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~~ you can stare all day at the sky ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First - some scrappy stuff :p
Pencil-Lines #135 went live with Noel Culbertson as the guestdesigner - she made such a cute sketch that was so hard to resist!! I decided to use a mix of random Fancy Pants products for this sketch - mostly from "About a Boy", "Celebration" and some newer Kraft Kuts aswell. The images are from when baby K. visited us with his fam - Amalie was so into the whole "baby" thing and this was one of the first things they had to do (she's a good hostess ;p)

Speaking of Fancy Pants, it was my turn to do stuff for "Fancy This" the other day and I made a candy box from a Fancy Pants button box for my mom. She loved it :) And this is such a quick and easy project to whip up too :)

The Constitution Day came and went (May 17th).
We were lucky with the weather that day - sun!!
Here's my mother in law and her mother..and the kids..who disappeared when they saw me pull out the cameras...

MIL doing the "reveal-the-kids-behind-our-backs"- trick :p

After lots of songs, poems & speeches it was time for the parade..
Amalie didn't want to go with the kindergarten, and insisted on being with big-bro and his class.

I kinda like this photo - K. and T. are trying to take care of Amalie (who was like "Mommy! Mommy!" all the time not even wanting to say hi to her best friend from kindergarten..prob all the people making her insecure) while Adrian can be seen in the background with J. and S. up to mischief :p

Adrian and his cousin saying hi :p

Mm.. icecream. The pesky kids got two icecreams, one soda & one hotdog before we went home :p

Amalie being upset when Adrian tells her she's too small to be shooting w/airguns :p

Shooting w/airguns for the first time proved trickier than thought - luckily great-grandpa was close and able to help out :)
(oh, and only one outta five bullets hit the paper at all :p Adrian's not too discouraged tho - he's looking forward to try again next year! :p)

And then we went home to eat sour cream porridge & cakes - yay!!
(and yeah that's me on the spoon :p)

Title: " Bouncing off Clouds" -Tori Amos

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3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ you can stare all day at the sky ~~'

  1. asksmommy Said,'> 6:43 PM

    Lovee the last shot with the food -- so very Norwegian, with a twist on the bread (pun intended LOL). Great shot of Miss A, missing out on the shooting! Love your page of Pencillines. Will have to run over and play myself :)


  2.'> 1:13 PM

    eh.. three words after i saw the last photo..

    damn-bloody-hungry :D


  3. Tracie H Said,'> 11:45 PM

    Sounds like a great day was had by all. :D


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