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~~ Ben & Mari's Wedding Photos part 1 ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, August 09, 2009
So last weekend we attended my husbands cousins wedding, and I did my best documenting the whole day. It was a pretty laidback and wonderful wedding, and a good time was had by all - ofcourse :)

Right. Piccies!

A friend of the bride picked us up in a vet cabriolet in the morning. From like 1960. Awesome :)

I like taking photos via the mirror :)
She got ready at her grandma's place, which was like next door to the "Tinghuset" where they were getting married :)

Sorta boho chic no? :)
I really like this photo - the groom on his way inside the "Tinghuset" :)

The groom getting emotional. Aww :)
Look at the bubbles to the right!! :)

Love these shots from the car :) Kinda stylish 60's :)

Love the wide angle when you can take such photos :)
Sorta like this one :)

And this one :)
And that's it for now :)

However, next time I don't think I'll be using the wide angle as much as I did this time-- need a normal-zoom-objective for my fx asap! Still, they proved fun photos once you look past the distortion :)

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4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Ben & Mari's Wedding Photos part 1 ~~'

  1.'> 3:33 AM

    holy moly... you can turn pro. i think i wanna get married to sham again just so i can import you here to take my wedding photos :D


  2. Carolyn Said,'> 4:35 AM

    ahhhh such beautiful photos. you really caught some great moments. I could absolutely feel the emotion in these, they're amazing.


  3. Pia Said,'> 8:13 PM

    Så mange flotte bilder! Du er flink til å få til en litt annerledes og kreativ vri på bildene dine!


  4.'> 12:27 AM

    amazing photos hun, love the wide angle lens!


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