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~~ a commissioned minialbum ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, May 22, 2009
Been busy lately creating a commissioned minialbum.
Er. Well.
Intended minialbum turned into an album sortof.
I mean.
I was supposed to create 6x9" pages. Which I did.
Only that I had the genius idea of creating each page on corrugated cardboard, because the receiver was a man turning 50 and well, it's manly and stuff and I had a leftoverpile here from a previous class. So like. 22 pages. All on corrugated cardboard. Genius. It honestly didn't occur to me that 22 pages of corrugated cardboard would make a friggin' HIGH pile of pages until I was on like, page 14 or so. And by then it was a tad to late. Ahem.

Ps. 22 pages = 3.5" high :p
Yeah, I paniced slightly when I realized how thick it would actually be.
So um.
No binderrings large enough for this. Forget about using the BIA. No way there would be albums thick enough for all the pages. Wasn't too keen on using ballchains or ribbons (thanks for the suggestions tho - I'd do so if it was my own mini, but this wasn't for me so!).
Ended up dividing the pages in two and creating a 10x14" album for this one, like this:

Certainly not what I had pictured, and quite a workabout that took me a few more hours (and adhesive :p) than I thought, but it worked.

Just hope the receivers will think it's okaaaaaaaaaaay............................!!

Anyways! A few words on this album:
  • The customer wanted it to be simple, so I kept it that way - mostly!
  • DO NOT, I repeat - do NOT use embellishments thicker than ..err... well, do not use thick embellishments :p esp not when the pages themselves are thick sorta *cough* (well, it does look nice :p)
  • I used the same base on all the pages - 1 photo - 1 corrugated cardboard at 6x9" - 1 sheet of patterned paper at 5,5x8x5" - sewing around the pp - then I customized each page individually. That way they all were somewhat uniform yet individual, and it gave me a much easier start on each page.
  • Totally enjoyed being given the photos&text in advance, not having to spend much time pondering about that part as usual!
  • I spent approx 35-45 minutes on each page. Putting them together for the album however, took a little more than an hour (I used both double sided tape+liquid glue to make really sure the pages would stick to each other :p) and creating the album itself took about 3 hours (hey it involved a lot of thinking of how to solve this best way..which was only my own fault I gotta admit :p).
  • Right. Not entirely done w/the cover, going to add "50 år" or something like that to it.
Anyways, here's the complete album:

Have a nice weekend!
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8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ a commissioned minialbum ~~'

  1. Brit S. Said,'> 8:48 PM

    This is absolutely adorable! I'm sure your clients will cherish it forever. I know you had a hard time putting it together, but all the hard work that you put in definitely shows. Awesome job! Thanks for sharing. :)


  2. Ellen* Said,'> 9:17 PM

    Det ble kjempefint, ania!! Du er jammen flink på minialbum! Knallkult med bølgepapp all over!:o)


  3. Vibeke Said,'> 9:30 PM

    Wow - så utrolig flott dette ble!!! Stilig minialbum:)


  4. Tracie H Said,'> 11:42 PM

    Stunning Ania - Im sure it will be treasured LOTS.


  5. Fatima Said,'> 2:03 PM

    For et flott album !!!


  6. Ann-Katrin Said,'> 10:18 PM

    Så koselig minialbum, og så mange sider. Synes du har klart oppgaven bra. Ser ut som flere vanskelige bilder å scrappe ifh til farger (moro å se gamle bilder av kjentfolk.. hihi).


  7. Maren Said,'> 11:45 PM

    HerreGUD Ania! For et fantastisk album du har laget!!


  8.'> 4:22 PM

    Utrolig kult album! Kommer til aa bli en veldig glad og roert mottaker....


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