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Posted by Ania On Monday, March 06, 2006
Yay!! So many funny things happening at once! :D
Just received some unexpected extra money, which I'm totally free to spend on whatever I want (according to Simen :D) - so YAY!!! Looks like I'll get a new camera soon!!! So happy!!! Right now I'm still so unsure about whether to go for a Nikon 70s or a Canon EOS 350D - I'll actually be able to get both with a 18-200mm lens for approx the same now I'm like, *boggle* I did test both and I loved the feel of both - Nikon kinda had a masculine touch which I - yes - liked, and Canon was petite and cute. Hm. Need to think faster cause I really want one like, tomorrow :p

And since Ahn'Qiraj finally opened at our server yesterday (really, I appreciate the work those at Blizz put into giving us new and exciting events, but seriously - shouldn't these geniuses try to think about accustoming/buffing the serverloadthingie aswell when doing these events...?? *roll eyes*) we took a peek at the 40man raidthingie tonight, and I got this really cool bug as mount! :D Who woulda known I'd find bugs this funny? It's even a bit pink! :P Thanks to Caitlin for this excellent screenshot of me on me green bug. Hm. Need to find a name. *ponder*

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