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~~ Then I get afraid of what that could bring ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, May 04, 2009
Yesterdays Pencil-Lines went live w/NZ's Vinnie Pearce, who provided us with sketch#133 :)
We were alo sponsed w/lovely Crate-papers from "Your Scrapbook Stash" - thank you so much! :)

I felt like scrapping these pictures of my lovely & incredibly creative friend Banglamarie. She offered to make us cheeseicecake when we had a little weekend-cropping at Gry's summerplace, but every time I went inside the kitchen to take photos she was rather...tasting stuff instead of making ;p *giggle* Cute, love these photos :) :)

Other materials include Fancy Pants journalingbook, Lil Davis alphas and Hambly transparencies.

Alright, some photos inc now - you're hereby warned :p

Me and Amalie had a mother-daughter date on sunday, watching the movie "Laban - verdens snilleste spøkelse" (worlds sweetest ghost), eating candy, and yeah - doing some photos. I LOVE these photos of our reflections. Man, do I look hot in high heels or what?? ;p *sigh* *loves* ;p And yes - I used the belt from my jacket for Amalie to hang on to - she was dragging me along most of the time, letting me know I should rather walk/run instead of taking photos ;P

Next weekend it's hopefully Adrians turn - I've got my eyes set on "Coraline" ;p

Mhmm - inside the theatre - ISO 6400 baby ;) And look, no noise ninja involved!! (yeah I'd prob run them thru noise ninja but actually - these photos arent that bad). Had to focus manually because it was so dark in the theatre (well, duh ;p + swapped between shutter-priority and manual metering) - darker than I thought cause we were so far away from the screen itself. Manual focusing + very very dark room (lookin thru the viewfinder wasn't that easy either) + wide wide aperture = tricky. Managed to pull some fairly ok photos too, yay :) (also deleted a lot of photos w/funny focuspoints ;p)

The theatre had a cotton candy machine outside because of the movie :)

Yum! :)
Please, 'nuff now mom!
"I said stopit mom! No more photos!"
(pretending to hide behind the cotton candy bar......)
Convinced her I just needed a few photos here..
But she quickly raised up and chanted "Go now mommy! GO NOW MOMMY!"

So I placed her upon this one, so she couldn't run away ;)

Another one of the reflection-shots. LOVES! Haha.
See how she's draggin' me along??? *snicker*
Wish I could practice reflection-shots more - but 1. kiddo didn't want me to 2. people around me prob thought I looked sorta weird - takin photos of the windows walking w/a kid draggin me along....mmm...I'd prob think so myself :p

Will draw the Hambly-winner soon - thank you so much for playing along :D

Title: "Crucify " - Tori Amos

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10 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Then I get afraid of what that could bring ~~'

  1. Ellen* Said,'> 10:54 AM

    Utrolig kule vindusbilder!! LOL Verrry hot in high heels, yes!! Skjønner ikke at du klarer å gå med dem, jeg;o) Tipper det var noen som syns du var litt rar ja - men hey - er det ikke fint at folk får litt underholdning i den traurige hverdagen! Bare fortsett du!:o)
    Kule LO med Marie-smaker-kake-bilder!


  2. Kristin Said,'> 11:14 AM

    Jeg bare DIGGET det bildet i vinduet!! Og jada Ania - du er HOTHOTHOT i høye heler. Så ut til å være en drømmedag for deg og Amalie.

    Ha en fortsatt strålende dag :)


  3. carina Said,'> 11:38 AM

    Din layout är helt fantastiskt läcker!!
    och dina foton i fönstren är super häftiga♥ (jag önskar att jag också kunde gå med sånna klackar på skorna, men jag tror jag skulle ramla och slå ihjäl mig *Hihi* ) kram


  4.'> 12:57 PM

    For en herlig bildeserie..., både den av dere i vinduet og de megaflotte bildene av Amalie... :O)

    Kjempespennende LO med MARIE, mange flotte og spreke detaljer... :O)

    Ha en fin dag!


  5. PinkPug,INK. Said,'> 8:36 PM

    i first looked at the picture without reading your description & thought you had her on a leash! i'm so glad i was wrong! :) it really annoys me when parents do that (you know with those backpack type things that have a leash?).


  6. Tracie H Said,'> 10:13 PM

    Woah! I LOVE your new look blog!
    There is sooo much eye candy here that I need to catch up on.
    Missing you LOTS.
    Can we chat soon?


  7. pattyo Said,'> 12:45 AM

    Great photos!


  8. lorena b. Said,'> 5:29 AM

    I agree-you do look hot in heels! LOL I need to do that!!!Cool idea & your baby girl is too cute!


  9. Sonja Said,'> 7:31 AM

    Kule vindus bilder ja og mangen herlige bilder av Amalie :)


  10. Anonymous Said,'> 3:38 PM

    Your daughter is beautiful!
    Signed: SuZeQ


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