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Radio commercials

Posted by Ania On Friday, March 31, 2006 0 lovely comments
Sometimes I do wonder if the radiocommercials are made by, well, professional media/marketingpeople or if the ideas to these commercials are made by drunk employers on company-get-togethers.

Take the stately commercial I heard on the radio the other day - a man and a woman, obviously just finished having sex, were complimenting each others how good they were. Then the man said he'd got hotdogs for them both. The woman , impressed over his thoughtfulness, thanked him admiringly, whereas the man replied; "no worries, thank Statoil for offering two hotdogs for the price of one".


*rolls eyes*

I hope the commercial was cheap. Yeah, they do get the message through, but sheesh.....could they be any more embarrassing?

Thank god for Tori Amos CDs in the car :p

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Grandparents & Movies...

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 29, 2006 0 lovely comments
I feel good :) Finally got around to make my grandmother a card and attached some pictures of me and my sister and my children. It's been a while since I saw her - my grandmother that is - I think the last time was at her 90th birthday in December...and since I've been making cards and stuff, I've been thinking about making her one, but never got around to...until now. So really - don't forget about your own grandparents - it doesn't cost you much just to make them smile and maybe even make their day - just scribble some words on a card and mail it!

Oh, I've seen Lord of War and Doom now. The first was a good one, smooth, kinda precise (as in smooth-paced) and stuff. It's the kind of movie that's very interesting, well-played and worth watching. Ever notice how Jared Leto always seem to get that kind of roles? The grungey, addicted kind of roles (I've fancied him ever since his "My so-called life" days)..ohwell...he's pretty yummy anyways :)

Doom was...heh....entertaining....:p At least it made me notice that Karl Urban really is handsome. :p And oh...I don't think I've ever played Doom myself. Hm.

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~~ Sisters ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 28, 2006 0 lovely comments


My beloved sister was in town sunday-monday, and ofcourse I had to meet her. It's strange how things change. Ofcourse - I love my sister and always had, but well, when we were younger we weren't the best of friends - I think we quarreled and fought a lot as kids and when we were young I always had to be the one watching over her, which kinda was a bit boring and tiresome. I also got into Internet and pcgames pretty early, so our interests and friends weren't always the same - when she wanted to have someone to talk to, or wanted me more out with friends, I wasn't always as willing as she'd like I think.

Anyways. I digress...point grown ups (hah..what a funny word to use :p) I think we've kinda found each others again. At least it's very nice to have her around for a few days now and then, chatting and shopping and showing each others stuff - especially now that both of us are into scrapping ;)

She's starring in a play - Ibsens "Peer Gynt" - playing Solveig ofcourse (she's so fair and pretty - I've always envied her for that :D) - and they're touring for three weeks or so now :) Simen and I watched the play yesterday, and it's amazing - so much better than I thought (heh) and pretty fascinating - and ofcourse it was so cool and amusing to see my little sister in the play :) So proud of her and love her much!

Here's another picture of her and Adrian outside our house sunday evening - and yes - she's still smoking *rolls eyes* .....I think I'll scrap this picture, just need to remove the fag in advance first I guess :p

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Say Eh-oh

Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 25, 2006 0 lovely comments
Lol.....just did my last-minute-browsing-before-bed as usual, and stumbled upon this: the lyrcis from Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh :D Totally LOVE that one.....aahh...:D

Nigthie....zzzz :)

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Posted by Ania On Thursday, March 23, 2006 0 lovely comments
Btw. Don't do surfacemail. Really. Thought I'd save some money on the shipping by chosing the cheap surfacemail instead of the usual airmail. Didn't think I'd become this anxious about this shipment. I WANT MY NEW PRECIOUS PAPERS NOW! *cry* It's been a month and a day now, so it should be here anytime soon...really......surface is supposed to take anywhere from between two to six weeks....maybe tomorrow...? *hope* *prays*

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Fun times!

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 22, 2006 1 lovely comments
Soo excited these days!!

The work with the creative team at is so much fun, we're brainstorming a lot and discussing and throwing out suggestions and whatnots...great fun! Got so many ideas and oh, so little time!

And in addition I got an email today from "Ett Trykk", a Norwegian stamping/scrapping magazine (the only one actually :p), confirming that they'll print some of my stuff in the mag! Yay! Fun fun! It'll be my very first time! (look for their mag in June :D)

Yep, me happy :)

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I am me..

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 21, 2006 6 lovely comments

Read about Kristys challenge (march 10th entry) at Cathy Zielske's blog (one of my fave scrapping blog along with Donna Downey, Elsie Flannigan and Ali Edwards ), and it really got me thinking. I've seen plenty of BoM challenges (Book of Me), even tried one once, but still, been very unwilling to continue scrap about myself. In fact, two of the 'less-satisfied-about' layouts I know of have been about me and me only.

I prefer to scrap about my children, my surroundings, my family. And I absolutely hate - hate - hate pictures of myself. Well, it's not that bad, but I don't feel comfortable with most pictures of myself....don't want to and don't need to be reminded about how awful I'm looking most times. Silly isn't? Cause, it's like,'s really myself....and after like, 26 years I shoulda grown customed to see myself, no? And on good days I feel like, well, I'm an average looking woman and not that bad off, and at bad, which is, like most days, I don't get how I managed to get Simen (he prolly don't either :p) & to get such cute and goodlooking children (yes they are! :p).

But then again - I think it'd be nice for the children and maybe other people aswell to have some memoriabila about me after I'm gone. Who knows, life changes fast and we never know what happens next. At least I'll be in control of what kind of pictures they'll remember me by, kinda. Because yes, I need to control and be able to enchance the pictures I'm less happy about. Who knows - one day I might be bold enough to just scrap a randomly untouched picture about me - but for now, they'll be happy with what they get :p

Anyways...played some with brushes in Photoshop - so much fun! And when it was done and well, pretty much messy - I realized that hey, this is really how I feel inside. The title reads "I am ME" - simply because - the challenge suggests us to use titles as "I am a Mother" or "I am a Woman" - and although yes - I am a mother most of the time - I still am me - I want to be defined by myself, not by my children - even though it's much easier to do the latter. Weird I know. But when you're a fulltime mother, no matter how much you do love your children, you sometimes want to be Think I'll try color the word "ME" with some chalk later today, to make it slightly more standout kinda.

Enough rambling. Amazed you read through all this nonsense ;)

Btw. Wanted to be the first Norwegian to enter this challenge - but had to discover minutes before starting this entry that Gudrun was first. Damn! :D

Ps. Thank you again Kristy for this challenge - which really was a personal challenge aswell.

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I'm bugged!

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 21, 2006 0 lovely comments
Gee, kids...

this morning, I was telling Adrian to please get dressed, and he just jumped around saying "yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes" but not actually doing anything. Slightly annoyed I asked him "Are you just saying yes-yes-yes all the time or are you actually gonna get dressed up?" to which he replied "But mommy, can't you see.....I'm bugged! Can't do anything but saying yes-yes-yes-yes!" then kept going on with his "yes-yes-yes".

*lol* I guess he's encountering a few too many bugs in his daily gameplay *rolls eyes* :p

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So excited!!

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 21, 2006 0 lovely comments
Was about to hit the sack when I was just gonna do my very very last forumtrolling when I noticed that the Creative Team of was revealed. Boy was I surprised to see my very own name displayed among eight other women o.O

Am so excited! And terrified. Almost petrified. And a little bit more excited aswell. :p (alright, maybe not really petrified, but I do like that word. So there!)

Zzz time now, just had to share. Fun fun! And a bit scary :)

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Posted by Ania On Sunday, March 19, 2006 0 lovely comments

Alright, I dunno if that's really a word or not, but I think that's what best describes the new Maya Road ribbons (CHA Winter 2006)...who knew I'd go totally ga-ga over a couple of ribbons..?!? Kinda ridiculous isn't :p And yes! These ribbons (and some more :p) are mine! All mine! Mwahahaha! little babygirl will soon turn 11 months...that's like, she's soon one's not as little anymore....(yeah I'm gonna repeat this every year until she's like, 20 or so :p)...thought I'd share this picture of her and her grandma taken yesterday. Look at her totally cute pigtails! :D So cwute! :p (And did I mention how much I love this new camera? :D Although I don't think the blogger thing compress these pictures too well :/)

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And the comments are on...

Posted by Ania On Sunday, March 19, 2006 0 lovely comments
Well alright..just enabled the comments on again, wonder if anyone'll reveal themselves and start commenting? *looks around nervously* :p If it gets too embarrassing I'll remove it :p

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Oh by the way

Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 18, 2006 2 lovely comments
Still playing around with my new DSLR :)
(And yes!! The weather's been this gorgeous in Bergen lately!! Lovely!!)

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It's been a while since...

Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 18, 2006 0 lovely comments
I actually scrapped something new, because I've been waiting for some stuff that I found out I really had to have for these projects - which resulted in three unfinished layouts and a fourth not even started because I'm waiting for some specific papers. The ribbons I had ordered arrived the other day, so two of the layouts are finished now. Yay. Still waiting for the papers and the letters for the remaining layouts.... this is the last time I'm gonna scrap something and find out I need something from overseas, cause.... I hate sitting around in this void waiting! :P But - I've spent the time making some cards instead, cause a friend of my mother-in-law had a card for her birthday and wanted me to make her some for her friends aswell :) :) Love this, it's so much fun to make cares specifically for someone, rather than just making cards just because...kinda... I think :) And it's really nice to earn a bit of money on this, even just a little, makes me feel better about all the money spent on this :p

Anyways, sharing some old layouts I've really grown to love :)

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Testing, testing - 1 - 2 - 3

Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 11, 2006 0 lovely comments
Oookay, note to self;
  1. *wash* the kids face before using him as a guineapig for your cameratesting.
  2. Need to fix the CD rack someday. Really.
  3. I guess the bookshelf woudln't hurt being looked into & cleaned aswell.

Anyways. Trying to comprehend the shutter thingie. Movement is fun :) Randomly testing numbers aswell :p Really love the oppoturnities with this cam & semi-manual settings :)

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Oh btw!

Posted by Ania On Thursday, March 09, 2006 1 lovely comments

Forgot to share this hilarious cartoon.... totally love it, keep laughing every time I see it *chuckle* (click on the picture to get a bigger one, it's much better then - just look at the eyes of these chickens) Funny thing is, not everybody gets it at first...*boggle* not gonna reveal why it's so funny, but I guess - that's one of these situational jokes that maybe - in ten year or so noone will get why it's so funny.....(well, if we're lucky and it doesn't turn the way WHO fears it will...). Anyways. Fun stuff! (the cartoon that is :p)

Guess I'll add another one of my recent layouts :P Cheers =)

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Easy come, easy go...

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 08, 2006 0 lovely comments
Heh..yesterday when I checked my bank account I had a good deal more money than I normally have. Today, pretty much of it is gone, and my account levels are back to the normal, thanks to my newest baby - a Nikon D70s - complete with a Sigma 18-200mm lens and a Nikon Speedlight SB-80dx flash. Yep. It's true!! Me got a digital SLR!! Hell yeah - I guess this will do as my official e-penis *giggle* I also grabbed a Crumpler bag- a kinda funky photocase/bag - but I kinda regret it cause when I checked their website after the purchase there were so many other cool colors (and some other models aswell) that I'd rather want...but which they, ofcourse, didn't have at the store where I bought all my stuff at (mine's a dull blue/silver Ben's Pizza XL photobag) I've mailed the store though asking if they're able to obtain the other cool ones - maybe I'm lucky and able to swap bags =)

I'm still learning about this camera, I'm at page 38 in the manual (yep...I'm actually reading a manual...meh soo good! :P). For now I'll stick to the automode while trying to learn about all the manual stuff...I'm so excited!! :D However - as I bought the flash used, the manual belonging to it wasn't with. At first I thought I'd be okay without, cause like, it's just light isn't..? But geez....the LCD screen at this flash is almost as big as the one for the camera itself, and there's like, a lot of numbers and letters on it.............. really, really need a manual or someone to tell me what all these stuff do...cause yeah, when testing and foolin' around I do notice huge differences in the flashstrength and stuff, which pretty much means I'd really benefit by actually knowing what all these stuff means and actually do....kinda....(and because there was some big numbers on the middle of the screen which I've now lost and can't get back and I kinda think they're like, useful letters.....and I want them back!! :p) Have mailed the store about that too asking if they're able to assist in obtaining a manual....guess I'll try mail Nikon

Anyways. Very very excited! But at the same time - I've been walking around all day feeling like expecting the sky to fall down on my head anytime....not quite sure why, but I kinda had this feeling that something would happen, slapping in my face telling me it was stupid to spend my money on the camera++, that I rather shoulda saved the money for emergencies (dully expected like, accidents with the car (actually had two incidents or well, close-to-incidents today :( ) or something happening with the old electronic stuff we got at home that yells "replace meee!!" (like the sudden smell&sight of smoke coming from the ventilator at the kitchen today, just like, suddenly like that.....really scared me that one.....) ....not a very good feeling, and these small things that kept almost happening today kinda kept reminding me throughout the day about how silly I was using my money like this :(


Ohwell. I'm still happy. This is what I've been wanting for like, well, a couple of, ever since I started scrapping =) (well, tbh I've been wanting a digital SLR for a few years - who haven't..?? But the need haven't been as present as the last few months)

Anyways. Also met Gail and got to check out her cafe/ceramicsstore Cera Cera at Marken! So cool! :) :) And she makes lovely food!! Do drop by and check it out! :)

Here's some tulip we got from the kiddo & his grandma last weekend...yeah, had to test you know :p

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Posted by Ania On Monday, March 06, 2006 0 lovely comments
Yay!! So many funny things happening at once! :D
Just received some unexpected extra money, which I'm totally free to spend on whatever I want (according to Simen :D) - so YAY!!! Looks like I'll get a new camera soon!!! So happy!!! Right now I'm still so unsure about whether to go for a Nikon 70s or a Canon EOS 350D - I'll actually be able to get both with a 18-200mm lens for approx the same now I'm like, *boggle* I did test both and I loved the feel of both - Nikon kinda had a masculine touch which I - yes - liked, and Canon was petite and cute. Hm. Need to think faster cause I really want one like, tomorrow :p

And since Ahn'Qiraj finally opened at our server yesterday (really, I appreciate the work those at Blizz put into giving us new and exciting events, but seriously - shouldn't these geniuses try to think about accustoming/buffing the serverloadthingie aswell when doing these events...?? *roll eyes*) we took a peek at the 40man raidthingie tonight, and I got this really cool bug as mount! :D Who woulda known I'd find bugs this funny? It's even a bit pink! :P Thanks to Caitlin for this excellent screenshot of me on me green bug. Hm. Need to find a name. *ponder*

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Free at last...

Posted by Ania On Thursday, March 02, 2006 0 lovely comments
Been having mom over for five days, which is, quite honest, three days too many. Don't get me wrong, I *love* my mom, but well...mothers you know....kinda best at a distance...:P's just a couple days a year, so it's all good, especially for the children, love ya mom :)

Anyways, Simen and I watched "Crash" the other day...not too shabby, wonder why I didn't get to see too much of it when it was at the movies here kinda....was it set up at the movies? I'm sure it must have been... Didn't notice the papers writing about it either...*boggle* weird.. anyways....a very decent movie :) (Still wanna see the other crash movie aswell, never got around to do so...:p)

Anyways...Adrian, our oldest kid, turned five two days ago. Yikes. That kinda thing keeps reminding me how old I am becoming.....jeje..

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