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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ Pencil-Lines #78 & Prima guest-spot~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, March 31, 2008 16 lovely comments

Woke up this morning to a mail saying this was live now.
I found it interesting to see which layouts they had picked for this. I sent in five layouts because I could not decide. The middle one was the least one on my personal list. Or well, second least actually. Cool :)

Pencil-Lines #78 was guested by Nancy van den Berg (actually her second time with PL, cool! :) ) and once again we used such a lovely sketch made by Jolene. I am soooo proud that I actually used Basic Grey with this one...I had quite a bit of BG-paper just standing in the box here....I think they're totally lovely but I usually don't really see how to actually use Good Ania! Soh! :p Love the blue bird-paper - it's actually a post-it note I got from Sweet Spuds. Too cool! I glued it to a red-pink BG cardstock and made the scallopborder..then used the sewingmachine to make a nice, subtle border around it. Other stuff here includes Love, Elsie epoxysticker (love them!), Heidi Swapp journalingspot, Prima bling & ribbon, old old old Lil Davis alphachipboards :)

PS!! Don't forget this challenge at Scrappedugnad!! I'm gonna make one myself once I get back from todays chores!

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~~ Jinx?? :( ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, March 30, 2008 3 lovely comments

Ugh. They lost both games. By 23 and 6. Bleh.
On the bright side expensive travel-expenses for the team next season! :p

Now. This sceenshot. Remember me complaining that my photos on the blog seemed so brownish and grey and ashen some days ago? Well...I think I found out why... I've been using a template I made myself in photoshop for the uneven edges & the A thingie - and when I copy my photos over it actually turns seen on the screenshot above. The template in front and the original photo behind it. See how the pink is more lively in the back-photo? Her face is more pinkpeachywhite too while the front one is ashen. I assume thats because the photo is in Adobe RGB and the template in sRGB. Assume. I cannot seem to really find out for sure. I made the template in Illustrator then Photoshop. And for some reason I cannot seem to figure out how to find out what color profile the template is in kinda. Geez. This photoproofingthingie sure is messed up and confusing. And well, I use "save for web" on my photos and that converts photos into sRBG automatically anyways and I don't think I've noticed that a huge difference in the colors..? Hm. The above photo is "saved for web" and thus in sRGB and still I think the behind photo looks like it looked in Adobe RGB kinda. UGh. Confuuusiiing. Bit annoying too!

Speaking of. How to save images for Web Viewing. Interesing and stuff. Funny to see the colors in the photo change and stuff when you toggle the proofing-view-thingie. I found out my photo seemed to NOT become more saturated/have increased contrast as he says it'll usually do after the convertion kinda. Weird? If you try that method please let me know how it goes for you?? Anyways. Dunno if I really wanna take such measurements for my hobby-photos here on my blog though. Naa. Doubt so. Whatever. Good to know though! I guess :p (and now I am reminded that I need to read "CS3 for digital photographers" - I've had the book for some months now and have yet to read past chapter 2 - hrm - need to make time to read more! I'm sure it should be covered in the book someplace too :p)

Ohwell. Nuff photoshopnerdbabling from me for now (I really oughta like, take a real class or something like that and actually learn more..I guess...but really, this blog is just me thinking out loud and stuff as I go hoping someone who reads actually knows more and will point me into the right direction..or something like that..cause I'm so lazy :p) Check back later for tonights Pencil-Lines :)

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~~ Good luck my love ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 29, 2008 4 lovely comments

Good luck...
He and his basketteam are currently in Oslo to play two important matches - in hopes to qualify themselves to the League 1. They are currently playing atm... gogo! (he's the one in the dark outfit :p)

Heia Askøy basketballag!! Hihi :) De er i Oslo akkurat nå for å kvalifisere seg til 1. divisjon herrer.... en nasjonal divisjon, noe som vil medføre en god del reising i helgene dersom de greier det til neste sesong... lykke til!! :)

Now, I kinda suck at crops.
I don't really know why I attend crops, other than touching other peoples stuff (SCRAPPING-STUFF, DUH!!) all the time (I'm really bad, I just HAVE to touch and feel :p) and glaring on the desk usually featuring a paper and a photo not started at at all.
Last evening I sat staring at a piece of paper and a photo most of the evening. I tried several other papers to match the one I wanted to use, looked up in the air, sighed, stared blankly some more again, rinse repeat... for about two hours. True story. And I didn't start doing that until after an hour into the crop. Then it finally dawned on me - leave it alone - stop looking for matching papers, stop thinking of all the stuff that most surely would have been perfect but which are at home, just use the paper and only that one... add the photo, lots of journaling, a title and flowers stolen from my friendly neighbour (*wave Eli!*)... tada... I was lucky. I actually got a layout made. That does NOT happen too often - usually I just go home with an unfinished layout.. (I added swirl-blings and date when I got home but the layout was pretty much done!)

But. Crops are nice. It's nice to meet and see other women doing the same thing as you. To see the little thing they do to add details to their see their creative process... to see how they work... to see what cool stuff they have (how come they always have the cool papers and embellies and I don't! Oh right, I better shop eh :p) It's lovely to see other peoples layouts in real life - they're ALWAYS so much better IRL! And getting to touch other peoples stuff...stroke the new stuff....that never gets old ;p And I really like just being there even though I'm pretty quiet and's nice to just sit there among other talented ladies, soaking in the inspiration...and it's very nice to be allowed to do so.....that's nice :) Thanks for the evening ladies :)

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~~ Dear USPS ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, March 28, 2008 4 lovely comments

Gievf my BG kit!

Bye tnx.

I was happy to note that my kit had left the US the day after it was posted. However, that's now 2+ weeks ago and it has yet to surface to tell it has arrived Norway. I am starting to believe they put it in the wrong cargo and it's been shipping surface (as with boat) rather than by plane, which I believe shouldn't take more than one, maybe three days TOP until the tracing tells me it's arrived kinda.

I hate to peek at the other girls layouts before I've made my own, but I had no choice this time and holy smokes. They. All. Rock. So in a way I'm kinda glad mine hasn't arrived yet really cause I'd just be stuck thinking there's no way I can make anything as cool or beautiful or wonderful like they've done this time. Seriously! I'm just so like, in envy thinking of the stuff and cool ideas they did with this kit. Go here if you want peeks of the kit itself btw.

Nothing I can do about that now anyways. Hey. Thank you so much for your support yesterday!! :) :) I'd gladly teach anywhere. Almost haha :p Just nudge your local store *cough* *cough*

Ohwell. Letsee whats on the menu today..
go to the dentist
clean up the kitchen
clean up the livingroom
wash travelling-clothes for Simen
make large batches of salad (travellingfood for him + food for me! - really - salad ain't "diet" to us cause we just end up eating a lot cause it's so yummy :p)
print photos (shit I hate this part!)
pack for crop
bake a cake for said crop
attend the crop

And here I am sitting in front of the pc drinking warm tea cause we woke up to 30+ cm with snow this morning (that's like, 12 inches with snow). Sigh. And I really really thought it was supposed to be spring now...ohwell...little more tea & breakfast while looking at photos then I'll go clean up. Promise.

Must. Share. Photo.
So I'll share an old layout today - I made this for an article I wrote for "Vi Scrapper" (jan or feb I think - well - the winter edition anyways) about kits - here I'm using a kit from Sweet Spuds.

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~~ PrimaDonna ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, March 27, 2008 17 lovely comments

Oh gawd.

You're gonna hate me now aren't you..
the good scrapnews kinda doesn't end right yet *cough* *cough*

Well, I think I have mentioned this before but I didn't really want to say it out too loud until it felt more real and official and stuff and well, now it has....

I'm a PrimaDonna :)

That is - one of Primas approved instructors. I teach Prima-endorsed classes and stuff. That's like, classes approved by Prima & using a lot of their luxurious stuff. Or as I use to say - lushious. I know it's not a real word but I've been typing it a lot lately so to me it has started to become one ;p

Want to join a Prima-class? Well, if you're around Stavanger you can attend my two different classes saturday april 19th at Scrappejungelen. I will put up a new post this weekend with the final class-info & peeks but I can promise you this - it'll be jam-packed with lots of fun Prima stuff and tips & tricks :)

And if you'd like me to teach for you feel free to get in touch with me :)

Tudelidu - need to get started on the "Designing with.."-project :)

Ps. Hm. Guess you're gonna hate me even more by the end of this month. The scrapnews aren't over right yet... *cough* *cough* *hark*

Ps2. The instructorlist isn't entirely complete yet -- Tracies arent listed - I guess she didn't get her info in time cause the request for it came while she was sick and busy and stuff. And mine isn't really complete cause I kinda figured I needed to make mine more like the others..that is..with teams and published and links and it'll be updated soon...I suck at this "marketing-yourself-thingie" when it comes to that *blush*

Må nesten ha dette på norsk og hehe ;)

Og - please ikke hat meg nå fordi alle de gode scrappenyhetene kommer tett i tett her i gården!! Men altså - jeg har nevnt dette tidligere men har ikke villet rope alt for høyt inntil dette føltes mer offentlig og sånn (har ventet en stund på at dette skulle komme på nettsidene deres ;p) - men altså;

jeg er en PrimaDonna :)

En PrimaDonna er en Prima-godkjent instruktør som holder Prima-godkjente kurs og greier - og jepp - en av disse personene er altså meg :)

Lyst til å være med på et Prima-kurs? Jeg skal ha to i Stavanger 19. april (muligens 18. og men mest sannsynligvis så blir det to kurs på lørdagen altså) hos Scrappejungelen. Endelig info kommer nok over helgen :)

Og ønsker du å booke meg så ta gjerne kontakt :)

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** giggle **

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 26, 2008 4 lovely comments
Driving Miss Daisy
(yes she razzes when she makes the driving sounds :p)

The sky is blue, the sun is shining lovingly and I got two very nice scrapnews last night. Now, if only my computer would quit doing those stupid bluescreens and unprovoked reboots...or if my kit from BG would magically conjur itself on the USPS tracking page (MIA since it left USA two weeks ago? ugh not good!)... *rolls eyes*

Anyways! Back to the happy scrapnews!
I won the Celine-bday-challenge! All the names were entered into a hat and outta it came mine! YAY! So cool!

And then!! This email!!!! You see, last year I attended the "Designing with 2007" challengegroup at Lifetime Moments, where there would be one winner each month and an overall winner picked among those who won every month... and well, they picked me!! And the grand prize is to have a layout with an upcoming "Designing with.." book! Yay! How very cool and how very very very very freakin scary!! I mean - I rarely like my layouts after 2-3 weeks - what will I think of a layout printed after what, several months or whenever it takes to make that book?? YIKES!

All in all - I'm really happy and excited - yay :)

Me Jane You Tarzan!
(One of her fave moves these days..stand on a chair or table and go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)

Ohwell. Hate to do a post without any kind of graphic, so - sharing some photos from the Easter - kinda straight out of the cam photos ("only" edited in ACR). A little too heavy on the grey/brown side when it comes to the indoor photos hm? Wrong whitebalance maybe? *boggle*

Building a boat with daddy..:)

I don't like it too orangeish which is typical for indoorphotos, but it does give a nice warmth to the photos I guess hmm..would prob adjust the levels some at least in photoshop before printing..brighten up some, adding more contrast in curves... maybe do a soft But really, I oughta know how to prevent such editing in ACR cause it's been fairly typical for the indoor ones

My preciousssssss sssnowwww!

Hey, notice these photos of my oldest? First one is without flash and the two latter with flash. Without the flash you kinda have to watch the sun & placements and stuff to avoid too much harsh shadows in the face..with flash that's too much of a problem..just tune down the flash some to avoid too strong flash..I dunno if I managed that balance tho,..

Hi sweetie!

I think the upper one here had a little too harsh flash..or maybe the exposure/brightness was set a tad too high. The bottom one looks fairly natural doesn't?


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~~ O.o a card! & two layouts :) ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 25, 2008 6 lovely comments

Now, while I'm no cardmaker (I actually dislike it cause I suck so much) and certainly no match against giants like Stempelgal, Kine, Boop or Bibbi when it comes to making cards (noone can make cards like they do), I did enjoy making this nifty card. Saw the instructions at Jennifer McGuire's blog some days ago and well, I suddenly needed a card for a familymember whom just ended up at the hospital quite recently (and I'm dropping by the hosp tomorrow anyways) so I thought I'd check out this method. Me like. I think I'm gonna make several similar cards - it's so easy and looks cool and well, the ribbons at top/bottom was a little, uh, over the top and not like I had pictured in advance, but overall...yeah..I'll definately do this again. This is a FUN card folks! :P AND I got to use that Maya Road locker that's been around in my stash like, forEVER! :P (I really adore that one by the way). Other stuff include Fancy Pants pp, Prima & May Arts ribbons, Sassafras Lass & MSE! stamps and halfpearls.

A layout for Minnopol at Minneriket..prima tape, Scenic Route & Love, Elsie papers, MM sticker, AC alphas, MM stickers...

And a layout I made for Scrapdreamie's 4 manuf. challenge - Scenic Route, 7gypsies, AC, MM, Prima, Love Elsie...:)
Little one adores her bigbro - so she's like, whatever he does she'll do too - even though she doesn't get the point. Like - doing the cardtrick - she just puts down her cards and tells us to pick a card and then she looks at it anxiously and after a few seconds she beams and go YES!YES! without us or her really knowing why she's so happy about that card..heh..then rinse & repeat ;p

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~~ Pencil-lines and Iris :) ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, March 24, 2008 10 lovely comments

Doh, did you see Pencil-Lines latest?? Dang look at Iris two layouts - so lovely!! So happy she's this weeks guest-designer!! :)

Mine's pretty boring - very plain and pretty much just some photos I had lying around forever (uhm, these are from Christmas 2006 ...yeah..that long ;p I had just gotten my 50mm that morning and had to play all day :p) which I decided to scrap once and for all..ohwell.. :) Cardstock, Fancy Pants leftovers and some Hambly-rubons ..oh, and Heidi Swapp chipboardnumbers :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter :)

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~~ sucky day and other stuff ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, March 21, 2008 4 lovely comments

Had a sucky start on my day today - see - my PC is hiccuping and stuff, causing me to swap graphcards some weeks ago and having to repartiate the HDD and stuff a little over a week ago and stuff..... lots of wonky stuff going on, and my USB-hub is dead causing me to have to go down behind the PC under the table swappin wires all the time and even the USB-port is wonky so I have to disconnect/connect a number of times sometimes.....aaaaand to top it off - more bluescreens this morning - after just five minutes of the PC being up nrgh!! Anyways...after error-checking both disks the PC looks somewhat stable now ...I've backuped a number of new files/pictures and well, I just think my pc is dying a slow slow painful death...

Ohwell. Nuff sucky talk.
Remember my cool ring from the last post? See, Amalie begged to borrow it so I let her ... Bad Idea. Very Bad Idea. See....this is a photo of the back of our television. And the white tape? The tape is covering a medium-sized hole. In the past she's been fond of putting pen and crayons and stuff into the hole watching them disappear. We thought she quit doing that stuff and was too lazy to do anything. Then she got to borrow the ring. Uhoh. Well - I managed to retrieve the ring as it turned out she actually put it on a kinda shelf right inside the hole. Good thing. A little more to the left and it would have ended up on the bottom of the TV. Soooo once I retrieved it I taped the hole and had to comfort a crying Amalie cause she was soooo sad about the whole thing and the disappearing ring and me being upset with her. Kids. Ps. I love it when she knows she's doing something wrong, she stops and freezes for a moment then her mouth comes down down down and her eyes just stare hard at you blinking maybe once or twice and her brow kinda furrows and then suddenly she starts cryin...the whole process is pretty cute and I usually have to hide my smile cause I think it's pretty funny.....baaaad baaaad baaaad mommy!! In this photo below she's done crying but the little pout is still there..

Scrappedugnad went live today with a challenge from Gigi - to use stuff to make something we can decorate our homes with kinda. I made a little washibox with instructions from this site. It was quite easy and it looks so pro, like a box I've bought and altered but it's not - I made this from cardboard, some paint and paper/embellishments :) I used stuff from Prima on this one - see the cool black tape on top of the box? LOVE the tapes from Prima! It really looks like it belong to the paper once it's used kinda - neat. And I made a little handle on the side from the cool ribbons they got :)

AND!!! Did you see this over at ScrapDreamie?? Awww Tracie made the coolest layout featuring yours truly! Dang it's so rockin' cool! I haven't scrapped this photo of myself before and I dunno if I can do it now that she has - how can I top this? Teehee.. they also have a DT search going on - they're a part of ScrapGenie which is a UK stockist and they have a lot of cool stuff kinda. Think I'm gonna give it a go. No pain no gain or something like that *rolls eyes*

Wrapping this post up with sharing these small stories - be warned - it's's beautiful...but so so sad.... I cried when I read about this.. This was the initial blogpost I read over at Mike Colons blog...then I looked around and found this newstory... and this is the organization - Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. They're doing such a truly admirable gesture..

Guess that's it from me now - over and out -- enjoy your Easter :)

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Happy mail day - a few weeks ago I won a RAK at Funky Finds - a blog devoted to cool and funky finds, mostly from Etsy but also a lil around - but that kind of stuff... they had a HUGE jewellery-give-away and I thought I just won one jewellery but in fact, I got three jewelleries!! And best of all?? I got the one I wanted the most!! A Lisa Leonard necklace - "love well" - same as in this photo just without the pearl (photo snagged from her blog) - but with a small hammered heart instead....YAY!!! Insta-love!! I also got a sprinkled ring from CBT's closet (very funny one - Amalie loved it - shame it's too big for her - so I'm wearing it instead and it's kinda growing on me - it's funny and I've never worn huge rings before - me like! And check out my cool black nails!) and a pair of earrings from Smu-Topia! Yay!! What a lovely start on the Easter :)

Some answers
Carrin wondered what I had done with the edges to the layout in this post. I just used my bind-it-all holemaker on it. I know 7gypsies has a a holemaker in this shape aswell, or you could just use your regular holemaker. I just wanted the edges to be like, torn without being show that although I was trying to be happy about the stuff I made the layout about I kinda wanted the holes to remind me how I edges kinda...I dunno...

And Iris wondered how I did the edges on the photos in this minibook in the last post... I just drew them like freehanded...freestyle...doodled :) Nothing hokuspokus about it...I used an American Craft precision pen - size 0.8 - I think the thickness of that helps make it kinda cool and easy to draw. That pen is also one of the best to use on photos imo - dries quick and doesn't smear...well, I haven't intentionally tried to smear it but ...I just like it for photos :) (for journaling I actually like zigs or signo best)

Classes & peek stuff
I am currently working on a few samples for my upcoming classes for Scrappejungelen in Stavanger - I believe more info about that are to come after the Easter (but keep 18-19.April available if you're around Stavanger ;) ). You're gonna play with lots of yumminess, that much I can promise you - see, I'm kinda a Prima-Donna - that is - a Prima instructor - so we're gonna play with lots of cool Prima-stuff :) And there'll be different stuff to learn in each of the classes - we're gonna do 3-4 templates in each of the classes.

Am also working on some other stuff - well, I'm kinda done but I'm thinking I should play more because I'm not really happy with what I've done to now, so we'll see....that one will be revealed by the end of this month...and no, it's not Bad Girls stuff ;p

For the photo/techie/printnerds
Oh, and I was testing some yesterday - printing in photoshop with both Adobe RGB and sRGB. My monitor is calibrated, the printer is not afaik. I let Photoshop handle the colors and chose Adobe RGB and then sRGB the next round because I thought the first print (adobe RGB) paled significantly compared to what I saw on the screen and was curious enough to try sRGB to see if there was any diff. Surprisingly enough the sRGB seemed to be more like what I saw on the screen - hmm. Weird, cause I know photoshop stores my photos with an Adobe RGB profile unless I do "save for web" - then it stores it in sRGB. Weird, but interesting. Ohwell - I usually print with my printers program anyways, it's been kinda more reliable than printing with photoshop to me (only do that when I want the exact measurements to be this and that -then I use print from photoshop) - but now I guess I know why it's been somewhat unreliable cause it's default is to print with adobe RGB. Hm. Need to test with more photos before I can tell for sure anyways. Sorry for the bad photo - late at night but thought I'd snap a proof before cutting out the photo.. hey if you know more feel free to explain to me :)

I got an award!!!
Sweet Iris and Janine both gave me this award - doh! Seriously girls, I'm so throwing that award back at ya cause - I can't list this without including you too! Love you girls :) Always a joy to drop by your blogs and see your creations :)

According to Iris the rules are;
The rules for the You Make My Day award are to re-present it to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blog land. Let them know through email or by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times yourself, and if you do, consider yourself really, really loved.

So, let's see..who else can I list?? I stalk oh so many blogs... but my fave scrap-stalkplaces must be..

  • Iris - looking for the perfect layouts? Look no further. She's also such a sweet gal - *hugs* :)
  • Janine - I have the same feeling when it comes to her layouts - they're just perfect. And all those little details!! And I love her photos - sooo envying her studio-experience :)
  • Tracie - Seriously one of these gals you just want all the best in the world to happen to. Totally rocking the papers and SO creative! *hugs*
  • Kathrine - alright, she's kinda a sucky blogger (and she knows that keke) - but when she does update her blog - mm love her stuff. :)
  • Silje & Xstine - gotta mention them together :) Two cool chicks and their stuff always makes me smile and happy cause it's...happy stuff! :)
  • Ingunn - incredibly sweet and a top notch scrapper and photographer.
  • Karen Russel - I don't know her - but yet I feel like I do through her blog. Yep. Major stalk-alert here. Love that she always includes so many photos of her everyday-life and her CI-stuff is cool :).
  • Celine Navarro - she's so creative - really an artist - her mixed media background shows. Really looking forward to attend her class :)
  • Kayla Aimee - love reading her blog. She's funny - and the most weirdest things keeps happening to her :p Another one I just stalk cause it's amusing (in a good way!) reading what she's up to.
On a personal note
Adrian is off for a few days at the summer-place with grandma, uncle/fiancee and two of the boys (they've got six kids in between them). Soo we're stuck with Amalie for a few days ;p She pouted because Adrian got to go with grandma and not her, so we gave her her Easter-egg early. Happy girlie ;) She also thought my ring was so cool that she wanted one of her own, and
proceeded to make her own from some geomag-sticks. Clever DIY-girl there, eh :) And hey this IS annoying - when it's something she wants and I initially tell her "no" she asks "bliiiiiiiiiiiizz" (she's trying to say "please" - her big brother is learning some English at school and loves to throw around english words here and there - "yes!" , "nooooo" and "please" comes to mind and well, she snatched up the meaning of the latter fairly quick). She's so cute that I give in most of the times....sigh..she just ran away with a stamp I had stamped to use with my current project...hrmf..gotta hunt her down to get it back :p

God påske!
Her har vi en hjemmepåske, men farmor tok med seg Adrian ut på hytta så vi er tre enn om så lenge - de visste ikke helt hvor lenge de skulle være ute - det kom litt an på været og sånn. Her er det sol og snø og regn litt om hverandre - men det er kaldt ute og kjennes litt påskeaktig ut i lufta iallefall :) Ungene har fått hver sine funky påskeegg fra farmor - Amalie måtte få sin tidlig for hun ble jo litt lei seg da hun ikke fikk være med ut på hytta - men vel, det er jo litt mindre arbeid med Adrian, spesielt når han kan få være med noen andre unger der ute og. Jeg var så heldig å vinne noen smykker fra Funky Finds - og Amalie beundret spesielt ringen min - hun ble så begeistret at hun lagde seg sin egen fra geomag-stickene med en gang etter at jeg bad om å få min tilbake (hun kommer jo bare til å miste den og greier.--dessuten var den for stor til henne :P).

Ellers skal jeg holde kurs i Stavanger snart om ca en mnd (18-19. april). Kurset er åpent for alle - både hørende og døve - håper jeg ser noen døve der og denne gangen. Sist jeg holdt kurs i Stavanger var det jo bare hørende der så ;p Mer info kommer etter påsken tenker jeg.

Ha en riktig god påske dere som kikker innom :)

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I decided to join Celines challenge - see, tomorrow (monday) is her birthday (happy birthday!!) and she's doing this challenge to give away a prize for someone completing a project including the manufacturers she's on the DT with.... Rouge de Garance, Prima and American Crafts..although, you don't have to use RdG if you don't have any as it's harder to come by than Prima and AC.. anyways...decided to do a minibook made of RdG paper, some prima flowers, swirls, ribbons and a strip of primapaper, AC thickers (both alpha and shapes) and pen and otherwise, just paint, staples and um, I couldn't help but adding juts a tiiiny wee bit Hambly. :p Think it turned pretty cool - love that the dabber-paints matched the papers perfectly and well, just love the overall colorfest this little minibook is. The measurements are 6"x2.5" :) Am so looking forward to her class here in April - I joined the first class (Guess what!??) and wish I could join the second class aswell, but alas....the price was a bit steep bleh. Ohwell am happy I get to join one class at least - who else are going??

For Pencil-Lines we have the crazycool (crazy as in that being a good thing, I totally love her style) Ashley Wren guesting and nrgh, I don't really like my layout for that sketch but dang her totally totally totally rocked! I have to try let loose and just like, relax and sit back and just scrap the way she does cause she really rocks the stuff. Anyways. Nice personal sentimental-valued photo, sucky layout. Can't always win hm :p

Was gonna add some future peeks but hm, this post is sooo photoheavy already so guess I'll wait ;p I can and will promise this is gooood stuff though keke ;p And I'm gonna do some awards soon aswell (thanks Iris!!) guess I'll save that for a shorter post tho :p

In other words...we had a nice sunday - I spent the day with Amalie and my husbands grandmother visiting various graves for the Easter before heading back to their home and cooking dinner for the grandfather, my husband and kiddo who had been to the summerplace to check on the boats and stuff. The weather was sunny and bright but the air was crisp and so cold... and by the evening it was snowing again. Ohwell. Adding some even more photos - yikes - sorry ;p

Ps!! Bored during the Easter? Don't forget the ongoing challenge over at Scrappedugnad bout making a layout including circles!! And there's a new challenge inc friday...yay ;p

Fin dag idag - Simen og Adrian ble med Beste til hytta for å fikse båten og sjekke at ting var ok og sånn mens jeg og Amalie ble med Ma på en liten kirkegårdtur før vi dro hjem til Ma og Beste og ventet på guttene for å spise middag sammen. Før vi dro hadde jeg en kjapp fotosession med Amalie her hjemme - søtnosen min =) Hanen og hønene så vi utenfor Fana kirkegård - noen private som hadde de frittgående i hagen sin - helt frittgående altså, porten var åpen og greier så de kunne liksom stikke av men neida - de holdt seg innenfor hagen :) Nyydelige farger på hanen. :)

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~~ This is better ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 12, 2008 11 lovely comments

Still exploring these mood-swings, venting to a few friends over the net and stuff, reestablished some small and big focuses and actually got a number of things done & confirmed and settled and also a few new goals along the way. Made yummy muffins w/babysmarties inside cause that's whats yummy (Thanks for that push Kath :)). Oh and I scrapped too. Wasn't gonna but did on a whim. Damn am I good?? ;p

Doing this layout felt terapeutic. Lemonade and stuff. Yeah. That's good.

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~~ Still moody but better ¨~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Awight. I'm still moody, I guess it's just a part of the whole postop-thingie so I guess it's somewhat ok. When you can't do much about your own situation and know you won't be able for a while still it kinda makes you frustrated and in turn makes you moody. Kinda just something I have to go through. Sorry I was kinda grumpy yesterday on the blog but hey I really appreciate it if it helped a bit..and no, it wasn't directed at anybody in particular, just one of those small annoying things that when keeps repeating itself goes like blergh in the end ;p

Today I'm trying to like, hm, I dunno..breathe. Get back on top of things. Pretend I'm doing something that matters still. I decided I'd take photos of the little thing that helps or makes me happy or well, like, count your blessings or whatever.... just not that important - just small things :p

And because it feels good Im gonna share the photos here. Not because I think they're splendid or great or whatever...just..because I feel the need to, because I think it's a part of a healingprocess just posting and stuff.... dang Im going awfully personal and unclear and squirrely and messy now. Sorry. Just ignore and move on. Don't want sympathy - just need some empathy. I think. At least that's what someone said quite recently and I thought that was good. Should have some scrappy stuff again in a while so just be patient with me in the meantime while I work this out :p

Ps. I paniced the other day. No nailpolish in the house. None that wasn't dried up and old. What has happened to me? I used to care about my nails. Somehow that got lost in the course of the years..and all of a sudden I just felt like, I need nailpolish NOW - I need a base coat, I need at least one preferrably two colors (one bright and natural, perhaps pearlywhitey and one dark like dark blue or dark green or burgundy or just simply dark) and a topcoat. Nrgh. That's how a weird state I am at atm. But really. Need to start taking care of my nails again. I'm told it's probably a part of the kids growing up becoming more independent and me starting to yearn to be something more than just a mom...but to be myself again..sounds plausible to me.

Even though I keep telling that flowers just DIE a HORRIBLE death in my home my mother in law insisted on giving me these flowers a few weeks ago. She's very kind and thoughtful cause I do enjoy flowers...while they last...

Call me sappy. I think I like this. Random pen gathered in a wooden box. Amalies attempt on cleaning up.

How in the WORLD did we survive without DVDplayer and viasat?? These godsent boxes keeps the kids entertained and happy and in return keeps me happy. Oooo shallow and bad bad parent I know. But seriously sometimes you should just acknowledge that these boxes are worth their weight in gold :p
Yes the table's a mess but still, it's kindof a good and stuff ... I mean...after all it's like proof that there's children living here no :p
I love my husband and yesterday he was featured in our local newspaper thanks to his long-standing relationship to basketball and cause he's like, the oldest in the team and all (haha!) and well, because the local bbteam prob is going to join the national league next season which kinda is a bit least for them :p.


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Codevertification is the work of Satan. Or worse.
Grumpy. New rule. Code vertification = not on my bloglist anymore!
Blame yourself :p I needed a shorter bloglist anyways.

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~~ More Fancy Pants lovin ) ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, March 10, 2008 7 lovely comments

So I get a permission to leave and I grab it cause, well, I don't do much but sleep and stuff at the hosp but hm, tbh, there's like a reason to why sleep all the time at the hosp no? Sooo admitting defeat I'm going back there tonight and hopefully I'll be home tomorrow in a much better shape than atm. Cause atm it sucks being me ;p

Alright. Didn't get the piccies to work yesterday so. Leaving the text as is. Went home for a bit yesterday (sunday) and then back to hosp same night. Am home again today and well, I am feeling better but if I like, rock a bit and tug deep deep inside I can feel the dizzy tingle of sitting on a merry-go-round. Funny eh? Ohwell. Nuff boring talk.

Wanted to share the Fancy Pants loving lately - looooove these papers so much...the photos just doesn't yield them any justice! :/

The first layout bears an explaination maybe - you see - we went BBQing in Vienna last summer and our little girlie went to sleep - and slept through most of the evening. When she woke up she instantly wanted in on the fun and grabbed the first and biggest sword she could find, went down the stairs and joined the game. You see, our hosts were RPG-players - as in playing roleplaying games for real - having a wonderful arsenal of totally cool weapons made of soft foam :) Lots of fun - dunno who had the most fun - our kids or the big kids ;p Anyways - love how Amalie just flung herself into it - alright Athena had a spear as her official weap but ey, details ;p Can't get over how cool she looked carrying a sword larger than herself haha...

The second layout is for Pencil-Lines (with Corinne Delis as our guest this week - love the circles!!), and the third one for Scrappedugnad with Dina Wakley and hey, even more circles! ;p

I'll get around to the other tags as soon as I'm able to think straight. Which I'm not really atm sorry!

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