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~~ Mari & Ben's Wedding Photos, part 2 ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, August 13, 2009
Time for the second&last batch of photos from the wedding :)
Although it had been raining pretty much every day leading up to the wedding, the wedding day itself was free of any rain - wonderful! We even had sun most of the day.. granted, there were some threatening clouds, like on the photo above, but all in all - the sky respected the wedding ;p

Before the dinner the band (in which the bride&groom was a part of) had a's one of their listeners...*smirk*

Relaxing on the lawn.
The brides speech. Notice the emotional groom. *insert collective "aww" here*

The kids couldn't resist - they had to try out the instruments & mics. This one brings out the lols - she had her fingers in her ears all the time while trying out the diff. stuff on the stage (which by the way was in the garage, making it a real garage-band :p) :)

Dancing Queen (&playing around w/wireless flash. Def need to play more in order to learn it for real)
Time for cake..
..and the band to perform..

Party & concert in the garage! :)

The next day I had to try some ring-shots. Yes. There's rings in the photo somewhere.
It made me realize that I really really would like a real macro-lens. Please.

Another ring shot. Did I mention I need a macro lens already? :/

Oh, and I gotta add this one of the kids. Three Norwegian and two French ones. All too darn cute&handsome. (and yeah, playing together were no problem for the kids- everybody loved the toddler and esp the two oldest ones ran around playing & played some w/the ds)

Kristine Said,

Kjempestilig album! Hadde tenkt å trykke like i google reader på denne jeg, men finner jo ikke den knappen!

Knappen finner du på bunnen av selve posten i Google Reader - hos meg er det den linjen med "add star", "like", "share" "share with note" etc. :)
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