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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~Happy Go Lucky! ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, August 31, 2011 4 lovely comments


Um, this collection from Pebbles Inc reminded me how happy a nice, graphic collection actually can make me! Look at the perfect combination of happy colors and stuff! It truly lived up to its name :) Love it when I can layer patterned papers like this without it being too messy (well, imo anyways – personal taste really is different, I know :) ).


Nevertheless – as you can see – we got to play with this Happy Go Lucky collection from Pebbles Inc – and my, were they generous sending us lots of embellishments in additions to the papers..lovesit! :)

Check out the post from Glue Arts where you can enter the giveaway – you really do want this collection (and to try out GA-adhesive if you haven’t yet! ;) ).


And by the way, don’t miss out on the Jillibean SoupMaya Road blog swap..check out this awesome little house by Jennifer Beason…she’s simply awesome when it comes to thinking outside the box for altered stuff!

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~~ 1st grader! ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, August 30, 2011 3 lovely comments

My little girlie started 1st grade last week! So this is mainly for my mom..


Fulgte Amalie til skolen – det regnet litt, derfor full regntøy :)

På veien traff vi flere andre førsteklassinger som alle skulle begynne i samme klasse som Amalie…


Hun var veldig spent i ventingen gikk nok litt over i småengstelse..det var så mange ukjente voksne og barn der! Hun kjente bare én fra før av nemlig..


Så hun var litt på nippet til å gråte en liten skvett et par ganger der mens vi ventet på at navnet hennes skulle ropes opp..


Hun klarte å smile tappert, da..


Vel inne var det av med regntøyet. Plaggene hadde hun valgt ut selv..hun velger som regel ut klærne sine selv for tiden..


På vei inn i klasserommet var engstelsen glemt for en stakket stund..


Men da det var samlingsstund falt det noen stille tårer som hun fort tørket vekk – og hun snudde seg stadig for å se etter om jeg fortsatt stod der…:)


Nå etter en uke synes hun skolen er gøy, er blitt flink til å gå til og fra skolen og til og med begynt å bli kjent med noen av de andre elevene :)

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~~ Summer mini ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, August 28, 2011 3 lovely comments


I recently got to play with Echo Parks Splash-papers – a typical summer-themed collection, but it’s well executed and I loved the graphic and fun papers…plus, this time I actually had photos which fit the theme, haaa! I rarely use (I think anyways) sticker phrases and stuff from such themed collections, but as I did have themed photos I used lots of them in this mini. At least more than I usually do. It’s a mini from out little trip to Bø Sommarland earlier this summer :)

If you’re interested in a step-by-step on how to create this mini, feel free to drop by the Glue Arts post here!


Enjoy! ~

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~~ Wedding pictures <3 Part one~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, August 24, 2011 5 lovely comments

Unless I’m too mistaken, this’s my 9th wedding, but: My first deaf wedding! Whee!!

I’ve only edited five pictures from this wedding which took place last Saturday. Now I’m just going to weed & cull the gazillion images so they’re ready for editing when I get my new screen (I’m gonna get an EIZO! As soon as my model – probably a FlexScan S2243WF – arrives the store, that is..unless I actually give in and go for a S2433 which’s available, but it’s oh so expensive :( ). I’ve whined mentioned about my old screen going kaput on me, forcing me to steal borrow my daughters’ cheap & not too good screen. So – I’m not even sure if the colors and gamma I see on my current screen actually…actual… all I know is that despite attempts on calibrating it, I still notice significant changes in my editing routines..and I don’t think I’ve changed shooting style that much. Who knows, it might have been my old screen which wasn’t really properly calibrated, but…I’ll feel safer when I get my Eizo & start editing on it. Hopefully! ‘Nuff nerdtalk excuses chitchat.


Here’s the bride in the hairsaloon: it was pretty hot and humid – and the excitement didn’t help much, so she had to fan herself while getting dressed up…


I mentioned this was my first deaf wedding. Here’s the bride signing YES to the groom. I’m glad I got to capture that moment! (She said yes twice – first time her little finger were directly in front of the eyes…second time though, I got this picture. YAY! :) )

Now, a deaf wedding really is different to shoot. I felt like eavesdropping on their private conversations at the hairsaloon; when I work with hearing (couples) I’m used to be able to “shut out” most of their conversations if it’s not about/directed to me. Also – they’re busy looking at the priest sign – so, as far as I noticed – there were few stolen looks between them inside the church. Bummer. I’m used to get shots of the bride and groom look emotionally at each others during the sermon :p The same w/the speeches during the dinner – it was harder to get images w/them looking at each others and/or the speaker during the speeches, because most of their attention were (usually) directed to the interpreters or the ones who spoke w/sign language. All in all, amusing and interesting differences from past weddings methinks! (and yes ofcourse – disclaimer – all weddings are different and unique! =) )


We hadn’t really decided where to go after the church. On a whim I asked if they’d like to have some images with grafitti in the background. So, here we are =) (Sentralbadet i Bergen, for those knowing the area)


We also took a trip to the garden surrounding Bergen museum. You know me. Jump for me please! =)


Love the colors at this wall outside the little café Hanne på Høyden (love their food as well by the way, well worth a visit if you’re around the university-area! And they were so kind and allowed us to shoot indoors too, even bringing the couple free drinks! Thank you so much for your kindness!).


Now, as mentioned. I don’t think there’ll be any photosession pictures from me in two or three weeks yet – I need to make sure I have a screen I can trust. Sure, I did have an Eizo on my wishlist, just didn’t expect to have to buy it this early (or have my old screen break on me, boo :p).

But until then – enjoy these pictures…and there might be more when I get my screen, depending on permissions to share images or not from the other upcoming sessions!


Ps. Let me know if these images look too weird for you color/huewise. I appreciate any feedback on whether I actually see stuff right or not on my screen sorta!

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~~ How come, part 2 ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, August 22, 2011 3 lovely comments


Remember my post about Tuva, my niece?

I had to scrap these photos, and did so whipping up the good old Scenic Route papers (loves..but..the paperpack they came in only had one of each pattern..sigh…I prefer paperpacks that have at least two of each patterned paper!)


Minipictures = loves.

Used lots of various chipboards from Maya Road, along with the lovely dragonfruit pink mist…one of my fave colors of the Maya Mists, methinks..


And I totally adore the clearstamps with lots of vintage cameras (say cheese).


I’m not sure on the chandelier-bling here….I really, really wanted to use it, it’s oh so pretty… but hm, maybe I should just have saved it for another page or project, it didn’t really fit in here now did it? Ahwell…it’s glued to the chipboard, so I can’t really remove it now, bleh.

Nevertheless, for more info on this layout and the process, check out my Maya Road-post here. :)

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~~ Look, she stamps! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, August 19, 2011 5 lovely comments


It’s true. I’ve stamped!

Sentiments only, but still. I’ve stamped ;)

Glue Arts had a product swap with Paper Smooches, hence the stamping…I got to chose what kind of stamp I’d like to work with, and well, since I’m no stamper I figured if I went for the sentiments I’d be safe…at least nothing that required me trying to color in and stuff, which..I’d only attempted once I think, at a crop borrowing some uh, copics I think? from the other girls, and well, I don’t think you’d like me to attempt that for a DT-project haha…not until I’ve had some practice at least cough..

Right. I’m babbling. Back to track: Sentiments. Like Happy Birthday, congratulations and stuff – nice and safe and oh, so versatile :)



I figured I’d make a small stack of premade cards for the occasions when the kids comes home with a note/invitation that they’re invited to someones birthdayparty the same day (happens oh too often..they get these invitations and forget about presenting them to us adults until like half an hour before it starts,…love it when it happens….not!


Anyways – I used Pink Paislee for my cards – mostly Hometown, but also some bits of the older collections.


And I really liked this “you rock” sentiment. :)


Just guess I’ll doublecheck with the kiddo whether he’ll really use one such card for a girl or not..


Right. Last card. These were fairly quick and easy to make.


Love to create dimension with the UCutit-foam – here I placed two together to build the height for the “you rock” banner :)

Right. If you head over to the Glue Arts-post you’ll read more about my experiences with stamping..took me a couple of tries before I nailed down how to stamp these clearstamps to get a nice & crisp expression :)

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Just a couple of cards..

Posted by Ania On Sunday, August 14, 2011 1 lovely comments

Did you know that 3ndypapir now have a monthly challenge going on?

It just started – and Maya is asking for anything that says “thank you”. You can read more about the challenge here (it’s in both Norwegian and English, just scroll down).

Well, figured I’d join along as well…next month it’s my turn doing this challenge, and I have no idea what to come up with atm…any suggestions to what kind of challenge you’d like to see?


The base of the card is a Core’dinations whitewash cardstock (I’m thinking it might be one of the Jenni Bowlin ones? Not quite sure, as I only got half a pack of this one and the top/cover was gone heh). Love the concept, looks pretty here does it not? I used papers from the Sweetheart collection as well as the bingocards (with a Paper Smooches “thanks” stamped upon the top so it would fit this challenge). Love this gorgeous color and feel of the rose ribbon from Prima, as well as antennas made by the glitter twisters (very pretty but a bit too much loose glitter for my taste. I’d recommend the pastel bunch – lovely colors & quite versatile)


Just a closeup..


I also did a card for my recent Glue Arts-post.


It’s quite simple and once again I grabbed for Pink Paislee’s Sweetness-collection. Can’t get enough of that one, but the stock is dwindling sigh…so pretty…

Nevertheless….it’s a babycard (duh), hence the onesies from Hambly Screenprints (pretty..and remember, one sheet goes a long, long way when used like this, little bits here and there…).


Letters by Crate Paper, trinkets by Maya Road, and on the Glue Art-blog I also share my favorite trick with the UCutit-foam, check it out if you like :)



The latter images are fairly darkish and magentaish, aren’t they? I can’t recall whether they were edited before or after my old screen went bye-bye, but the first images (the 3ndypapir-card) were edited after, with the new temporary screen I am using….but the thing is…despite calibrating the screen I feel (plus the way I edit as well according to the temp screen) it’s different and I have no idea whether it’s good different or bad different …how does the colors and editing look to you?

I am planning to purchase a new screen sometime next week or the week after, I’m going for an Eizo-screen which I hope will help me be able to edit/display my photos in the most color-accurate environment sort of. I have photos from a babysession from yesterday which I had to put on hold because I got so unsure whether the colors and hues I saw on the screen were correct or not – plus there’s an upcoming weddingsession next weekend so I really need that new screen like, now! (I’ve had that Eizo-screen on my wishlist for a while now, just figured I’d wait until the timing/pricetag/size of wallet was right, instead I have to rush for that purchase now, bleh! :p).


pattyo Said,

1:12 AM

These are all so beautiful! We call the item where the water is poured on the baby's head the baptismal font. I have been a bit afraid to use a sewing machine on my cards/layouts. I'm afraid the needle will break!


Ahh thanks for the help re the correct word for the baptismal font!

And I get what you mean – but it will actually not break unless you’re reckless and try to force it through lots of layers (like 4 or 5 thick sheets at once) or chipboard. At least I’ve never had that happen to myself….and to be honest…with my old sewing machine (which was a dirt cheap one) I was too afraid to use it on fabric because I thought it would break it or something like that (it doesn’t make sense, I know haha). Nevertheless..if a project looks “meh” I usually try the sewing, it doesn’t always save the project, but usually helps slightly :p



I’m now well into my last month with the position as a journalist at the local newspaper. It’s been a whirlwind of happiness & work work work the last five-six months, and I truly hope I get to stay – but.. we’ll see. There’s many deserving to stay there too, as I’m not the only substitute at work. I guess I’ll just enjoy my last month and then..come what may…I’ll probably continue as a freelancer if I don’t get to continue, but hey, it’s not quite the same as actually get to work with amazing co-workers every day (freelancing is quite lonely work)…so just cross your fingers for me will ya? :p

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~~ My CHA-S Prima projects, part 2 ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, August 12, 2011 5 lovely comments


This is my favorite layout of all the ones I made. The lovely Romantique-collection is simply perfect for such baby-layouts methinks! So cute, so darling…and yes, the colors might be bordering on feminine, but it’s ok when it’s a baby uh? Besides, I tried to balance it some by using blue hearts, the blue star burst-vine and some splotches of peacock-mist.


I think this sentiment fit so well with the photo..


And look at that banner =) I hope the curviness made it okay through the shipping to the CHA-booth…:p And again – the canvas-letters are the perfect size for my typical use! Loves!


Oh and did I mention? I have a new sewing machine! Hooray! One+ month without was the longest I could take…when learning I was to create stuff for CHA I was like…mmkay…this means..I truly need a sewing machine! So, say hello to Husquarna Viking H/Class! No idea what it means, but it looks sturdy, sews well and even have a little lamp – yay! I’m using an extra thick sewing thread atm and it causes some hiccups every now and then, but so far nothing serious…is there any tip for using extra thick sewing thread by the way? It’s like..demin-thread or something like that…should I ask the store for a larger sewing needle mayhaps?


Love this star vine by the way. Hated to have to use it, but hey, it’s a layout about my nephew, surely he’s worthy of this lovely vine…


Here’s the book I created using the Alla-Prima collection. It was fun creating it, and I can see myself doing this more for special occasions. Love the metal trinket, the resins, the flower vine and oh, if you look closer to the corner: the flocked rub-ons – love the feel and look of it!



Even more resins inside..


I can picture wrapped candies, money, smaller gifts to be hidden inside for the larger occasions in life…but for now  – a papyrus with a “thank you” sentiment…


I’ve mentioned my love for minicanvases lots of times, here’s one of my absolute faves..created using flocked rub-ons and chipboards from the North Country-collection, Jazz Blue glimmer-mist, gems and buttons.


Oh and a flower too, sprayed w/gold glimmer mist =)


Oh and did I mention the buttons were covered with distress crackle paint? Love the extra weary look it gets :)


I made this one after I had sent off my CHA box, thus it didn’t end up in the booth. It’s made using the Printery-collection, while the text-strip is from the Pixie Glen-collection.


Hm. It just turned this way. Don’t ask :p


Notice however that this resin-birdbath got painted in the same colors as the waterfont (?) in the pictures (hmm..what’s the English name of the birtbath-thingie used when a child is baptised by affusion?)


Look! Mistable canvas-pieces! With crystal-hearts in between =)


Did I mention how much I love finally having a sewing machine? =)



That’s it :)

Oh btw, I’m presented at the Prima blog today. Here’s the link :)

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