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Easy come, easy go...

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Heh..yesterday when I checked my bank account I had a good deal more money than I normally have. Today, pretty much of it is gone, and my account levels are back to the normal, thanks to my newest baby - a Nikon D70s - complete with a Sigma 18-200mm lens and a Nikon Speedlight SB-80dx flash. Yep. It's true!! Me got a digital SLR!! Hell yeah - I guess this will do as my official e-penis *giggle* I also grabbed a Crumpler bag- a kinda funky photocase/bag - but I kinda regret it cause when I checked their website after the purchase there were so many other cool colors (and some other models aswell) that I'd rather want...but which they, ofcourse, didn't have at the store where I bought all my stuff at (mine's a dull blue/silver Ben's Pizza XL photobag) I've mailed the store though asking if they're able to obtain the other cool ones - maybe I'm lucky and able to swap bags =)

I'm still learning about this camera, I'm at page 38 in the manual (yep...I'm actually reading a manual...meh soo good! :P). For now I'll stick to the automode while trying to learn about all the manual stuff...I'm so excited!! :D However - as I bought the flash used, the manual belonging to it wasn't with. At first I thought I'd be okay without, cause like, it's just light isn't..? But geez....the LCD screen at this flash is almost as big as the one for the camera itself, and there's like, a lot of numbers and letters on it.............. really, really need a manual or someone to tell me what all these stuff do...cause yeah, when testing and foolin' around I do notice huge differences in the flashstrength and stuff, which pretty much means I'd really benefit by actually knowing what all these stuff means and actually do....kinda....(and because there was some big numbers on the middle of the screen which I've now lost and can't get back and I kinda think they're like, useful letters.....and I want them back!! :p) Have mailed the store about that too asking if they're able to assist in obtaining a manual....guess I'll try mail Nikon

Anyways. Very very excited! But at the same time - I've been walking around all day feeling like expecting the sky to fall down on my head anytime....not quite sure why, but I kinda had this feeling that something would happen, slapping in my face telling me it was stupid to spend my money on the camera++, that I rather shoulda saved the money for emergencies (dully expected like, accidents with the car (actually had two incidents or well, close-to-incidents today :( ) or something happening with the old electronic stuff we got at home that yells "replace meee!!" (like the sudden smell&sight of smoke coming from the ventilator at the kitchen today, just like, suddenly like that.....really scared me that one.....) ....not a very good feeling, and these small things that kept almost happening today kinda kept reminding me throughout the day about how silly I was using my money like this :(


Ohwell. I'm still happy. This is what I've been wanting for like, well, a couple of, ever since I started scrapping =) (well, tbh I've been wanting a digital SLR for a few years - who haven't..?? But the need haven't been as present as the last few months)

Anyways. Also met Gail and got to check out her cafe/ceramicsstore Cera Cera at Marken! So cool! :) :) And she makes lovely food!! Do drop by and check it out! :)

Here's some tulip we got from the kiddo & his grandma last weekend...yeah, had to test you know :p

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