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Posted by Ania On Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Adding another Hambly-layout..
Gotta say I'm totally lovin' the color-scheme here, and just have to repeat - the black screened papers from Hambly is totally to die for - the gorgeous sheen in them...mmm..
this one came together pretty much just because I had this paper on top of my desk as one of many I was considering for another layout, and was rummaging thru my leftover-stash and put the lone, large butterfly on it while rummaging and then I fell in love with this decided I had to make a layout w/both (and other leftover-stuff, like the frame in same color as the butterfly and the white wood grain-rub on on the back of the frame *yum*)

Looking at it I am somehow totally feeling the influence of Sasha here, I don't think I've lifted her directly (not that I'm aware of anyways), but it still feels...Sashaish...well..I hope it's a good thing cause she rocks the Hambly :)

School started again for the oldest one - and today was the second day of the kindergarten for the little one. Influenced by "first day at school"-photos that I've seen around lately I guess I should post one of mine too, uh. Just to kinda say that yeah sure I've been a good enough mommy to have remembered to take a photo of the kids before they're off today...even if the only faces they wanted to do were the pouting ones (can't understand why!! :p)

Right. Back to the focaccia in the oven before I have some errands to do many thoughts in my head, so much I want to accomplish, blah blah..

Oh, one more thing -- Marit Larsen, one of my fave Norwegian artists (ok, THE fave artist) has officially debuted in a few European countries, Germany & Austria included, and has put together a new album for these countries consisting of songs from her two prev albums... just thought I'd urge you all to familiarize yourselves w/her cuz...her music is so lovely :)

Title: " Solid Ground" -Marit Larsen

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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ keep your head above it all ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 12:43 PM

    Lykke til! Jeg har troen på deg vet du :) Lekker layout - som alltid! Og ja; gjett hvem som glemte å ta bilde av gutta før de dro på skolen og må gjøre det når de kommer hjem.... Første gangen jeg har glemt det da, og jeg skylder påæret!! ;) Klem, E


  2.'> 2:31 PM

    Holy gorgeousness girl.. could it be of the butterfly? :D you rock chica.. every single way!


  3. nataly*oh Said,'> 3:16 PM

    this layout is great!
    i love the mosaic with photos & a butterfly! :)


  4.'> 7:15 PM

    totally agree Sasha rocks Hambly, but so do you hun!!! love the large butterfly!


  5. TracieH Said,'> 1:09 AM

    Hope the first day back at school went OK.
    Missing you.


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