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~~ My Memory Makers Masters 09 stuff ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Last year at approx this time I sent in a box with layouts (well, strictly speaking - one layout and several photocopies of layouts) to Memory Makers for consideration for their MMM (MM Masters) 09-contest.

I ended up with a runner-up-spot - yay! (there were 10 winners and 10 runner-ups - I think someone mentioned there were 500+ contestants)
I haven't shared these layouts before, as becoming a runner-up made these images&layouts the property of MMM for a year - but well - it's been a year (and no requests, sniff) and with the magazine folding this fall (double-sniff) - I figured it doesn't hurt sharing the layouts now?

To whoever it may concern - here's the layouts that helped me get that runner-up-spot :)

Making this layout was a bit nervewrecking, as this was the only assigned layout we had to make for the contest - the theme was "wish". Surprisingly it came together quite easily, yay!

I could have done layouts w/sappy wish-stuff for my kids, which would have been the most natural choice I guess - but I figured I'd focus some on me and my wishes instead to hopefully stand out some.

At that time I was soooo coveting the D300 and I knew I would own it some day. Mhm. I was wrong. I now own D700 ;) And ♥ to Christine/Xstine modelling for me here haha (she owns a D300 :p).

Most of the materials are from Prima and Hambly.

My only lettersize. I think it was the last layout I made for this contest too, as I felt I needed something more simple (and having discarded two bleh-layouts I felt a bit GRRR I gotta finish this!). The kiddo endured a quick photo session w/me the last day of school - and his first summer-vacation :) Used Rouge de Garance, Sassafras, RiffRaffDesigns and corrugated cardboard.

Because I don't really feel like I have one specific style I wanted to include a freestyleish-layout. Amalie was busy trying to count at that time - hence this layout - her counting wasn't too steady (still isnt!) - figured a freestyleish-layout would reflect some of that. Used various manufs here- most fond of the heart that I covered w/ribbons here. I was reeeeally hesitant as to wheter (sic!) include this one or not - in the end I was just like bah whatev!

One of the layouts I felt was more "me" of the bunch I sent in and one of the layouts I still love today. I love how effortlessly this one came together - I just knew what I wanted to include here before I started. Oh. And Amalie still loves getting her nails pampered w/black nailpolish. Mwahahahaha :)

Materials include Fancy Pants, MME, KI, RiffRaff Designs, Hambly, Glimmer Mist, Rangers.

RiffRaff Designs+Glimmer Mist+Glossy Accent = match made in heaven!!!!

I was really happy w/how this layout turned out, yet I felt this was the most boring of the bunch. Made this w/leftovers from an old Bad Girl kit :)

Two of my discarded layouts:

Trying to pick just five layouts was a pita - having friends who suggested different layouts was ugh aswell (thanks for the help tho! :) ). I was really close to adding this one instead of the other freestyle-layout. Still thinks this layout is better than the other one - but the other one is more uhm.."look-at-me-ish"?

Tried to do a romantic layout but it didn't quite work out. This is the layout I liked the least. Ugh! Still don't like it :p

It's weird lookin at these layouts again after a think I only really like four of them - "D300", "Endelig sommerferie", "Miss Fancy Nails" and "Schröder".

Mmm thanks for lookin -gotta wrap up packing & stuff, heading out for a much needed girltrip w/some scrappy friends :)

Mhmm, just got this in my mailbox. *boggle* Color me intrigued for sure!! :)

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7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ My Memory Makers Masters 09 stuff ~~'

  1. Ellen* Said,'> 11:32 AM

    Masse flotte nye (for meg) layouter! Takk for titten!:o) Og grattis med runner-up-plass!
    Og den Prima-ad'en! Yummi! Satt akkurat og planla noen fargeinnslag i heimen - nettopp i turkis og gult! Og jeg er jo e.! Tror bare jeg stjeler den ideen, rett og slett!:o)


  2. Eli Said,'> 12:28 PM

    Ja og så lang tid tok det meg før jeg forstod hvorfor du ikke har vist disse frem før - og før jeg husket at du viste jo frem for over 1 år siden nettopp fordi du skulle sende inn. Teflon? Hvor? *fnis* Digger fremdeles layouten m/Adrian på (endelig sommerferie) spesielt; og de andre er jo supre de også :) Nå er jeg klar. Er duuuuu? (kikker på klokka og tenker at jeg har jo noen timer på meg enda *fnis*) KLEM


  3. Zarah Said,'> 1:05 PM

    Fantastiska LOs!! Du är enormt dutkig - och JAG hade älskat att se dina LOs i MM! (Du får starta en ny tidning. Jag slår vad om att du hade totat ihop en tidning man skulle vilja läsa! :D)


  4. Maren Said,'> 5:06 PM

    Digger layoutene dine her! Du er så herlig forskjellig i alt du lager, samtidig som det bare lyser Ania på lang vei - det er ganske godt gjort!

    Ha en strålende dag!


  5.'> 8:13 PM

    gorgeous layouts hun!!! and a well deserved runner up spot!!


  6. Karmele Said,'> 8:35 PM

    Wonderful pages!!!


  7.'> 6:04 PM

    Very nice layouts! Visit The Original Scrapbox and check out their products.


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