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~~ Won't see what might have been ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Soooo while someone is waiting impatiently for the newest release from Hambly to arrive (it's on its way!!) I figured I'd try clean up my scrap-stash a bit by making a little mini I've been meaning to make for a long time but (as usual) never got around to...until now, natch.

So I whipped out my scrap-stash of leftover Hambly transparencies, a stack of woodgrain tags from Shabby Chic Crafts (woodgrain + awesome colors = you can't ask for more!) and a heap of favorite quotes from my favorite lyrics printed on kraft cardstock. Yum!

So far I've gathered a few from Maria Mena, Marit Larsen and Tori Amos (well, from her first album so far - her lyrics rocks!). I don't really have the heart to cut into perfectly good sheets of 12x12, so I'll expand it as soon as I get more scraps. I think. Need more Tori Amos and Regina Spektor!

By the way - I noticed a nifty command in my Google Reader the other day - no idea how long it's been around but anyways - it's a "Like" button :) Soooo whenever I'm scrolling past posts and like them but don't find the time to comment (or if someone's got wordvertification and I really need to be really motivated to comment on these..soz!) I just click the "Like" button. Just to say I liked the post even tho Im not commenting. Lazy but nice :) I guess it can only be seen if some other's also using the Google Reader, but it feels nice nevertheless to leave an (invisible) print.

Title: "The Unforgiven" - Metallica

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6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Won't see what might have been ~~'

  1.'> 8:08 PM

    Ania- you're too funny!! Hopefully the package will get to you soon :)


  2. Lula Said,'> 8:50 PM

    En eksplosjon av farger og knallkul design! Me like alot!!


  3. HegeAL Said,'> 12:00 AM

    Det er alltid en fryd å titte innom bloggen din!! Digger albumet, makan til fargebruk liksom!!



  4. deana Said,'> 3:39 AM

    WAY cool mini! :-)


  5. Kristine Said,'> 8:44 AM

    Kjempestilig album! Hadde tenkt å trykke like i google reader på denne jeg, men finner jo ikke den knappen!


  6. Torill Said,'> 3:58 PM

    Så hærlig!!!
    Knallstilige farger - tusen takk for inspirasjon!!


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