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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ Out & about ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, July 28, 2012 2 lovely comments


Thanks to the few last days left of my vacation last week, I had time to join a few challenges around…I get sort of itchy if I don’t have anything to scrap, sort of (I’m sort of a weird scrapper, I need to have challenges, assignments or other outside purposes in order for me to actually scrap). Besides. I just got back home after a two week vacation with no scrapping at all.


So I went to 2peas, saw their CHA-challenges, and thought – oh gee, that’s fun! Especially adored the color combo challenge:


That’s what triggered me into entering the challenge.

That, plus the fact that I was still trying to clean my desk (hah! an abandoned project by now :/) and sorting through all the various bits and pieces made me want to use the old stash.


Then I saw that I could combine the various challenges. Cool beans. That meant I could steer my layout into including a pocket (see the tags), using fabric (ribbons included) and have a title from an old or new collection (mine’s out & about, which’s an old collection from MME).


I adore the fact that I managed to use lots of old stuff, like the hexagon stamp from Autumn Leaves and rub-ons from Hambly Screenprints and Fancy Pants Designs!


The layout’s about a girl’s day out w/my daughter =) It included a lot of running around in a botanical park, watching people dressed up in clothes from old days downtown, eating cupcakes and watching a play. Among other things. No wonder she was exhausted on the bus ride back home that she fell asleep on my lap :)


Then the layout actually won the “put it in a pocket” challenge, which means I apparently got a prize from 2p otw to me soon. Makes this whole thing extra fun! And an extra thank you to the commenters who found me via 2peas :)


By the way! Did you see this? Piggy Tales is back! And their new collection looks way awesome! (I used to enter their challenges back in the old days….won once too, but never saw any prize :/) Well. Here’s to new beginnings! :p

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~~ Maya Road CHA-S; part 3 - the layout edition ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, July 25, 2012 4 lovely comments

Yay! The final instalment of my Maya Road CHA-S stuff; this time – 2 layouts and a DT-canvas…(Caroline makes us create a canvas of ourselves for each CHA – fun! :D This is my third :) ). You can find a minialbum here, some cards and altered projects here and the rest of the minialbums here.


I adore this layout, if I may say so myself. I’ve been looking at this sheet of gorgeous Prima paper so many times, thinking – no – I’ll save it for a special project, I want to use this as a background….well, I’d say creating for a CHA booth sort of makes this a special project? Or something like that :p


This is Amalie and her bff. They went to the same kindergarten, and this fall her bff will finally start at the same school as her. They’re both looking forward to it. See the scalloped kraft sheet behind the paper? It’s actually from the scalloped mini album – which comes with both chipboard and kraft pages…figured it’d make a cute backgroundpiece for the photo…and the canvas butterfly fits so well w/the cream linen trim! It’s colored in popsicle blue mist by the way :)


Love the little burlap bags, but honestly not quite sure how to use just put one here & stuffed it full :p Decorated it too…love the organza tea garden trim in chai…so versatile =) And love that Maya Road offers so many bits and pieces you can put together and embellish stuff with (eloquent, I know…but look…love putting the trinkets together like this… looks so pretty despite me not really being good at such stuff :p) :D


See the kraft envelope by the way? Tucked leftoverbits of the new tu-tu tulle under it….cute!


BFF! *smile* And look..even used two trims here!jump1

Love these photos, but they’re sort of hard to match w/papers…but hey, I dug into the old stash and came up w/good old Scenic Route! Added some maya mist to the backgroundpaper (dark cornflower blue, eggplant purple and sunshine yellow) and a few stamps….like the über cool font-ly yours stamp *loves* and the new exclamation stamp I can’t recall what’s called atm *blush*


Love the look of Kraft and white splashed together…!jump4

I sort of liked the layout when done, then I sort of didn’t like it…now I am a bit undecided….I do like it, but it’s a bit flat…I dunno….? I’m used to more dimension…..nevertheless…happy I whipped out Scenic Route!


And finally…the DT canvas…

I hate dislike photos of myself. Most of the time, anyways. I know it’s superficial…but it’s just the way I feel….however…when I finally am able to find an angle I like (but I never remember *how* to obtain these “good” angles, blah, making these once in a blue moon shots :p) I don’t mind that much. Like this mirror-self-portrait-photo taken w/hipstamatic.


For the canvas I used Pink Paislee papers…*love* how they always put on elegant and well-designed collections… oh, and can you see how I adore the ornate vintage butterflies stamps??  Tried doing dots like Karola’s superb at doing….but don’t think it turned out that well here, but ahwell.


Love creating clusters…and I see the other MR gals do amazing things with the vintage tape measure trims, but I never manage to really use it other than like this…sorta boring…ack..


And you know white+kraft=lovely colorcombo. Here I embossed the kraft mini tag using the houndstooth singleton stamp.

Oh the the lyrics are from Maria Mena’s beautiful song “All this time (pick-me-up-song)”.


Hope you enjoyed my MR stuff this time around.


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~~Maya Road CHA-S, part 2 - Mini Albums ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, July 24, 2012 0 lovely comments

So. Embrace yourself for yet another CHA-blogpost w/lots of photos. Part 1 can be found here, and the first minialbum can be found here.

I created three minialbums for CHA, although only one can be said to be a “traditional” minialbum… the 3” Vintage Memory Box (see link above) are so fun to create, and doesn’t really feel like a real minialbum…it just…. and as for the chipboard flag banner book, I opted to create each banner like an individually page sort of, like a hanging thingie…but not really like a banner… like this:

I started making this blue one first, covering it with LilyBee papers and then various wooden items – some painted, some crackled, some misted…


I really like how the paint and mists are reacting differently w/the wood, depending on whether it was prepared w/gesso in advance or not..


I especially love the scroll detail – when I shipped it off to CHA I packed a wad of papers under the paper-strip so it wouldn’t break during shipping…I thought it was obvious, but I actually saw a photo from the Maya Road CHA booth showing they didn’t remove the protective paper, haha… cough…

Nevertheless..when creating this one, I looked at the three other flags and thought..why not just continue w/the theme specific stuff..…


So I made a green one, this time w/papers from American Crafts..showcasing the Kraft and trinket pin embellishments.


I love how you can mix the mini Kraft ticket, the larger one and the transparent one…. and I love love using pins!


Especially the larger one to the right! My fave! Crystal Star!


Now, if you’ve noticed the ribbons used…there’s four new ones…1/4 “ double stitched velvet I figured ok, I’ll move on to pink. This time I returned to LilyBee and found a pink sheet from there.. I wasn’t quite sure what to “showcase” for this one though, so I just found some ribbons and a large bottle cap and then just created this one.


See..used my fave trinket pin again….and the middle vintage trinket? Love it!


Had to add this ‘lil cherry too….love it….it’s so cute! Oh and I adore the Iridescent glitter…..have already used half the bottle..need.more!


I sort of like how the small organza roses trim fit the width of the tin perfectly…here in sand..


Finally..the white one….this time/w American Crafts paper & w/glitter and chipboard as theme…oh and mist too I guess! Did I mention that I love the iridescent glitter?? Showcases the mistcolors in such a pretty way! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…:


Right. Still hanging with me?

Cause here’s the third minialbum…a real mini too…


Using the picket fence album…had fun adding crackle paint to the front gate and then adding chipboardstuff…you get a sheet of the chipboard embellishments used on this gate included in this minialbum…


Then washi tape, white embossed stamping and shiney shiney glossed up letters…the papers used throughout this album is American Crafts’ Dear Lizzy – Neapolitan.


See? Shiiinyyy!


Hmm. There’s so many pages in this book…or rather, I sort of took a lot of photos I guess…I’ll share a few here, and if you’re interested, you can find all the images here on TwoPeas.

Oh by the way..see?? YELLOW STAR PIN!! Like the crystal one I love!! *loves*picketfence7


Right. Long post. Once again. if you wanna see all the pages..the whole album…feel free to check this out :)


Ciao..will share the last installment from CHA tomorrow – the layouts :)

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~~ More Maya Road CHA-S Stuff, part 1 ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, July 22, 2012 1 lovely comments
Gosh..looking through the images of the stuff I created for the Maya Road CHA-S booth, I’m thinking I need to split the posts in three or so… hope you don’t mind! I already shared the first box here by the way, with the amazing 3” cube memory box of theirs…so so fun…
First up is a box of chocolate…dressed with Fancy Pants paper (old old ones of my faves from them…:) So old I forgot its name…but it’s from 2006 or 2007 I think?)
The most important piece here is the heart imo…totally adore the linen heart piece!! Apparently you get three pieces in one package…. I decided to keep mine plain, only creating white-ish dots with my distress stain….totally *love* the look!!
Another piece I loved here is the Linen burlap trim in delicate…so natural…so pretty! Not to mention how the chipboard letters shine when you first add white base, spray dragon fruit pink mist upon it (love that color!) and top it all w/glossy accent… so shiny and pretty! Otherwise – wooden bird, various trinkets, watermelon twine cording (fun!) and various cut outs from vintage lace trims.
It can be opened too, so I added bits and pieces of this and that into this envelope.  I can’t decide if it looks messy or just ok. Oh, and these mini kraft envelopes comes in new colors this time around too! And the stamp’s from ornate botanical and You Are singletons clear stamp :)
I did a pretty simple card too, using the lovely ornate botanicals stamp and twine cording in sparkle gold. Papers from American Craft. Gem from KaiserCraft.
Another card, created with the scallop mini book as base…once again using old fancy pants paper & a newer sheet of prima on this one.
*love* the vintage trinket found here…..and the wooden mini butterflies..and the mini jotting tags….and the mini canvas butterfly…..*smile*
Oh, and I found out that liquid pearls should be used like this the other day..honestly..I’ve only used it to create dots….but once you use it to cover larger areas…it yields such a gorgeous, real special look to stuff! Love it!
The inside of the card..pretty boring tho I must admit :/ Papers from Crate Paper..
Final CHA-item for now….a magnet…w/the christmas chipboard words…here covered w/dragon fruit pink mist (if applied directly on raw chipboard you get a darker color, as opposed to on white base, as on the chocolate box)….topped w/glossy accent…
Hmhm….any questions feel free to ask :)
Will share the mini albums and layouts in an own post soon :)

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