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~~ Snapshots from a Saturday ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, May 23, 2009
Photo-comments courtesy of Amalie, four years old.

Amalie hanging up yet another of her little arts. Ran outta reg tape, so she's using my Prima-tape.

Thanks to Gyda who shared how to make a simple mocca at home wo fancy moccamasterstuff :p

We've been planting up a storm lately and today we started harvesting the fruits of our labour (for our magnificent pasta carbonara :) ). Well, just from the Basil. The other herbs&veggies aren't quite as ready :p

Amalie's been crafty - she made this larvae all by herself (yes, alone - all she needed help for was to get some more glue as the one she was using was dried up). And yeah. She doesn't know the meaning/use of "her/she" yet - she says "he/his/him" for girls too :p

One of Amalies fave things to do is to cook us breakfast, dinner, desserts and supper on this kitchen :p Oh, and candies, cookies, and cakes. No idea where she gets that from *looks around innocently*

Ps. if anyone wondered. Adrian spent most of today at a friend of his. Hence no photos involving
him :p And if there were any it'd just be like, him and his ds :p And I really just wanted to test a webdisplay-action I just made, hence this post :P

So mm...that was our neventful, yet nice day.
How was your day? :)
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2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Snapshots from a Saturday ~~'

  1. tovetyll Said,'> 12:25 AM

    å så herlig, særlig basilikummen!! jeg eeeelsker basilikum, har fått en til å leve over lengre tid nå, det er første gang... og larven var übersøt!!


  2. Lula Said,'> 8:35 PM

    Herlige bilder Ania! Digger måten du redigerer på;)

    Ha en super uke


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