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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

My Scrapbooking

Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥



Think I'm done - for now anyways.

Things to note/todo:

  • Not sure if I like the current way the linkstuff is displayed - plus pondering about trying to trim the # of least it gave me a chance to update some old links and stuff..
  • I *think* this format is more heavy on the connection (aka will take some time loading - at least the first time) - which is why I am limiting the number of posts displayed at the frontpage to five at a time plus opted to not have a galleryslider/any blinkies and stuff. Really appreciate feedback from you on this one - does the blog take way too long to load - both first time and the fifth time when you return? Please do let me know so I can evaluate this template (although w/this much time I've put into it atm I don't think I'm gonna swap anytime soon :p)
  • The comment-section is displayed at the top of the posts now - uh? I *think* I want it where it usually is at - the bottom - but can't figure it out in the html. Anyone knows - feel free to share ;p UM Vin over at the Blog-doctor ROCKS!!! When I couldn't find the right info for my template over at his blog he was so nice&quick to help me out in emails!! YAY!! Thank you so much!!
  • I can't seem to edit the way the same comment-thingie is displayed (not at the frontpage at least - but I've customized how it looks inside the singleposts kinda) - I've seen several do so - please share any interesting info you've got if you feel like it.
  • I miss the customized blogger"bar" at the top - the one allowing you to hit the dashboard / quickpost new posts /quickedit layout and stuff when logged in - not sure how to get it back? Added the dashboard manually at least..but would prefer to have the original thingie on top...Edit: it's intact in the "Layout->page elements"-section, called navbar and it's blue, at least here. Yet it doesn't show on the blog itself. Hm.
    Edit2: LOL. I added a metadata-tag at the wrong spot in the html-code and lo and behold, the bloggerbar showed itself. Do not ask me why or how - but guess I'll keep that metatag at the wrong place still...doesn't seem to do any harm anyways :p
  • Need to find out how to edit the timer on the slide on top - prob in the javascript. On the todo-list for tomorrow. It kinda swaps stuffz a bit too fast for me liking....what do you think?
    I'm so good ;p. Figured this out (so easy, just had to actually look at the file ;p). Is the timer on the slider ok now? You can click on the "stop" next to the image to stop it.
  • I'd like to add a "follower"-widget, but I don't really want to include who's following and stuff (kinda feels like a pissing-contest to me and it feels a bit awkward to me...or maybe rather embarassing ;p)....I'd love to make it easier for people to follow me if they want to though, so....any ideas? Anyone know the directlink to where to do that kinda - follow someones blog?
    Nevermind me again - figured this out. I *think*. Mind testing it for me? (you can unfollow if you want after I guess ;p) Just would like to know that the link I found actually works. Links both on the top of the blog and on one of the the sidebars. It's text-only.
  • Suggestions to more stuff to add to the "Useless stuff about me" section? I was originally just thinking sb-related stuff like contact and stuff, in case people missed the top bars ;p
  • Anything else I've forgotten? I'd really appreciate feedback here folks ;p
  • Any questions welcome too :)
And for those wondering: This is a free template called Zinmag Primus 2.0 by you can find the template here :) It's a bit of work customizing - but way easier than Zinmag Primus 1.0 which I first downloaded and started tweaking until I found out they released a newer, easier version ;p

NB! If you are uploading the blog-images to photobucket, make sure you upload them in the largest resolution possible (1024x786px 17" screen) to prevent garbling/problems w/images.

And I just can't post w/o photos so....

Just a random everyday photo. Rly.

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~~ heads up! ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, April 29, 2009 1 lovely comments

Bored of this blogtemplate.
Gonna swap format soon.
Expect some wonkiness & lost links and whatnots for a few days.

Thanks! :)

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~~ Things are getting kind of gross ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, April 27, 2009 3 lovely comments

Dropping by quickly to, eh, drop off my two latest stuff for Hambly & Fancy Pants/Pencil-Lines :)

Our April-assignment was to use the journaling-bits - something I did both in the layout here for Skissedilla plus this minicanvas (measuring something like 7x7x3cm)...I have to say I *adore* making minicanvases.....yet I don't do that too often - such a shame! :( Here I played w/glimmer mist, Hambly rubons & Hambly transparency along w/lyrics taken from Maria Menas beautiful song "Just Hold Me" Go here to see what the others in the design-team did for this assignment :)

And this is Pencil-Lines sketch #132, sketched by Michelle and guested by Danielle Flanders :)
Love the Fancy Pantsiness here - some old papers and rubons mixed w/the new transparencies & kraft kuts (LOVES!!)

Alright. Just sent in my suggestion for the winner of my sketch at Skissedilla - so stay tuned to check out who won my RAK... guess that's all for now, take care :)

BTW! Don't forget to check out this Fancy Pants challenge due May 1st!! :)

Title: "Cornflake Girl" -Tori Amos

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~~ Sorry I'm not home right now ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, April 24, 2009 9 lovely comments

"Summer Soiree" by Fancy Pants Designs makes me so happy!!
It's so summery and so ..bright and happy! :D Happiness is good. I need that now. Happiness and good thoughts.

I felt this paper kind of spoke for itself - w/the fun pattern across the paper...didn't really want to cover it that much...yet I feel like I have to do something with such papers, to make them decided to sew edges & cut out figures to duplicate them w/popup stuff. I love popup-stuff!

Materials used: Papers, journaltag (ADORE these!), transparency (the frame around the photo - that's the transparency - LOVE it!) & buttons from "Summer Soiree" - felt from older FP-stuff :)

Have a nice weekend!

Title: "Spiderwebs" - No doubt

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~~ And then she was four ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, April 23, 2009 5 lovely comments

My little baby turned four.
Decorated her pressies w/yummy 3ndypapir-papers :)

Not sure if she's entirely awake on this photo..her eyes are wide open at least..sorta..:p
Love this photo nevertheless. My baby!
(and yes I guess she needs a haircut soon. At least her bangs)
Yeap. She's four alright.

Here she is w/both her grandmothers. And her brand spankin' new babycarriage courtesy of the grandma to the right.

Had a small, quiet celebration. Too much going on/happening right now to celebrate it properly sorta. And hey, she's happy = we're happy :)

Right. Off to bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow *blergh*

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~~ It's not like it's rocketsurgery ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, April 22, 2009 13 lovely comments

For some reason I've been into creating cards lately..not that much but way more than normal for sure. And not because I like it, but fascinates me in a way. I find it utterly intriguing in fact, simply because I don't feel that I am mastering this "art" and it annoys the heck outta me. Which means I'm putting myself through the suffering of trying and failing, all because I want to figure out the "secret" behind a gorgeous card...I don't know...even creating socalled "average" layouts, layouts that I'm not personally satisfied with does not annoy me this much. I know it sounds silly - like - "'s just paper...and it's just cards for gods sake - it's not exactly rocketsurgery*". I know. I know. Still.


Anyways. Here's some of the better cards I created w/Fancy Pants leftovers. Maybe that's why... because I usually don't feel like cutting into whole 12x12 sheets of papers that I find it hard to combine stuff for a card?? Because I'm limited to whatever pieces of scrap I have at the time? Hm. Still. I should be able to make it work for me, no?

Oh gee..look at her mono-debating cardmaking like it's such a serious, serious thing.

Sorry. Hope I'm not insulting cardmakers out there now. I do finding "discussing" the aspects of a layout within myself a bit silly too. Blush.


Today's Earth Day - did you know that? :) :)
I've joined this movement/project on twitter: Earth Mosaic.... sounds cool, I'll see if I actually remember to do the assignment today - we're kinda preparing for Amalies birthday tomorrow :)

Speaking of Earth Day - Luxe Designs are coming out with a NEW collection today called Ecology - it's beautiful :) :) It'll also be the last collection I'll be working with for Luxe Designs, as the current DT-term is coming to an end... sad, but I'm happy we'll go out with such a beautiful collection :) :)

And boy, Earth Day sure is popular - Hambly Screenprints are doing a giveaway w/their nature-themed products, aswell as having specials on certain products :)

Happy Earth Day folks! :)

Oh, and things to remember:

Title: * rocketsurgery - a coined term within gaming at least - I'm not sure it's common outside of gaming too so I'd just like to say that it's really a word. Sortof. You know. When you think of two things meaning the same and they just merge in the heat of the battle and it sounds funny ;p

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~~ you are my sweetest downfall ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, April 20, 2009 8 lovely comments
I'm Skissedilla's very first guest - a new Norwegian challengeblog based on sketches!! :D
I was so thrilled to be asked - I even made my own sketch for them - yay me! :D Here's my interpretation of the sketch - and head on over to check out their takes aswell :)

Materials include: Hambly Screenprints - papers, rubons, kraft-stickers & transparencies :) Oh, and MM tiny alphas :)

And if you want a chance on this little RAK of mine - including stamps from Luxe Designs, Studio Calico, a bottle of Bronze Glimmer Mist, flowers from Scrappers Choice and Prima, a little bling from Prima & a chipboardalpha from Scrappers Choice - then you have until sunday April 26th to do the sketch yourselves - just don't forget to directlink it to this post :)

Yesterday was also a Pencil-Lines-day, w/sketch #131 made by Anna Bowkis and tags sponsored by Shabby Chic Crafts, who also guested us this week :)

I decided to create a card for my Amalie who'll turn four years old on thursday...using a printable alpha-tag from Shabby Chic Crafts and pretty much just Prima for the rest :) I just LOVE "Mommy & me"!!!!!! :D SO so so cute :D

Oh, and this is me and Eli. And Sonja behind the camera.
Last week we went out for a photowalk to Herdla. Beaches equals skippin' & jumpin'. Everybody knows that. And look @how high I'm jumpin' ;p (okok, might have something to do with the fact that Eli was on the way down while I was on the way up, but...details, eh?)

Oh, and there's me. Again. Yeah. I like to jump. & spread my arms. & spill sand all over.
I think Eli was behind the camera this time.

So does the kiddo. Only. He makes way more awesome postures & faces.
This is from our trip to the summerplace this weekend.

See? Awesome jumpin'. He's got that from me 'natch.

Have a wonderful week y'all :)

Title: "Samson" - Regina Spektor

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Finally got my Scrapbook Trends magazine (April) today, along with the Simply Handmade magazine aswell :) Figured I'd share my stuff in there as there was quite a few of them :)

A minialbum made with Luxe Designs materials :)

A layout about myself *blush* using Hambly Screenprints, Sassafras & Making Memories-stuff.

And a layout about my sister and Amalie using Fancy Pants Designs stuff :)

And then we have Simply Handmade :)

I was quite delighted to see that they actually used three pages for my project - a box made from an empty Fancy Pants chipboardpackage and three matching cards to go w/the box..
(although I'm sorta embarassed about the cards themselves, but hey...nice of them to display them too :p)
And while I was snappin' publication-images I figured I'd finally get around to snap this one too - the last Vi Scrapper-magazine (sniff - they decided to not continue the magazine).

My card is on the cover...along with a familiar name..??

Oh gee, it's Sasha!!! Hi thar! ;D

Anyways, movin on ;p Here's my Fancy Pants Valentine card & (chocolate)box w/stuff from Fancy Pants Designs & Prima Marketing Inc :)

And here's the card that could be seen on the cover aswell - w/stuff from Luxe Designs and Daisy D :)

And I wrote an article about everyday-scrapping, asking a bunch of talented scrapbookers to contribute and snuck this Hambly-layout in ;p

Oh, and I got another box today too, from Fancy Pants -- and inside there was this bag which Amalie snagged quite quickly (and filled w/her toys...ahem...."okay you'll get to borrow it but remember, it's mommys'!")

I'm quite giddy & in a scrapbooking-mood atm, but alas....there was a new patch in WoW w/new raid-content which must be tested out and we're probably off to the summerplace this weekend (which means moar photos! yay!)..and then my mom will come visitng next week and then there's Amalies' birthday and then there's this silly surgery by the end of next week soooo *sigh*

Have a lovely weekend - get out - the weather's quite nice ;p

Ps!! Check this out!! :D

Title - "Better" - Regina Spektor

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~~ We're on the dark side of the sun ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, April 15, 2009 8 lovely comments
It's so sunny outside.
Which reminds me that I need to share this Hambly-layout's about snow and all :p (and which also reminds me about how fast time flies, srsly!)

Thing about having the same design in various colors (both transparent, rubons & paper) is that you can do pretty cool layeringstuff w/it. Like white & pink, creating shadows. Me like :) And paper & transparent, reinforcing the motif like the layout that just got picked up by Scrapbook Trends (*insert Happy Dance here*). And rubons&transparent, like on this one :) Yeah. Me definitely like :)

Materials used: Hambly Screenprints - papers&transparencies, alphas from MM&AC, crackle paint from Ranger, Glimmer Mist.

Might aswell add the other Hambly-layout for April. They kinda belong together seeing as I used the same sheet of corrugated cardboard on both :p. Little Miss "No-Mommy-I-don't-want-to!"
*sigh* ;p
Materials used: Hambly Screenprints (papers, stickers & transparencies), Glimmer Mist & Tattered Angels screen, other alphas from AC&Prima

Title: "Dark side of the sun" - Tori Amos

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~~ but all I really want is to hold you tight ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, April 14, 2009 13 lovely comments

Did you see the latest "scRapp" over at ScrappeMania?
They scRapped my friend Mari and when I saw that I was like, "YEAH I'm so gonna do that one!!" - but didn't get around to do it until a few days later (not too much scrapping on me this Easter :) )...anyways...when I finally got around to sit down to scrap I took a closer look at the layout and realized that she had scrapped a photo of me on the layout they picked *blush* :D :D :D (check it out - I can jump w/high heels ;p)

Anywyas. Totally inspired - scrapped this one of me and Mari from a year ago (loves) :) :)

Everything on this layout from Fancy Pants (bar the threads- from Bazzill, gem from KaiserKraft & alphas from Adorn It)

See. Non naked buttons! ;p
Dressed some minitags w/paper & rubons..
And didn't bear to throw away the felt-leftovers ;p
Oh. ALso. Pleasantly surprised at how crisp this note-card-stamp (part of a ministamp-collection from FP) was. Mm. Have to use it way more!

In other news; Hambly & Bad Girls Kit Club are doing a joint giveaway! :D

Title: "Sometimes" - Britney Spears (having soooo fun making Amalie like her too ;) )

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My beautiful, beautiful niece turns 12 today.
Happy birthday sweetiepie, wish you lots of happiness & sunshine and wish I could be there with you today!!

Last nights Pencil-Lines, #130, was guested by Liz Lee - the woman behind "Paislee Press" (beautiful digistuff!!!). She created such a gorg sketch for us to work with (and you can get it as a sketch & digi template too) and I decided to use more 3ndypapir-gorgeness w/it :D
You see - Amalie's writing her own name now - both handwritten and on the pc (I know, such a genious rite? ;p). I thought the PC part was kinda cute - like - a true child of the PC generation and had to document :P And one of the 3ndypapir-papers is kinda imitating the keyboard-letters, so it was kinda a no-brainer that I had to use it :P The letter-thickers are from Scrappers Choice by the way - they've got Norwegian and Swedish letters too :)

Also - yesterday I was featured at the "Inspirational" blog.
Thank you so much to Lou Collins for the lovely words. She called my style for "(...) signs of vintage mixed with a modern twist. She uses bright colours with distressed effects, producing wonderful outcomes...", which I really hadn't thought of before. Have to admit I think it's quite fun when others try to describe my style, because it's so hard to figure it out yourself I think - so thank you so much for brightening up my day!! :D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now excuse me, the sun is shining & I need to change the tires on the car. And maybe go for another hike later today - yay :)

Title: "The Show" - Lenka

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~~ Steady girl on your feet ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, April 10, 2009 8 lovely comments
Mmmm...adooooore 3ndypapir..can't say that enough :)
This time I used Lene's papers - pumped them full of Glimmer Mist (iridescent gold - LOVE this one - GREAT to create gorgeous, subtle glimmer on pages wo coloring it & a bit of walnut gold :) ) I kinda wanted a more romantic *and* more detailed I took whatever I could see on my desk of leftoverproducts that would fit into this layout & stuck'em together :P Some Scrappers Choice flowers, MM glitter chipboard, white chipboard sprayed w/Snow Angel mist, some transparencies, Basic Grey & Hambly rubons, Elle's Studio labels, Prima journalingpaper...

Adhered Hambly banner-rubons on one of Lenes papers and cut it out..

Cut out a butterfly from one of Lenes papers, inked it & sprayed it with glimmer mist..
added a pin for the "body"
Cut a strip of another of Lenes papers w/my threading water punch & tucked it under the photocollage :)

We've been hiking lately - yay! :)
I'm so happy & relieved the kids think it's fun and always looking forward to the hikes....and being darn good at hiking, never complaining..wheter we're hiking for 75minutes or 2 1/2 hours straight..Amalie usually has to walk first......always skipping & jumping and running to make sure she's in the lead..Adrian lets her go first as long as they can agree that he'll get to walk in the lead for a little while too... these are from yesterdays hike which took us 2 1/2 hours alltogether.

I'm glad we all wore rainboots...
the path turned into mini-creeks sometimes..

Adrian learned that the "marsh" isn't really safe and tries to eat your rainboots the hard way..
(I had to dig for the rainboot which got stuck :p)

Found a minicave - gorg light! :)

Finally reached our goal - the highest top of the island..(note to self: bring the wideangle next time)
Adrian wasn't into taking more photos (oh mommy no more photos!) :p
And on the way home he tried to hide every time I brought out the camera sniff...and yes..Im tired of taking photos of everybodys backs..but every time I manage to walk ahead of them they always just....pass me too quickly :P

All in all, a lovely hike & I got to take some photos :)

Title: "Father's son" - Tori Amos

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    -Get off the cross we need the wood-