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Virtual theft leading to real life murder..

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 30, 2005 0 lovely comments
According to China Daily, a 41 year old Chineese guy killed another guy in real life after disagreements about a weapon in the onlinegame "Legend of Mir III".

Apparantly these two men was together in the game when they found a really, really good weapon, which one of them then proceed to sell for like 870 USD. The seller promised to share the money, but the other guy lost patience. After being rejected by the police (saying that theft of virtual items really wasn't their field), he decided to go on and stab the other guy to death.

Now he risks being setenced to death himself, all this because of a virtual weapon....

Now, this is really an interesting (although tragic) case. Players who spend hours in a virtual world - working their butts off to obtain better and better items - no wonder they feel helpless and angry when they lose their hard obtained things in unfair ways, like being scammed or hacked. What can one do? In most cases, it's just like, shit happens, suck it up and move on ("it's just a game"). The online game companies in Shanghai however, are currently planning to set up "cyber courts", "dispute system where aggrieved players can find recourse" according to ChinaDaily. It'd be interesting to see how it'd work out, if they ever manage to create one...I mean, we already have people paying for virtual items with real, hard cash, people paying real money for services in the game, people paying real money for virtual areas and so on.... when people actually are willing to pay real money for virtual things, things excisting in games only, should we also proceed to try and protect their virtual items then? Is it possible to compare the "pain" from say, having your begonias intentionally ruined by drunk kids if you're a gardener, to being scammed and losing a really good item you own in a game? Hm... the feelings might be true and comparable, but hrm...this sure requires more thinking :p


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Bible Bars...

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 30, 2005 0 lovely comments

Hum...alright, some food commoditiers (is this the right word to use btw?) have funny names in the UK & US, like "oh my god i can't believe it's butter" or whatever that butter is called and other funny stuff, but I think this one beats them all..."Bible bars"!

How about a "Jacobs Ladder" or a "Bar of Judah" ? Sure, the nutrion/diet market is big business, so I guess this sure is a hit with all those Christian women looking to loose some weight the easy way - the bible way :p

So, stay healthy & Christian! :p

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Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 29, 2005 0 lovely comments

Heh, the kiddo has his own character in WoW, playing a (currently) level 13 mage...anyways, one of his favourite things to do in WoW is to walk up to random people & challenge them to duel. Funny thing is that he happened to want to duel with one of our friends, who accepted, not knowing who the person challenging him was. Simen happened to catch it & hurried to log on to explain him that "uhm, you're actually duelling our four year old kid right now" :p *grin*

(yes I thought that was somewhat amusing :p)

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The perks of being....large...

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 29, 2005 0 lovely comments
Alright, I really couldn't help myself. After months of being a tiiny tad larger than usual (*cough*), I got sick and bored of not being able to buy myself something neat & stuff because well...sure, you can look smashing & dazzling as preggers, it's kinda (to me at least) ok to be big then, but I just can't afford that, buying neat clothings that's just gonna be used for a few weeks (hopefully :p) then it's over.... so I've been dressing quite dull for a few months now, the same two pair of pants, swapping between four just as dull sweaters sorta (alright, sometimes - no comments! - I do dress quite dull like, normally, but at least it'd be by choice then sorta ;) )...

So... there I was, in the clothing store & *extremely* tempted to buy a pair of really cool, neat duo string/hipster panties with the fancy name stripster. I dunno, maybe it's the lack of actually being able to purchase cool, neat things to myself at impulse for a looong time that made me do this. I don't even know if this fabric is comfortable at all, but all I can say.... I sure hope that I'm not too fat after the pregancy to actually *wear* this, sometime in the future :p

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Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 23, 2005 0 lovely comments
So, according to this study, kids who pledge abstinence from sex have a higher chance to get involved in...hum, what to call it..."non traditional" styles of sex.... What else to expect from kids in a country whose ex president have claimed that *recieving* oral-sex & toying with cigs doesn't really count as actually having sex :p

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Those kids...

Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 19, 2005 0 lovely comments
So, after being exposed for Everquest and Warcraft ever since he was a toodler, our now four year old son is quite an experienced gamer. Since he was two and a half, he's been insisting on playing these games himself, and loves to run around in Plane of Knowledge and taking the lift inside the library, and loves to play Warcraft 3, especially the custom made stuff on

Right now he's quite into World of Warcraft, playing a various number of noobs leveling them up to four or five before getting bored & playing new chars. His highest char is currently level ten (he had a level thirteen in beta though), whom he's been playing up on his own & all. He loves to stalk people he meets, duelling them or inviting them to groups & playing along before getting bored & just leaves the pc or walks away on his own and stuff.... (so yeah, if you meet a very silent but somehow rude stalker, it might be my kid you're playing with :p).

As a mom I gotta admit that I'm quite amused and sure, a tad proud of his skills and ability to "get" the game.... when we were starting all over in retail (after the beta), he was quite eager to give us advices on where to go and how to solve the quests even before we actually ran our chars to the questgivers. And yeah, it was all correct :p He loves to point out to me what to do - "hit the seven button now", "heal daddy", "hide" (which means to hit the fade spell, I'm playing a priest), and so on.... and he loves to play "me" when I need to cook dinner or take a break, playing "me" with daddy is one of his favourite things - at least for another ten minutes or so :p. I guess people would think we're a tad funny in a weird way, but I think it's kinda nice that we actually spend some time doing stuff together even though it's sorta through a computer screen.

It's also cute when he walks up to me and then falls down on the ground with a groan, telling me "mommy I need a res" or "I need a heal!" (whereas I gotta make sounds & moves & pretend I'm doing whatever he needs to get up :p). I guess you gotta be a gamer yourself to think it's cute hm... our newphew was around visiting us today too, he's eight and he plays WoW aswell... so they were playing around, and our kid suddenly yelled "You gotta run! I'm red to you!" (in WoW, if you meet a monster that cons red to you it's most likely a mob that you cannot handle on your own, so your best bet might be to just leg least if you're a kid playing :p).

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Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 19, 2005 0 lovely comments

thought that linking stuff might tell a little more about me, or at least my interests :)

So, we got celeb gossip (need to stay updated on important stuff you know ;) ), realityshow stuff (you don't even have to watch the shows, just read the recaps! :p), various webcomics (just check the links to the right) that's maybe a tad more or less funnier or understandable if you're a gamer yourself (I dunno, you tell me?), and MMORPG research stuff which I personally find really interesting...and ofcourse, Victoria's Secret- a store/clothing brand which I really, really adore [insert mucho gushing here] & *so* wish they'd open a store location in Norway or at least in Europe *sigh* :(

& with that, time to hit the bed I guess :p

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Posted by Ania On Friday, March 18, 2005 0 lovely comments
Right, been playing with the thought of having my very own blog for a good while now, but never really had the excuse to actually create one...until like, now... it's sorta quite easy to create your own blog here so ...well... jeje :p

I suppose I should write some thoughtful and/or wise words here, but it's kinda really too late here to pretend that I'm the above, so I'll just play around with the settings some more and stuff and save the really wise stuff for later.....=)

So, laters :)

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