too so I'd just like to say that it's really a word. Sortof. You know. When you think of two things meaning the same and they just merge in the heat of the battle and it sounds funny ;p
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13 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ It's not like it's rocketsurgery ~~'

  1. Zarah Said,'> 9:49 AM

    Men så snygga!! Det sista ÄLSKAR jag - det är helt perfekt. :D


  2. Maren Said,'> 10:49 AM

    Jeg syns kortene var dritfine jeg - rett og slett!


  3. Ellen* Said,'> 10:50 AM

    Jeg forstår deg, jeg, ania! Jeg sliter med kort, jeg også. Og jeg tenker faktisk å dedikere dagens treff til kortlaging. Så jeg kan ha noen kort liggende liksom. Folk forventer hjemmelagde kort, av en eller annen grunn...
    Og: kortene dine er kjempefine!


  4. Tessa Said,'> 12:49 PM

    Nydlige kort!! Likte spes d øverste♥. Ha en super dag!


  5. LilleAsk Said,'> 2:57 PM

    Nydelige kort, særlig det siste.


  6. Marlene Said,'> 9:27 PM

    Fantastiske kort!
    Jeg digger stilen din!
    Takk for at du deler så mye fint og for all inspirasjonen!
    Ha en fin vår!


  7. Heidi Said,'> 10:39 PM

    Du er RÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ på kort også du Ania!!!! Imponerende!!!!!!!


  8. Norunn Said,'> 8:34 AM

    Nei du...kortene dine er virelig ikke "middelmådige", de er rålekre! :)


  9.'> 8:46 AM

    Åh Ania, du har nok veldig høye krav til deg selv, for disse kortene var kjempefine. Enkle og flotte og "straight to the point". Akkurat sånn jeg liker det:). Jeg bruker også kun scraps til kort, og det er helt greit. Helt sant!


  10. Lula Said,'> 9:11 PM

    Du lager kort som en gudinne!! Likte spess. det med hjertene, det var aldeles nydelig;)Du har en særegen stil, som skinner igjennom også på kortene dine, noe som jeg liker!


  11.'> 4:37 AM

    urmm.. what nonsense? your cards are always, always gorgeous!


  12. Sonja Said,'> 4:30 PM

    Kjempeflott kort Ania!!!


  13. Anette S Said,'> 10:31 AM

    Dette med kort er veldig interessant og det er egentlig spennende å være "ny" i feltet etter å ha scrappet så lenge! Jeg synes det er vanskelig! Synes alle mine kort er maks middelmådige!

    Men du, disse kortene er nydelige! Det med hjerter er pretty darn close to perfection! Fantastisk!


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