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~~ Quick stop ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dropping by quickly while waiting guests any minute now - just wanted to post the winner of the drawing (xstines mom - hooray!! Get in touch with me w/your/her adress :D) + post my cards for 3ndypapir using leftoverpieces :) :)

Mmm.. have loveloveloved working with the 3ndypapir-papers!!
And yes - I know - guestdesigners are supposed to say so sorta ;) But - I totally gushed about these papers (here) long before I knew I would be guestdesigning for them - so I was truly delighted to be asked and even more thrilled when I got to see the papers in real life :) :) :) I feel so lucky (funny how papers can make you so happy ;p). I've been creating up a storm, whipping up three layouts and two cards in like no time :)

Anyway, I digress - here's some cards I made with pieces of the leftoverpapers :) I love papers you can cut out - like the little clouds, the talking bubble (or whatever it's called in English) and the silly cute monsters :) And yeah - once again I used Scenic Route's grid-papers as backgrounds. They're such a perfect match for Gudruns papers :) :) Looking forward to share the other layouts soon :)

Okeees....soups cooking (tomato + chicken - both made from scratch - loooove soups made from scratch!!), Amalie bugging me every 5 minute asking "when will the baby be here??" and well, yeah, guests coming any minute now....eeks...have a lovely weekend :)

Ps. Do you twitter?? I just started out and I love it! Feel free to add me (check out the column to the right here) - so great for whenever I just wanna post&share snippets but not a whole blogpost :)
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  1.'> 9:52 PM

    Kuuuule kort!... :O)

    God påske!


  2.'> 12:31 PM

    so baby is there now... tell Amalie not to eat the baby up, that's what i would do.. LOL!


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