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Posted by Ania On Monday, August 24, 2009
It's Monday, which means it's about time to share the layout I made for yesterdays Pencil-Lines #149 - the last one with My Little Shoebox as our sponsor for August. We used a great sketch by Anna, perfect for MLS & their round-shaped papers. I added a few more of the tags I got from Shabby Chic Crafts on this one aswell.

The photos are from this summer when we visited my grandma ♥

On Saturday we attended the beautiful wedding of a friend of ours. The celebration took place at a sea-food restaurant on an island close to Bergen, Cornelius Restaurant, and we took the boat over, taking the scenic route before arriving the restaurant. Not being the appointed photographer as I've been the last few weddings I've attended was quite relaxing and great actually - but yeah - I did bring the camera with me :)

My brother-in-law and his gorgeous wife on the boat. Love this shot despite the sidelight being a tad too bright here (or ok, it was my settings not being optimal here, but shh :p) :)

From where I sat I ninjaed this photo of the bride and her sister refreshing the makeup before arriving the restaurant *cough*.

I feel quite drawn to take photos of the food and I sure admire the craft of taking great photos of food (and foodstyling. Just look at Canelle et Vanille - check out her portfolio - heavenly! I wanna cook and take photos like that too! But I digress..sorry :) )

My problem w/photographing food is that I'm not quite sure how/where to focus, sorta. I assume I should have tried to get the green stuff in front of the fish more in focus aswell too, uh?
Oh, and that the food is just put on a plate in front of me and I'm not able to be too creative w/how to shoot it. Unless I wanted funny looks from the people around me I guess..they thought I was being a bit weird taking photos of the food as it was sorta :p

The main course..
And this dessert - yum! It tasted fantastic :)

Some kissing during the meal...
(In Norway one of the things we sorta do during the dinner is to tap the glass w/the cutlery (like when you're gonna do a speech and need everybodys attention..only that everybody does this at once) - then the bride&groom have to stand on their chairs & K I S S :) Well, the groom just stood here because this way the kiss was more comfortable for them, but originally..they're both supposed to stand on chairs :p Just like the fifth photo found here). The bride's originally from China, and had her parents attending (aswell as guests from the US and England..and I believe there was someone from Serbia there too)...I wonder what they thought of this tradition..or if it's a commonly known one abroad too..??)

And here's the bride & groom - who changed into more Chinese gear by the end of the evening :) The jacket of his is so cool and she's so gorgeous and sweet and I'd totally totally love such a dress (and a body to go with it too thankyouverymuch).

Hope you all had a nice weekend aswell! :)

Title: "Just Like Heaven" - Katie Melua

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7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Show me how you do that trick ~~'

  1.'> 4:41 PM

    love your take on this weeks sketch! YOur food photos are gorgeous, what camera are you using at the mo?
    I am off to check out that site
    hugs xx


  2. Jingle Said,'> 5:30 PM

    Beautiful photographs! I love your layout, too! So fun and colorful and vibrant!


  3. HegeAL Said,'> 11:18 PM

    Kjempekul LO!! Digger de arkene! Og som alltid råflotte bilder!

    Ha en flott uke!


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 12:56 AM

    Great photos. We have the same custom here in the States of clinking the glasses with silverware at a wedding for the couple to kiss. However, they don't stand on chairs.


  5.'> 6:33 PM

    Jeg må liksom inn her og titte.. Ganske ofte.. Du lager så kule LOer, fine farger og spreke oppsett. Også tar du så mange fine bilder. Hmmm hvorfor er det ingen av mine venner og bekjente som gifter seg... Jeg vil også ta bryllupsbilder :)


  6.'> 4:04 AM

    go and get that dress! you can pull it off for sure, you have great bodY!


  7. Camilla Said,'> 10:44 PM

    Elsker bildene dine fra bryllupet, så klare, flott dybdeskarphet, og lyset er fantastisk - fotograffantastisk! Way to go!
    Så kjekt å høre om den nye jobben din da, masse lykke til. De er heldige som får deg ;)


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