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Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 24, 2007
Yours truly..
My sis & niece
Little diva :)

Today's the big editing day. I'm going to a little crop tomorrow, and thus need to have some pictures ready. I hate that part (just makes me want to scrap the pictures like, NOW), but bleh, it has to be done..or else there won't be any scrapping to be done tomorrow uh. Anyways. Thought I'd share some pictures here while I was editing anyways; previous challenges at Her space: my space; Orange, music and soft.

Oh by the way? I wanna be a photographer when I grow up. Please?

Edit: added some of the photos I'm printing atm for tomorrows crop. And oh. A photo of me. And my new haircut. Did I mention? My double chins are so much more easier to spot with this haircut. Yikes! I know - that's how I'm looking, people around me are used to's's me you know... but it doesn't mean that *I*'ll have to be happy about to figure out how to pose without showing them on photos. Like here ;)
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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ her space: my space ~~'

  1. Nina Said,'> 10:08 PM

    Litt runde kinn er vel bare nydelig vel, ania ;) Spent på hva du skal med de bildene forresten...


  2. _Kine Said,'> 12:40 PM

    Håret ble råkult!!! Nå tror jeg jeg skal bestille frisørtime snart; det er et år siden sist jeg var der :P Ha en flott søndag!


  3. Catrine Said,'> 10:30 PM

    Jeg synes du ble kjempefin på håret! Moro med forandring!
    Flott bilde og! Ja, og de andre er og fine! :)


  4. Hege Said,'> 1:53 PM

    Så fin du ble på håret da!!!

    Du er en fotograf Ania - en ordentlig flink en!

    Ha en fortsatt fin dag.


  5. Anette S Said,'> 12:23 PM

    Åh, så kule bilder! Du er utrolig fin på håret!! Det var perfekt klipp til deg!


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