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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ Top Ten Layouts 2011 ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, December 29, 2011 9 lovely comments

Waiting for mist to dry is quite boring – on par with watching paint dry (duh) or grass grow…(using the heating gun just makes the paper wrap annoyingly and I find myself unable to do anything else while waiting), so figured I’d just share my top ten layouts from 2011 – in no particular order.


Created for 3ndypapir – love this one because one – I love kraft but must admit I find it difficult to scrap with lots of kraft – and two – LOOK! HAMBLY RUBONS! And not just any rubons – but the robo ones!! LOVES!! :)

My sweet, sweet nephew – this was the very first layout I made with him on it – for Crate Paper. Love this elegant line as well!


Another one for Crate Paper – this time with my youngest niece. Love her to bits! Love this one because it feels quite liberating to be this “careless” when creating a layout…


…and back to a tight looking layout – this time created for Glue Arts, with amazing papers from DCWV. Oh, and this is my oldest niece *loves*.


A layout with papers and materials from Pink Paislee and Elle’s Studio – made for a guest-DTgig for Mission to create.


Just like this one. Also think it was one of the first times when I realized how nice doilies are for scrapbooking (yes, I’m slow, sue me :p).


So sad Sassafras is no longer! Or well, not as a scrapbook-company anyways. Not quite sure if they meant to stay in the scrapbook-world still or not? Ahwell. Love their fun designs. Sigh.


This one I created for Maya Road, for the productswap with Lily Bee. Happiness! One – because I managed to use the zipper-thingie, which I find difficult to use, two – lovely color&patternpalette and I’ve been wanting to try Lily Bee-products for a while, and three – when I created that layout I hadn’t done layouts in a good long while (sorta got stuck doing cards and altered stuff), and it totally felt good doing layouts again!


After not being happy with how a layout turned out, I used the leftoverscraps to create this one and immediately liked it. Still do!


And this one – my favorite layout from the layouts I made for Prima back at CHA-S. Love the picture, love the papers, love the embellishments (especially that star vine!!! swoon!)!



Be back at next unintentional scrappingbreak with top ten cards and altered and stuff I guess!! In the meanwhile… trying to be a good busybee doing lots and lots of CHA-W projects *smirk*


Happy New Year if I’m not back until after or something like that…

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~~ Merry Belated Christmas! & stuff… ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, December 27, 2011 4 lovely comments
So. We sorta suck at doing the obligatory Christmas-greetingcards & stuff (Yes. Even if I do create stuff. Even though I do love receiving these – thank you so so very much!!!).
So this year we’re gonna start a new tradition (we think).

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Psst. Y’all able to see this vid? It’s sorta only available for those with the link, so I’m not sure if it works to display it like this on the blog…?

Ps2: Ok, apparently at least one couldn´t see it, not sure why..but here´s the directlink, it should work:

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~~ More altered stuff… ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, December 18, 2011 7 lovely comments


2 posts in a row? Yeah,  I’m feeling pretty inspired atm…and because I had some gifts that needed to be done :p And because I’m still trying to clean up stuff…


Nevertheless…here’s a gift based on Wenches fab tutorial on how to make books

Materials used: papers from Pink Paislee, leaves & bling from Prima, wooden spool from Maya Road and stamps from Craft Origine (the words repertoire and carnet de notes plus the quill is from this stamp set).


As for the book-cover itself? Corrugated cardstock is simply perfect for this purpose :)


Here’s another gift using the food stamp from Craft’s simple & once again I’m in love with the glimmermist-color “Patina” (which looks just the same as “Jazz Blue” imo) from tattered angels! So pretty against the white..


Another gift-wrap created with mostly old, old stuff! The front flower (Prima) and the tag (3ndypapir) are new, but the paper-flowers (Prima), heart doily & ribbon are old stuff I’m happy to finally get to put to use :)


Especially the ribbon…it’s sort of ugly, but it fit so well here, yay!


Still have a few more necessities to create, like a matchbox for myself for Christmas, a gift card for my daughter and some more tags for minor gifts…wrap up a few more minibooks for CHA… I’m starting to feel like I never get around to do layouts, but…need to get my priorities straight and get the smaller stuff done first!

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~~ Oh deer…lots of projects incoming =) ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, December 17, 2011 4 lovely comments
so…there’s a Lawn Fawn partnership going on over at Glue Arts, which brings us to todays tags – pieced together with 3ndypapir-papers…for a step-by-step thingie on the tags (and chances to win both stamp & adhesive-sets) – feel free to drop by here.
Ignore the darker splotches….sort of regret them the moment I added them to the tag, then reeeally regret it when washing away the glimmermist off the embossed snowflakes as it made it smudgy…ahwell. What can I say..I am imperfect ;p
Another gift-project..put together with Prima-stuff..trying to use some of the older stuff while impatiently waiting for the new stuff…*grin* *wink*
I really like this colorcombo – copper, red, gold and uhm, bright turquoise (?).
Speaking of Prima..reminds me..don’t forget the December BAP (or PPP)…here’s a layout based on the BAP…sort of liked it when I made it, but as an afterthought I think the banners should be either placed more together, or had more flags layered in between the existing ones… ahwell!
I really like the way the pennants were decorated though, with chipboard & wooden snowflakes (which I purchased at PACS in France a year ago..and hadn’t used until now! They’re pretty similar to the wooden snowflakes that Maya Road has btw if you happen to wonder how to get these). They’re covered with distress crackle the frosty, crackle effect!

And finally..I’ve shared these cards here and there, both at ScrappeHuset (see this post – and do comment for a chance at the BIG X-mas giveaway plus plenty of inspiration) and at the Maya Road-blog…might as well post these here!
Using 3ndypapir-papers & Maya Road stuff…
Using Prima stuff..
Once again – 3ndypapir & Maya Road stuff :)

Right. I *think* we’re actually done with all this years presents…just 2 or 3 more minor things to fix, yay us!
The little one’s been toiling away creating lots and lots of amazing, creative gifts ever since November…at first doing mostly drawings, paintings and glass jars (like here) – but lately making things as shown at Art’s darn amusing to watch her..and her eagerness is pretty adorable – she’s doing it all pretty much on her own, thinking of everybody in our family…cute…
We’ve also miraculously got a Christmas-tree like, 10 days earlier than usual. Got a message from a friend the other day saying she & her hubby was helping their son’s school band selling X-mas trees…so I was like, sure, why not..need a tree sooner or later, why not buy it off a friend :) Besides, this way I could be a real bully & totally picky making them really work for the money *wink wink*
Right. Got a few more Christmas-related projects (I discovered I need matchboxes…apparently I’ve misplaced the one I had and well, need matches for Christmas!) to work on in between working on CHA-W projects….(funfun!)

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~~ Itty bitty things & some favorites atm ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, December 06, 2011 4 lovely comments


Right now there’s a Simple Stories exchange thingie with Maya Road, which means we get to play with their products combined with Maya Road stuff. Here’s what I created for it – an itty bitty gift (this one was fun to make! Both the gift itself and the embellished wrapping). And as usual with these product exchanges, there’s chances to win stuff! :)


I thought I’d share my favorites atm – right now this crystal star pin is a HUGE favorite from Maya Road. I so need more of these! *loves*

Maya Road products: Vintage wood spools, Trinket pins (crystal star), Mixed Blossom Mini Chipboard, Small Organza Roses ribbon (Olive), Mini Ticket Strip Transparencies (White), Snowflake Clear Stamps. Simple Stories products: 25 Days of Christmas Collection Pack.


See the star pin once again? Yepyep!
Another product favorite: Crackled accents (the ones I’m using are from Ranger), as used on the butterfly here! Both the bottle/tube one called crackle accents and the distress crackle paint – rock candy (the other crackle paint types are utterly cool aswell).


Truly adore these cute mini wooden spools :)

Maya Road products: Kraft Envelopes - Decorative, Butterfly Chipboard, Trinket Beads, Trinket Pin (Crystal Star), Wood Mini Spools, Cherry Red Glitter. Simple Stories products: 25 Days of Christmas Collection Pack.


If you would like more Christmassy inspo, Prima has a whole post dedicated to Christmas cards atm. Here’s my contribution to that one =)



Once again distress paint was used – this time on these roses. Not sure if it shows too well on the photo (note to self: need macro lens!), but – it’s pretty cool irl :)

Product List:

  • #843281- North Country- Forest Notes
  • #843267- North Country- In The Forest
  • #551339- Say It In Crystals
  • #553289- Coventry Rose- North Country
  • #550448- Toggle- Quirky
  • Ranger Ink: Distress Crackle Paint-Rock Candy, Distress Ink- Vintage Photo


Another favorite, or perhaps I should say a must, is the Raisen’s from Glue Arts. I use it on seriously pretty much everything, burning through my stack atm :/ It’s like pop up glue dots, invisible and of perfect thickness to give a subtle dimension…and so far it’s been pretty darn sticky aswell :)


Disclaimer: yes yes, I’m on the dt of a few but not all of the products’ manufacturers mentioned as my faves. Still allowed to share which products of theirs which’s my fave atm, no? :)

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~~ Weekend!! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, December 02, 2011 2 lovely comments


I suck at figuring out nifty titles, so – this one just expresses my feeling right now ;)

If you head over to Glue Arts, you’ll find a step-by-step on how to create these quick & practical giftboxes(although, it’s not really like, rocket science ;p), and a chance to enter into a drawing of one of the new Glue Pro Glider stuff plus some additional adhesive. I wouldn’t miss that chance if I were you =)


I gotta does look pretty doesn’t? *cough* *cough*


There’s also a new BAP and PPP up over at the Prima-blog, here’s my contribution to the PPP one.



For the leaf-vine I played some with glittery stickles and distress crackle paint (the clear one) – look how pretty it turned out! :)

Additionally - there’s a new challenge up at the 3ndypapir-blog, there’s a freebie up for grabs over at the Maya Road blog, and hm…yeah..ScrappeHuset has a daily calendarthingie atm, I might or might not be one of the contributors one of the next days, hmmm! =)


Back to stuff-that-needs-to-get-done…..

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~~ Some more layouts… ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, November 28, 2011 1 lovely comments


Let’see… I haven’t shared my Prima-layouts, so here they are.

Honestly, when I create stuff I’m not too happy about, I usually try to create something else to “make up” for it…but experience have shown that oftentimes I get more comments on the stuff I’m not too wild about myself…I dunno..maybe can people see that it wasn’t top notch, and feel sorry for me and comments on it to make me feel better..? Or, most likely (I hope :p) – taste differs. It’s just the way it is. Nevertheless. Above layout is “just ok”. Didn’t really feel it though. But! It feels nice having scrapped the photos (from an open day at the firestation, a yearly tradition around here..think the kid’s been there three times in a row now).


So I created this one with the leftovers….much better imo, and it made me feel better having done a layout I was more happy about... my gorgeous sister & her boyfriend..


I especially love this little detail: Crackle accents upon the letters. Turned out really cool. And again, love the Hambly overlays – love that one sheet goes a long way – I’ve used this one forever in cards and as accents to layouts. Perfect little details :)


Love the felt-leaves – so pretty! Adds such a nice touch to any project…here I just used one leaf…but it looks pretty when you use two upon each others too..



rosemary Said,

5:40 AM

Looks yummy... 'tis the season to bake! Oh and I was wondering if you are going to do a december daily type thing?

Uuh, this reminds me that I haven’t turned my February daily-blogthingie into a mini as I intended to do yet…so err, nope. Actually, I’ve tried to do that a few years and fallen short every time apart from last year, which can be found here. Not going to set myself up for another failure this year though when I know I have a lot on my plate before even working this Christmas, yay me.. I do admire those who’s disciplined enough to do one – I know how much it can take. I guess I’ll just try to snap at least one photo every day & turn it into a mini sometime next year. Hmm. Yeah. Will definitely try to snap a photo every day so I have something I can do later when I have a little more time… You gave me something to think about :)

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~~ Lefsebaking & a gift for grandma ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, November 20, 2011 3 lovely comments


Last week, at my days off work, I decided to bake lefse. It’s a traditional Norwegian, hm, I’m not quite sure what to call it actually – not really cake, nor cookie….some kinda…’s mostly used on the sweet side, rather than for dinner which’s what people think of when thinking of tortillawraps…? (can you say that by the way – think of when thinking of…? :p)

Nevertheless…I’m easily affected I guess, I was talking to & taking photographs of some nice ladies with 55+ years of experience making lefse (for Christmas)….so I was like..hey…that’s easy, I can do that too! tasted nice…need to practice the execution though! (but hey, it’s only my 2nd time in my life I’ve baked this, so :) ).


Nevertheless…..managing to bake this (with my oldest kid nevertheless) made me pretty proud – and with the pride came the thoughts of “darn, wish my grandma lived closer so she could get some taste of this too”.


Very well! I knew I had at least one of these plastic bags left, found it & created a giftwrap with Imaginisce and Glue Arts.


Check out the lefse! I used two recipes I found on the web: Askøylefsen (this one tasted the best imo, BUT was a PAIN to bake..broke all the time into smaller pieces :( ) and mormors lefse (I thought I added too much flour in this one, but turned out I needed more nevertheless as it kept sticking to the table when rolling it flat..hmm…more elastic than the askøylefse, but still, easily got holes and stuff in this one)


Then I needed a card ofc. It was whipped together quick and effortlessly thanks to the cute & inspiring materials from Imaginisce & Maya Road :)


You have to check out this post where you can get the recipes of gingersnaps as well. I need to try that one out next! :)

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