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~~ Nobody knows they've got a ticket to the show ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, April 13, 2009
My beautiful, beautiful niece turns 12 today.
Happy birthday sweetiepie, wish you lots of happiness & sunshine and wish I could be there with you today!!

Last nights Pencil-Lines, #130, was guested by Liz Lee - the woman behind "Paislee Press" (beautiful digistuff!!!). She created such a gorg sketch for us to work with (and you can get it as a sketch & digi template too) and I decided to use more 3ndypapir-gorgeness w/it :D
You see - Amalie's writing her own name now - both handwritten and on the pc (I know, such a genious rite? ;p). I thought the PC part was kinda cute - like - a true child of the PC generation and had to document :P And one of the 3ndypapir-papers is kinda imitating the keyboard-letters, so it was kinda a no-brainer that I had to use it :P The letter-thickers are from Scrappers Choice by the way - they've got Norwegian and Swedish letters too :)

Also - yesterday I was featured at the "Inspirational" blog.
Thank you so much to Lou Collins for the lovely words. She called my style for "(...) signs of vintage mixed with a modern twist. She uses bright colours with distressed effects, producing wonderful outcomes...", which I really hadn't thought of before. Have to admit I think it's quite fun when others try to describe my style, because it's so hard to figure it out yourself I think - so thank you so much for brightening up my day!! :D

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Now excuse me, the sun is shining & I need to change the tires on the car. And maybe go for another hike later today - yay :)

Title: "The Show" - Lenka
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2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Nobody knows they've got a ticket to the show ~~'

  1. Lula Said,'> 7:40 PM

    Gratulerer på Inspirational! VELFORTJENTE ord;)

    Jeg synes du alltid har en måte å fornye deg på. Du bruker så mange ulike oppsett og kreative ideer:)Det gjør det alltid like spennende å besøke bloggen din. Den er gjennomført med både loer, nydelige bilder, morsomme og dype titler og flott tekst!

    Takk for all inspirasjon:)


  2.'> 10:39 PM

    Jeg blir så imponert over måten du bruker farger på. Skulle ønske jeg klarte det slik som deg.

    Nydelig LO.

    Håper du har hatt en fin påske ;)


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