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~~ Sisters ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 28, 2006


My beloved sister was in town sunday-monday, and ofcourse I had to meet her. It's strange how things change. Ofcourse - I love my sister and always had, but well, when we were younger we weren't the best of friends - I think we quarreled and fought a lot as kids and when we were young I always had to be the one watching over her, which kinda was a bit boring and tiresome. I also got into Internet and pcgames pretty early, so our interests and friends weren't always the same - when she wanted to have someone to talk to, or wanted me more out with friends, I wasn't always as willing as she'd like I think.

Anyways. I digress...point grown ups (hah..what a funny word to use :p) I think we've kinda found each others again. At least it's very nice to have her around for a few days now and then, chatting and shopping and showing each others stuff - especially now that both of us are into scrapping ;)

She's starring in a play - Ibsens "Peer Gynt" - playing Solveig ofcourse (she's so fair and pretty - I've always envied her for that :D) - and they're touring for three weeks or so now :) Simen and I watched the play yesterday, and it's amazing - so much better than I thought (heh) and pretty fascinating - and ofcourse it was so cool and amusing to see my little sister in the play :) So proud of her and love her much!

Here's another picture of her and Adrian outside our house sunday evening - and yes - she's still smoking *rolls eyes* .....I think I'll scrap this picture, just need to remove the fag in advance first I guess :p

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