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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ I'm outta here!!! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, October 31, 2008 11 lovely comments

Off for my first PrimaDonna/Tattered Angels-classes this fall at Papir i Hjertet - butterflies in the stomach (and everywhere else) - check, HEAVY suitcases w/everything in - check (I hope :p), new books to read - sadly no - didn't arrive in time :( - guess I'll buy a photomag or similar at the airport (such a bummer..ordered Fragile Things and Anansi Boys by Gaiman cause it's about time to read'em...I can't really claim to be a Gaiman-fan when I haven't even read those, duh). My Nov BG kit - check (I love kits & crops - it's SO easy to just grab a kitbag and go), lack of sleep because I had to scramble last-minute-style - check.

I'm ready!
Be nice!
Say hi.

And to my friends heading out for Papirfesten -- HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND *sooo* wish I could clone myself!!! Be nice with Trisha! Mwah!

(Oh yeah. Layout. Scenic Route. Love!)
No FFF today sorry!!

AND HOORAY!!! Bad Girls finally crowned their Top Designer 2008, and it was JENNIFER MATOTT who won - such an artsy artsy soul!! And I am so happy to see two of my friends as runnerups, sweet sweet Oddbjørg (so sweet - and with such a BIG talent inside) and Emeline Seet (a fellow MMM09runnerup, yay! :D)!! So happy for you all!! The competition was truly kudos to all of those who attended and those who was chosen as the top 11!!!! (and hooray for the Norwegians doing so well all the time!! :D) The Nov kit reveal is on Monday btw - not today due to Halloween :)

Oh, Luxe is having a Halloween-Giveaway!!

Oh, speaking of Halloween - here's the photo I wanted to save for Halloween!! Played some w/my church-photos from Uppsala, Sweden. Cool eh. Kinda eerie yet comforting.

Have a spooky Halloweeeeeeen!!

Ps! Tessa - re Ålesund - just get in touch w/Familieminner :) The classes will take place Nov 21-24 :)

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~~ Kurskits ~¨

Posted by Ania On Thursday, October 30, 2008 3 lovely comments

Ugh sorry folkens - hodet begravd i masse kursgreieforberedelser i hele dag - TUSEN TUSEN TAKK FOR HJELPEN ELI!!!!

Lovte bilde av kitene men det ble littegranne travelt og sånn, masse stress&jobb når pakkene kommer så sent ;p Men uh, her er et bilde av kitet til layoutkursene m/en bortgjemt Eli (kunne delt noen kitbilder med henne på og men jeg er så snillatte hun skal få slippe ;p) - minialbumkitet - samme som de fargerrike arkene + DUDE ark (orangeish). Sorry for manglende bilde *insert hundreogørtenunnskyldningerhermenførstogfremstfordidetersåmørktogvistressasånn(jajegstressalangtetterdudroogelihelttilsenenattagitt)*. Stæsjet synes ikke så veldig fra denne vinkelen men de får dere iallefall se nærmere på om dere skal på kurs med meg da - tør påstå kitene er ganske så velutstyrte igrunn (og nå tenker jeg nesten koffert her gitt, urk, sorry, sent på natta og akkurat nesten ferdig med å stresse..tror jeg) =)

Og jadda der var klesvasken min i bakgrunnen. *host*

Ps. Skal du ikke til PiH i helga? Kommer til Oslo og Ålesund og holder kurs og litt senere i november i tilfelle du er rundt der ;)

Sorry gals- classkitphoto - was asked to share. Nothing interesting going on here, move along :p

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My Prima-class-box is here - thank god I don't have to whine or nag or complain about it being held up in customs anymore cause quite frankly even I was getting tired of doing that ;p
So. Preparing and checking inventory and samplemaking today. Kitting tomorrow. Maybe a photo or two for those curious about the kits tomorrow then as I've gotten a few requests about that.

In other words - my bookmark-project at Fancy Pants is up - feel free to check it out complete w/full images and step-by-step-instructions (they post projects every monday - and yesterday was my turn). Another Fancy Pants project is also up at Minneriket - where I held a mini-workshop w/deco-scissors some weeks ago - and we decided to put all the classes on the frontpage (in other words; more classes to come!).

I've also been scrambling a lot to wrap up various Glimmer Mist samples -- am doing a demo at Papir i Hjertet on saturday before the classes start and I am nervous -- I've never demoed before soooooo I dunno - I feel like I am "overdoing" it just making things complicated -- I *think* I'll just try to limit (and display) the samples and just do easy demoing (just spraying on paper like, randomly..cause quite frankly - who wouldn't fall in love w/Glimmer Mist just seeing it on paper just like that - it's so pretty!!!!) and explain how the samples were made if asked. Or something like that. Eeks. Please be nice w/me if you're attending!!!!! The above dino is one of my faves from the samples I've made till now btw...:) (Glimmer Mist on both the dino&the background - other stuff includes paint, crackle paint, glossy accent & canvas/chipboard (LOVE this dino from Riff Raff Designs!)..and pen :) ) I am glad I got this sample made - I've had it in my head like forever but never got the kick in the ass I needed to actually get around to make it - it'll hang in the kids room when Im done w/the demo - it's a minicanvasgroup of four :)

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Pencil-Lines #108 - guested by Japaneese Kanako Nakinishi, sketch by Anna and sponsored by Scenic Route!! YAY!!! Scenic Route's like, my very first love when it comes to manufs (next after Chatterbox who was my first haha) - so thrilled they're sponsing PL this week!! Grabbed some photos that's been in my photomap forever - printed these for a miniproject which wasn't made afterall and they've been gathering dust forever since :p Everything's from SR but the rubons (Luxe & Hambly) and the flower (Prima) and clip (MM) :)

This is what Amalie did on friday. She fell asleep on my lap. While I was home alone. And had a pizza in the oven. But. As she's now three and half - I realize that these moments are as precious as they come - I have no idea how many more times she'll do this - climb into my lap and fall asleep just like that after two minutes (and really, I can't recall the last time she did this - it's been too long). Maybe this was my last time. So we sat like this for about fifteen minutes, me doing nothing but stroking her hair and reminiscing the moment, listening to her snore (and it's NOT a gentle snore I can assure you...she..uh..snores like a ..uh..p i g....we've been to the doc&a specialist but they couldn't find anything particular so..) and thinking my little baby is growing up so fast.. then I HAD to break off bc of the pizza...carried her with me to the kitchen, put her on the floor and put the (slightly burnt) pizza out and another in...then carried her back and sat down with her for another twelve minutes (cause fifteen was way too long)... I contemplated grabbing my was just within reach...but thought I'd be silly taking photos of like, everything...but then the thought about this being possibly the last time I get with her on my lap like this made me give in and I grabbed it and took a bazillion photos of her with my arms up high - darn 50mm lens - and this is when my husband came home and asked me what I was doing taking photos of my chest (he came in from behind) :P

But seriously. Right now I am able to blow the pain away from her knee when she's hit herself - she'll cry and yell out loud, run to me or daddy and let us know she's in pain (or well, "pain" I guess is more accurate) and once we blow on whatever it is she's all fine and smiles running away to continue playing. And every time I wonder if this will be the last time. Next time this won't be enough. Like Adrian, he's too big to have his pain blown away like this...he still likes to be cuddled and comforted, but it'll take a while before he's alright... *sigh*

Oh. And the prev. layout of mine, the one with the green Hambly and me as little?
Well, Amalie admired it this morning and exclaimed "Amalie" pointing at mini-me. "No, that's mommy" I told her. "Amalie!" she insisted. "No, mommy". Then the floodgates of tears broke loose ;p

And just to balance the post some so it's not Amalie, Amalie, Amalie - here's my boy making one of his gazillion faces (note the missin teeth in between):P Things to note about him: He loves getting up early in the mornings so he can play some videogames in peace and/or watch Disney Channel. I remember being like him once -- only in my case I was so eager to get up so I could watch Pat Sharp on SKY Channel :p Popples, Care Bears, Inspector Gadget, Bompi bears, Dr. Who.....are a few of the cartoons/series I remember from these days...ahhhhhh :D

Right now I am winding down after a familydinner w/my husbands grandparents - so sleepy...have a lovely afternoon! :)

6 lovely comments seems like I keep showing off my Hambly-layouts on fridays along with my FFF...hmm!! :P Hope you don't mind...maybe I should mix up the manufs and show off another manu-layout next week...who knows..I might surprise you ;p

I am amazed by my luck on finding matching sheets of vintagebookpapers... this is the second Hambly-layout w/a matching bookpage telling the story of the layout...and yes...both papers were lying on my desk forever without me noticing the words and when I needed them I also noticed how well they matched.....

I love old photos..."hopeless" photos that mean the world to me still because of the subjects and feelings attached. In a way I feel old photos really show more about what scrapping is because well, for me (and most people I'd assume) older photos are usually not perfect in the sense we think about perfect photos these days -- if I had taken such a photo like the above - I'd probably have deleted it and certainly not scrapped it (BUT I'd probably have a zillion similarlooking photos to use instead aswell - and most of them "perfect" in the sense of positioning the subjects)..hmm...I dunno.... ?? The situations are hard to compare I guess (and not fair - not my fault I am able to shoot more these days way cheaper etc - doesnt mean my photos today arent worth scrapping the way these old photos are) - I mean - I used to purchase rolls of 36 photos-a-film and I thought that was A LOT (and it was, compared to the 24-rolls)!! These days? Pfft....try to tell me to limit to 36 photos taken a weekend (NO deleting) and I'll LAUGH you in the face.....or somethin like that...:p Hm. Actually sounds like a challenge. But don't even think about challenging me w/that!! :P

down to business..

Very bad photo - Im sorry about that - in NO way does this do the GM justice, believe me!
  1. I lovelovelovelovelove Snow Angel!!! (thank you Gyda for suggesting this color!) Yeah, the kids are cute when making these but no, no snow here in Norway yet (at least not my part of the country) - I'm talking about Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist - Snow Angel is a Winter Limited Edition and it's .... I am pretty much at loss for words, SO beautiful is this. I've only worked it on white paper so far, so I guess I better experient more on other colorbackgrounds/mediums but oh my gosh..... the pink is so delicious and sheer and just the right intensity/amount.....the seem different!! I honestly felt like I was looking at snowcrystals!! *deep sigh* I need to whip out the other Limited Edition Winter colors, but I can't drag myself off this one lol.... So looking forward to demostrate Glimmer Mist next weekend :D (Psst..looking for Glimmer Mist? Bad Girls just got these and more in the store :) And most Norwegian stores stocks GM :D)

  2. Glossy Accent. I have rekindled my love for this and hope I have enough for all the samples I am making for the moment being!

  3. Pizzabuns! Love baking pizzabuns and putting them in the fridge. Great to quickly defreeze when you've forgotten to buy bread and the kids needs lunch for school *cough* *cough*

  4. Playing with canvas!! There's so much I want to do with canvas...

  5. The Hambly Gallery is up!! One thing I love about this team is the diversity - we all seem to have different styles and I think that's a great thing....we get to show that Hambly can be used by everybody despite style or preferrence...(but I still can't help having a slight feeling I don't fit in *blush*) Anyways - head on over and join for several chances to get some Hambly-goodness you too :D

  6. (I knoowwwww...six is NOT five.......) Love Skunk Anansie, been listening to the old tunes once again....Hedonism (Just because you feel good) is such a great song!! :D
Enjoy the weekend!! :D

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~~ A Luxe mini ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, October 22, 2008 8 lovely comments

I created this mini with Maya Roads amazingly cool chipboardmini, supplemented with some pages from a K&CO mini and with lots of Luxe Designs stuff - like the Simple, Stiletto and Capris papers, different jotters, rubons, epoxystickers and journalingstickers. Oh, and Maya Road chipboardalphas (which fits the Luxe alphastickers perfectly - they cooperated on that one you see - so you can stick the stickers in any color right upon the MR chipboardalphas for added dimension :) ), a piece of Hambly (cuz......Uppsala is in Sweden and the Swedish flag bears the colors blue and yellow and the Hambly-piece was yellow sooooooo :p) and a lil glimmermist&dabberpaint :)

Right. Nuff babling. Here it is :)
(Did I mention the shape of this mini is just too cool??? :D)
OH, and the newest Luxe lines are shipping now!! I love the calendar-line and I am so looking forward to checking out the Christmas line and the boy/girl line for real - and they have a free shipping special for US residents - purchase for 25$ and get free shipping :) Wish these specials would apply to Internationals too uh :p

(oh, and by the way -- check out this cool post on flowers over at the PrimaDonna blog.....they used an old layout of mine as an example too :) )

(I should maybe mention that before we pretended we were into culture and stuff the others we spent hours waiting for me trying to decide for a purse to purchase :p) I finally bought one. The last day :p

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~~ bored ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, October 21, 2008 3 lovely comments

Watching paint dry is boring.
I know. "Use your heat gun". But I get too impatient and create bubbles and while bubbles is a cool feat that's not what I want now. So.
I think I'm gonna take a bath while waiting.
It's much better than whining about the stupid P.O. and customs and stuff. Yeah. Even though I do want to whine about them. Cause the P.O/customs is so stupid not letting my stuff go. Or keeping my stuff in "acceptance" for days and days on end. Which is not letting go at all either. On the other side of the sea. The big one. Grr.

HUm. I already did a post w/o photos so.
From one of those boats between Ålesund and here. :p
Been playing some w/levels lately, trying to see if I can figure that one out - like - what color does what to what color how (I have another cool one but I am saving that for a Halloween-post methinks). For the moment being I just do stuff like a headless chicken tho, going "ooh cool" then 2 secs later "uh. what did I just do". I think I need some kind of table or something. Anyone's got one?? I mean. There should be one. It's like, simple colortheory or something like that. I just don't know what to google for.

Ps. Teheee I find this fun. How cool is this+? My very own Fancy Pants gallery-thingie :) Silly I know :p

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~~ Little stories ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, October 20, 2008 1 lovely comments
I just signed up with Jessica Spragues Stories in Hand-class.

I really admire Jessica Sprague, and her issues has been something that's been on my mind lately too -- I have the brains of a guppy - no matter how hard I try - I ALWAYS forget to record the little everyday things.... the small things that show so much about how the kids really are, their lives, our lives. Sometimes I look at a photo and remember stuff from my childhood - but I don't really have the "time" to scrap that yet so I put it on hold - filing the memory away in my brain to get lost :p Oh yes, I know -- make yourself a notebook and write it down. Well. Sometimes I write the snippets here on my blog, sometimes I write it on documents on my computer... but most of the's just ... lost..'s Jessicas own words about this class:

A few weeks ago, I was sitting down looking through my albums. They’re disorganized. They’re out of order. There are photography tags and shipping labels on the page protectors. Not user friendly at all. As I was flipping through the pages, I realized that I have spent a lot of time on the pages that are there. And I’m proud of them, don’t get me wrong. But there are so many other stories I have to tell, and want to tell. So many stories for which I didn’t have a picture, or the picture wasn’t good enough, or I ran out of time and went on to something else, or whatever other reason kept me from telling it.

I actually asked myself as I looked through my albums, “If I disappear tomorrow, and this is all there is, is that enough?” And I’ve been haunted by the answer to that question.

This experience was part of a process I’ve been going through this summer, while I’ve been working on other projects, traveling and teaching (photo editing, digital scrapbooking, etc). I’ve been realizing that for me, there needs to be a way to capture little stories that can either be made into scrapbook pages, or not. There needs to be a way to fill in those gaps for which there might not be a full-blown 2-page spread that took me 4 hours. But that is a story worth telling nonetheless.

I'm confident that I'm not the only person out there in this situation. So that's why I developed this class. We ALL have stories. And whatever way it is that we choose to tell them, we all need a way of capturing them first. So that's where Stories in Hand comes in.

In our week-long, instructor-led class, we will learn:

  • Techniques for capturing memories from our own lives and from others
  • Dozens of prompts for stories you might have forgotten
  • A cool system for capturing the stories happening in your life right now, AND for listing the stories you have yet to tell
  • Technologies you can use to help you gather your stories together with photos, video, your blog, or any other media you have that gives a peek into your life
And we will make a REALLY CUTE project! (You’ll find out the supply list when you register). You are not required to have Photoshop to complete the project.

Oh, and it's free - you can't beat that!! ;)
So although November will be quite busy for me I'm not gonna let this chance go from me - I probably won't get much done but I'll still learn....and pick up a trick or two...I hope!! :)

Thank you Jessica!!!

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~~ Hasselnøtt(er) ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, October 20, 2008 7 lovely comments

YAY!!!! Pencil-Lines #107 featured one of my scrapping heroes ever since well, I got to know her as one of my fellow Bad Girl team-mates. She's incredible with paper (and ribbons!!) and makes such beautiful layouts, and I love love love her layered happy she's guesting PL this week!!!! Please do drop by the PL blog to check her out - the ever-so-talented Cari Fennell!! The sketch itself was created by our own Anna :)

As for my own layout..I decided I wanted to use the old "daddy" line from Fancy Pants because I initially found it so hard to use.....(I'm all about challenges..or self-inflicted pain, whatever :p)...and I paired it up with another (to me) difficult line, Sweet Spring. Although I wasn't too happy about it when I created it I think it has kinda grown on me by now. Besides, Adrian's just so cute and handsome here right?? =) Next to the kindergarten there's some hazelnut-trees/bushes and he loves to pick some when he drops by - either when he's with me picking up Amalie or when he's visiting his friend who lives next to the kindergarten. Not sure what it is with kids and the fascination for stuff they pick up from like, all around, but it's kinda cute (and well, I do recall being like that once too :p). (Does anyone know if you can actually eat these too by the way?? I mean, they do look like the normal hazel-nuts you get in the store...but I don't dare trying....but uh, it should be the same kind of hazelnut no?)

Anyways..sharing a short story about Amalie that happened on Norwegian...because it's kinda hard to translate and because I know my fam would love to be able to read this wo goin thru some kind of autowebtranslationthingie. :p

Have a lovely week & thank you so much for all your nice & sweet comments!! :)

På fredag;
*oppspilt Amalie har tydeligvis noe spennende å fortelle*:

"Ba-hagen, idag, lalle poko!"


"bahagen, lale pohko!"

"Eh...sang dere koko i barnehagen?"

"neiii! Ba Ha Gen, Poh Ko!" (hun har en tendens til å legge trykk på Ba, Ha, Gen med pause mellom stavelsene og bekreftende nikkelser til de sånn ellers og)

"....??.... ko-ko?"

*Amalie faller ned på gulvet og griner og mumler og vræler enda verre*


*Simen ringer til barnehagen for å spørre hva de gjorde på der*

"Ååååhh lagde dere POPKORN i barnehagen idag!!"

Sukk. Amalie er tre og et halvt og prater en god del (fortsatt ikke helt rent men...) - men når hun blir oppspilt og ivrig etter å dele noe så er det ikke alltid like lett å få med seg sammenhengen eller skjønne noe - og jo lengre tid det tar for oss å prøve å differensiere hva hun sier, jo mer fortvilet blir hun og jo mer mumling og enstavelsesord ispedd tårer og gørr blir det og ja - det hele blir bare enda verre og verre og hun blir fort helt umulig å skjønne i det hele tatt. Og til vår forsvar- både Amalie og Adrian er glad i å rope/synge "ko-ko!" (som i det gjøken sier :p) nå og da, så vi trodde nesten det var noe med det liksom.

Etter denne episoden satt hun i stua og knep igjen øynene demonstrativt og skikkelig fornærmet med dirrende lepper hver gang noen av oss nærmet oss henne...duh (men da jeg kom på å dokumentere dette og dukket opp med kamera for å prøve å knipse en fornærmet Amalie begynte hun bare å smile og le igjen - grr! Får illustrere denne lille historien på en annen måte gitt, eller prøve huske dette neste gang hun er fornærmet :p).

Ha en finfin uke alle sammen og tusen takk for alle koselige kommentarer dere legger igjen :) :)

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~~ Cropphotos & a shoutout :) ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, October 19, 2008 5 lovely comments

I like crops.
I like getting together with people Im happy to call friends (hey I can call you that eh?? =) ).. fellows who "get" this hobby.
I like to touch other peoples stuff. Scrapping-stuff that is, duh.
I like drooling on the pretty and cool stuff other people make.
Seeing others creations IRL is so so so cool.

Sharing some photos from the last crop - taken by me, Vibeche and her husband. Thank you so much for having me ladies!! & thank you so much to Elis husband getting up at 2am just to drive us home. THANK YOU!)

And because it's Elis birthday today (jubajuba!).
(Don't ask me what she's doing here)

Pretending to be like, innocent or something.
P r e t e n d i n g being the keyword here ;p
(so cute! :) )

Shorties in front :p

No photosession is complete w/o "da Elsie" eh? ;p

I had great ambitions to get a lot of stuff done.
Ended up with a subpar layout, an average layout and uh..that's it :p
Next time?

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~~ Five Faves Friday & a Hambly layout! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, October 17, 2008 6 lovely comments

Ofcourse I had to scrap that lil punk :)
Love the monocromatic Hambly-paper - it's shimmery too and well, duh, love shimmery stuff!! Love the new Kraft-stickers too - used alphabets & a lil of the border-thingie too.
I'm supposed to get packed for a crop but as usual... I suck at packing and preparing for crops - printed out a photo and instead of filing it away for tonight I started scrapping it. Ugh! :p

Anyways - five faves :)

  1. Coke&Rum. Rum&Coke. Whatever. Guess it depends on how you make it! Lovesit. Icecubes & slices of Lime is a must! (hey loosen up it's weekend!)

  2. The Kraft border-stickers from Hambly. Just look at this lil piece I used here -- love that it's cutted along the shape :) And I love this shape - what's it called - fleur de lis or something? Hm, I like it.

  3. New lines!! "Hello, Beautiful" from Websters looks totally gorgeous!! "Life at the Pole" from Sassafras looks so funny and just as whimsical as you can expect from them and speaking of Christmas-lines, the new one from Pink Paislee looks gorg - look at the nutcrackerpaper, me wants!!!! And ofcourse - Fancy Pants just announced two new mini-lines -- I am esp looking forward to the valentine one!! And - not really new, but it's being sent out these days (or well, should be very shortly) - part two of the Summer CHA releases from Luxe Designs :D

    Can you tell I love it when manufs do new stuff? :)

  4. Icecream! What do you say when your husband suddenly says he craves something sweet and then proceeds to come home w/icecream complete w/two diff chocolate sauces & cashew-nuts?? Not "no thank you" that's for sure!! :)

  5. CS4!! Ok. I have to admit I don't know much about this version yet, but I have no doubt it's gonna rock! :D (Hey did you know that Adobe offers free action-downloads (and other nifty downloads) too? I sure didn't! :) )

  6. Suh-weeeeet! (totally stolen from Kara :p)
    (I KNOW! Six is NOT five. I can't count.)

And...five non faves, like, just for fun:

  1. The stupid P.O. not giving out first time notifications when boxes arrive (and refusing to take any responsibility) (yes Im bitter :p Bitter and old. Eeks.)
  2. Headaches
  3. Bad indoor-lighting (*sigh* Hello Fall&Winter)
  4. Having to cut into fave-papers and you don't have more of it and suddenly you realize messed up the cut badly (ugh).
  5. The cold! It even snowed for a few minutes yesterday (before turning back into sucky rain).

Off to edit/print photos for tonights croppin!
Have a nice weekend! :)

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~~ The Daily Grind ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, October 16, 2008 6 lovely comments
Painted the edges of this paper from The Daily Grind, added some
diecuts & chipboards and played w/my scalloped scissors :)

When visiting my husbands cousin & her son earlier this summer
I had to have a minisession with this little mister (ofcourse ;) ) :)
He's the cutest thing - they visited Bergen earlier this week and
my husband babysitted him :) Gave them this gift - made w/ BE frames
and decorated w/ Fancy Pants :) Pretty clean&simple kinda.

Ps! Wtb babies for photosessions =)

Just some of my Fancy Pants stuff this month. Love "The Daily Grind" line - it's great for the everyday stuff and for boys and ofcourse - for girls least like mine who's not afraid of getting down and dirty like on the fact..when Adrian was her age (or well, a tad younger - around two-three) he was terrified of getting his hands dirty...or having direct contact with dirt and sand... full panicattack if his hands got a tad dirty. Luckily that was just a phase and he's just as dirty as anyone now the extent that I usually call my kids gypsies when they've been at a playground and played in the sandbox and emerges..well..not clean! But while that lasted....sigh... even refused to put his feet down on the sandy beach once :p Hm. Come to think of. I guess it's not very politically correct of me to think of them as gypsies as that implies certain things about gypsies (who, if I was to be politically correct, should be called romanis I guess??) hmm... but that's with a fondness that I'm using the word so...then it's ok..??

Anyways. Fancy Pants. Launcing two new lines!!! Winter & Valentines lines! (Can't wait to get the Valentine-line and the winter one looks great and untraditional whichs a great plus :D And I still haven't scrapped my snowwy piccies from last winter :p) And ofcourse there's a giveaway to go with that, so check this out! :D ( addition to yesterdays Halloweeny-giveaway :D)

And while I'm talking about manufs and stuff, Hambly Screenprints have special kits for sale for Breast Cancer Awareness Month - you should go and have a look at it here- you get to save like 50% of the entire value of stuff AND you get to support a very important case as 100% of the proceeds goes straight to the case. Oh and the new DT galleries on the blog is soon ready...scary and terrifying. Really.

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~~ Yo! ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, October 15, 2008 4 lovely comments
This little pixie arrived home with a loud yell and her leg stretched out - she was so proud of her skulls&bones underwear she had to put on in the kindergarten and wanted to share. Apparently she thought they were the coolest thing ever (inherited from Adrian so she wasn't aware of them before :p). Love this lil punky girl :D

And as I missed the moment when she entered the room with a bang I had to drag her to repeat it w/a photosession ;p I am merely recreating a happening for the sake of documenting the real moments!

"'Nuff now! No more pictures mommy!"

Then she noticed the blingbling on her sweater and
agreed to show it off to the camera too.."it's SPARKLING!"

Skulls&bones and blingbling. Gotta love this lil punk :)

Amalie kom hjem og ropte ut "SE MAMMA!!" (hun har noen kraftige lunger altså!) med benet sitt utstrakt og buksekantene rullet opp. Hun var kjempestolt av hodeskalle-strømpene sine, gitt - arva etter Adrian. Hun måtte nemlig bytte tøy i barnehagen og hadde ikke sett strømpene før. Og tydeligvis var hun blitt kjempebegeistret og måtte dele...

Måtte såklart ta noen bilder for å dokumentere dette :) (Hun elsker å ta bilde - så lenge hun kan styre det selv - etter tre-fire knips bestemmer hun det er nok og stikker av eller skjermer for kameraet... og hun bestememr ofte at jeg skal/må/ikkeharnoevalg ta bilde av ditt og datt..slutter jeg å ta bilder for tidlig får jeg høre det og *rulle med øynene*)

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~~ With you it's about the chase ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, October 14, 2008 1 lovely comments
Me and Amalie have been singing along with Marit Larsen since yesterday. She loves "If a song could get me you" and I love "Ten Steps" and "I've heard your love songs". The lyrics are brilliant :)

So. This weekend, in addition to having visits & going out (see below) I've also been purging bigtime at home (or well, at least I think so). With all the DT-stuff that has arrived lately plus the class-stuff that's started to arrive it just suddenly felt so wrong to have so much of like 3+ years worth of old stuff just....lying around.....being unloved....neglected....ignored.....unused...growing old...older day by started to feel...not all. :( (yes I belong to the category of collector-scrappers thinking I'll certainly need this or that piece some day...and no way I'll use the last of this or that cause they're waiting for the Perfect Project.)

Sorted mostly paper, but also some embellishments and stuff and sold off quite a bit now. It feels better now knowing that most of the papers that I once loved (or well, thought would be useful to have&keep around) should have found better homes by now...what's old to me might be new&fresh to others no? :)

Materials used: Hambly Screenprints, Daisy D, Scrappers Choice, Maya Road charm, Fiskars scalloped scissors.

Kathrine arranged some fun stuff over at Minneriket this past weekend - yey! Gudrun did a very inspirational class on pyramid-cards/boxes and I just had to this colorcombo - bronze and teal w/pinkpurple!! Even Tracie did a class for us and Anna was so kind and let us use the latest Pencil-Lines sketch.

Materials used: American Crafts, BamPop, Rose Moka

Speaking of Pencil-Lines - we're celebrating our 2 year anniversary and got the whole OLW team as our guests this week (well, we guested each others :) )! Don't miss out on this!! :D My layout is quite simple - it's about my late grandfather and how he kept learning new languages his whole life...accumulating to about 25 languages that he could read very well (as in submitting to magazines from Japan and reading the Bible in several different languages and stuff). He insisted on reading several different languages every day to keep them all fresh. He was an amazing person, incredibly knowledgeable and very careful on keeping up on track with what was going on in the society and the like... and I am very sorry I did not care to talk that much with him his last years as he struggled more and more with chronic illnesses and I was more interested in spending time with friends than with sick grandparents..well. Bygones. I guess.

Time for some promotional stuff! ;D

  • Luxe Designs have a little countdown to Halloween - 13 ideas to Halloween (one idea a day) - plus offering several Halloween-kits for 13$ (well, at least two - I *think* there will be more to come? Don't quote me on this tho!) AND are going to end it all with a BIG giveaway the last day (which would be at Halloween no? Seeing as the countdown is for Halloween..uh..yeah..Im so blonde sometimes =)). So. Stay tuned and keep checking out their blog!!

    A countdown is great. Although it reminds me that it's soon time for my first classes for this fall and that makes me slightly nervous!!! :p

  • Fancy Pants also have some Halloween-preparations on their blog and here's another chance to win some Halloween-y stuff! :D

  • Did you know that us PrimaDonnas have our own blog too? Yeah..and we share stuff there too- like this article on our fave glue *and* with a chance to win some adhesive from Scrapbook Adhesives! (And we're trying to share tips and tricks every week on that blog too so stay tuned - I know a lot of you will love next weeks tips...or hm maybe it'll be out this week hm :) )

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~~ Noen bilder for mamma (photoheavy)~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, October 14, 2008 2 lovely comments
Lots to share really, but little time - lots of things I want and need to do and when you want to do them all at once, well - then very little actually gets done!!

But first. Piccies for my mom&sister to see. Will share scrappy stuff shortly - just separating the posts & stuff.

Her kommer noen bilder fra helgen- mest for spesielt interesserte (hei mamma og søs!) ;p
Tusen takk for helgen!

Tuva var veldig ivrig etter å dele Barbiedukken med Amalie på flyplassen (egentlig MIN Laura??!?!?) :p

Muffinsbaking (og smaking :P)

Muffinsene ble pynta med nonstop og blåbær og rosiner og kakepynt og veldig mye melis...

Tuva ville lage kort til mamma..

Og snart ville alle sammen det, også klassevenninna til Adrian..

Skjønt Amalie holdt seg til å fargelegge alle rutene på mønsterarket..

På tur..

Store blåbær!

Note to self: trim blåbærbusken litt sånn at ikke kvistene skal forstyrre bildet så mye ;p

Jentene satt mye sammen i helga :)

Jaja. Veslefrøkna satte seg i frisørstolen for andre gang i sitt liv..(første gang var for omtrent nøyaktig ett år siden faktisk -og klippen var ganske lik - litt kortere bare den gangen da :) ).

Og så ut som en liten mini-Amélie etterpå :)

Etter å ha kjørt mamma og Tuva til flyplassen dro vi til Ma og Beste for å hilse på Kristin og Knut :)

Bilene må alltid frem når Amalie er hos Ma og Beste! Og de kjører kolonne - såklart!

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    -Get off the cross we need the wood-