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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ Caught in the madness that’s CHA… ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, June 29, 2011 5 lovely comments

It’s sort of funny, despite having been a manufacturer-DTmember for various manufs for quite a few years by now, I haven’t really had to create samples for the CHA-show (Craft & Hobby Association) before. Now all of a sudden, I have two manufs to create a number of samples for, which’s why it might be more quiet than normal around here. Not sure if there’s any difference, I sort of notice it’s been more quiet around here since I started working full-time (I try to pre-scedule in bulks but must admit it’s been a bit random as to whether I’ve remembered to do so or not so far).

Nevertheless. Figured I’d pop by and share this one at least!


It’s a mini I sent off to Tove, along with her images…

during the evening I let her and Trym borrow my iPhone so they could play with the Pocketbooth-app.

Then I really wanted to give them a small gift, so I whipped up this mini for them…It was featured at the Glue Arts blog the other day, where we had a collaboration with Fiskars…you (should) know the drill, there’s always giveaways over at GA :)


I used lots of scraps and older stash for this one (yay me and all that stuff) – rubons from Hambly Screenprints and Fancy Pants Designs, papers from Crate Paper, Scenic Route, Sassafras, Prima and even some from Tinkering Ink (anybody recall them?? I don’t think they are around any longer, just like SR…?). The calendar on the cover is from Elle’s Studio – ofcourse :)


Love this postage stamp border!


All the pages was covered with this white (and misted) cardstock, to prove some kind of unity). Note the cute clouds :)


I think there’s like 22 pages in this mini…


Love the woodgrain-cloud!! =)



Of all “my” manufacturers I think only Prima has started their CHA-peeks. Check out their blog – there’s peeks coming almost every day now :)

Maya Road is worth checking out right now by the way, there’s a collaboration with Bella Blvd right now complete with giveaways ;)

Ok. Back to working on the CHA-stuff! I’ll share more when I can breathe a little – like, I got the cutest gift today in the mail. Loves :)

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~~ Quick recap.. ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, June 25, 2011 4 lovely comments


So, school’s out, and not surprisingly I was last-minute-everything on stuff this year. Like, when I wanted to bake oreo-cookies as teacher favor and ended up doing regular choc chip cookies because the oreo-cookies didn’t quite pan out the way it was supposed to. Nevertheless, made a little box for the cookies late in the evening the day before…this is the only picture I snapped of the contents of the box..look…Hambly Screenprints cupcake-paper! It’s made of a sort of thick vellumlike material, so I sort of imagine it’s great to place cookies upon, thick baking paper…?


Here’s the boxed up box in bright daylight..


It’s pretty no-fuss&simple…blame it on my last-minute-everythingness! The woodgrainpaper & chipboard is from Crate Paper :)



ALso had to do some gift wrapping, and what’s better than kraft + 3ndypapir-papers + doily + vintage paper + Hambly?? Not to mention repurposing a tag I already had made (for the Crate Wedding Favors if you might recall).


Love getting to use this elephant-paper (Hambly once again :) )


What else’s new? Hmm..


I’ve gone slightly berserk at ebay..this is Deborah Lippmann’s “Bad Romance”. I got “Ruby Red Slippers” the next day, and am awaiting like five more polishes. *cough* (I deserved it! Worked the whole weekend so by the end I was like, I’m so gonna hit ebay now! Love quick shipping!)


The obligatory Midsummernightfire…blah blah….;p


In the craze trying to wrap up the Tove+Trym-pictures I’ve neglected to share the other snapshots made while in Oslo!! Here’s my lovely, adorable nephew!! Sigh, miss him so!


My sister and I are both in our thirties (YIKES!), and have never been out eating just the two of us. Never. So, thanks to the kindness that’s Groupon (haha) we had tapas the first evening…just the two of us and a bottle of wine…. it was such a great time and we both cannot understand why we haven’t done that before. I guess we had to grow up and become adults first…(and have Groupon come our way .p)


Then we went around Aker Brygge in search for some beer..(or in her case; Irish Coffee).


Only found boobs, though *wink*


And a gorgeous view..snapped lots of fun photos of us two…


When I was done shooting Tove+Trym on Saturday, my sister insisted on fetching me (at 11.30am) and driving me to her home (I originally stayed with mom, but sis insisted I needed to try her new outdoor Jacuzzi). Well, I was tired and sleepy and exhausted and she insisted to make me drinks and that I had to try the Jacuzzi before I left and it wouldn’t be time in the morning, so I was like, fine, fine, I’ll go just so you’ll stop bugging me…and well…I’m so glad I gave in, cause every photographer SO needs a Jacuzzi after a hard days work!!! We sat there for almost an hour before calling it a night…lovely ending to a great day :)



The next day…me and my adorable nephew once again…and LOOK! WE’RE MATCHING!!! ;)

Right. Been a few relaxing days off work where I did pretty much nothing, ahhh (I worked last weekend again = I have days off work the following Thurs&Fri), X fingers I’ll get my CHA-boxes today so I can get started before work starts again on Monday!!

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~~ Tove+Trym: Preparation+Celebration ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, June 21, 2011 5 lovely comments

While I’ve already notified and gotten permission from Tove’s two girlfriends about blogging their pictures, the others were sort of aware (duh) of me being around and stuff, but still, I’m unsure about blogging photos where they’re in focus here. So, what follows are photos w/focus on mostly Tove+Trym (after all, they’re the maincharacters of this celebration), as well as some of the decorations/interior and not to mention; some of the infamous group-photos :P

And lemme tell you. Shooting in bright, harsh, daylight was such a challenge. Not only was the sun pretty harsh and stupid and made us sweaty and stuff, there were like, at least 3 different scenes – harsh sun – mellowish+harsh shade – indoor. Indoor was ok, swap quickly to manual preset & up the ISO some as needed, adjust shutter. Sun / shade – be quick on the turning up and down of the shutterspeed accordingly (or learn to trust using the worked fine for me for some years, why don’t I feel like trusting it these days? hrm) & RAW is a must I believe – so much information can be restored from the RAW files. At times I do wish I had an SB-900 (I only have a SB-600, used it for the groupphoto only), but at the same time – having an SB-900 permanently mounted on the camera would only have quickened/worsened the pain I acquired in my wrist from pretty much holding the camera up all day :p

You can find the other photos here: Quick peeks & Tove+Trym: The Prequel.


Preparing stuff. Like, power to the colorful lightbulbs in the tree. That’s Trym by the way. Hi Trym!


Hi Tove! The flowers were abducted taken from her home & brought over w/her bicycle. True story!


Oh, there’s Tove again! Hi! See me? Spot my lens? no? Si?


Blowing balloons. Uh. Yeah.




The caketable!


The caketable II!


Deco….flowers w/lightbulbs inside..


Mmmmminimuffins! Love the colors Tove chose to use for their celebration!




Aww again..


I dunno, just liked this picture & angle & stuff..but nothing’s really happening here, I know..




Groupphoto II!


Love her figure from behind (no really, doesn’t look pretty? The cardigan + the dress like this?), her hair and the lovely lightning.


Cute lights…




There’s the shroom I promised to share more images of…!


Miffy! Hi miffy!


Having fun w/pocketbooth ;)

Tove+Trym: thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your day & capture your memories!

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~~ A Wedding Table Piece ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, June 18, 2011 2 lovely comments


Glue Arts is sponsored by Crate Paper this time, for a wedding themed week called Crate Paper Bridal Week. Mmkay, I did a wedding themed week with Crate last week, but hey – it’s the season for weddings and stuff, so I whipped out this..uh..I dunno what to call it, favor table centerpiece? Something like that I guess…


The idea of creating a paper fortune teller and using it as a candyholder comes from Norwegian cardmakers, I’ve seen at least two or three of them do this but I am not quite sure with who the origin is…


I used papers from Emma’s Shoppe and Portrait, as well as flowers from Prima and Kort&Godt and punches from Martha Stewart. You can find a tutorial on this one here.

Enjoy the weekend!

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~~Crate Paper June sketch ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, June 17, 2011 1 lovely comments


Miss Emily Pitts has yet another sketch out for Crate, one which was perfect for the card I had to make. I love when the sketches really takes out the guesswork for you!

As a base I used pattrned paper from School Spirit, while the rest is taken from Toy Box. And see, the cute cloud punch? It’s a Fiskars easy squeeze punch, and I love how it really is easy to squeeze out!


I hate how it’s the little, seemingly effortless things that messes up with you! In my instance: the twine! I cannot for the life of me get it to fall pretty & natural, like, Larissa-style. Sigh.

Stupid twine.


Working this weekend, yay..or something like that…

(I love my work and what I do, but having to work weekends is admittedly slightly bleh…:p)

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~~ Didyaseethat? Maya Road??~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, June 16, 2011 11 lovely comments



It’s been sorta killing me not being able to share this earlier…haha..

And I’m pretty flabbergasted that Maya Road actually were aware of me…enough to ask me to join their team…I’d never have imagined that in my wildest dreams…tbh I’ve been secretly a bit bummed that they didn’t have official calls, then suddenly out of the blue they asked if I’d like to try out for a position…uhm…yes??? So it’s been a few nervewrecking weeks until everything fell in place & the position was official. Congrats to my fellow MRDT-newbies Angella Peardon and Melissa Sauls!

Right now they have a week-long Design Team Feature, where the designteam-members share their favorite Maya Road-item and you can win a prize package consisting of 5 Maya Mists from the early summer release.


My favorite Maya Road items were too difficult to pick, so I had to go with the generic ANYTHING with chipboards! I love how versatile the raw chipboards can be – you can mist, paint, dress up w/papers, glitterify, whatever – with them. And then I guess I have to admit the birds of a feather set (it’s fairly old, and I’m almost out of it now) are one of the favorites among the chipboard-sets.



Look, isn’t pretty when used with the Doodlebug Sugar Coating Glitter?

The raw chipboardheart is actually a minibook, one where I tore off the pages so I could use them like this.


This kind of card is pretty popular among the cardmakers, and I get why. It’s easy and it does look a little bit fancy…for almost no extra effort compared to “regular” cards. I’m not quite sure what it’s called – easelcard?


Love the flowers and trinkets too!


And the chipboard-bird & branch….I love the look glitter+glossy accent together yields…and if you seal the glitter w/glossy accent or some other glossy adhesive, the glitter won’t spread/fall off…big plus….since I wow every time I use glitter it’ll be my last time….love the look, hate the mess!


Maya Road Products: Heart Chipboard Coaster Book, Birds of a Feather Chipboard, Trinket Pins (Vintage Black Pearl, Leaf), Trinket Beads (Hearts, Butterflies), Felt Beaded Blossoms (Light Pink and Dark Pink), Velvet Pleats Blossoms.

Other: Papers from Pink Paislee, tulle, Liquid Pearls, paint, glimmermist, Primaflower.

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