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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ Cards ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, July 31, 2008 4 lovely comments

I'm not even sure why I keep making/showing cards cause Im such a lousy cardmaker and there's tons of way better cards out there, but shrug. Made some w/the July Bad Girls kit...the reveal of the August kit is today ...but as it's my month off I don't have any peeks to show...sorry!! :)

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~~ He ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, July 28, 2008 2 lovely comments

  1. He loves the trampoline.
  2. He cares about his little-sister greatly.
  3. He's my "extended eyes" when it comes to photographing small happenings in the house - whenever his little-sister is doing something he thinks should be saved for the eternity you can be sure he'll be running to me yelling "mom mom come and bring your camera!!". He also points out if he thinks I should do any closeups/different angle(s) of whatever subject/object I'm on.
  4. He excels at math and has a lot of funny faces.
  5. He loves Disney Channelx3.
  6. He loves StarCraft, WarCraft3 and Heroes of Might and Magic V.
  7. I love that he plays the games I used to play when I was "young" - StarCraft is what, ten years old or so? My husband played that game when we started dating so thus I started play it too (frak back then when you hooked online you'd block others access to the phoneline so I had to log in in order to be able to reach him :p) .. Can't claim that I've played WC3 that much but there's been some late nights with it too yeah. And as for HoMM V..well, I haven't played that version but I sure as hell LOVED LOVED LOVED the earlier versions of this game...heck....I recall staying up to three in the night just to finish this game and having to go to high school the next day....
  8. Despite his nerdy genes he's really popular with his friends and he loves playing outside.
  9. No sport-gene yet despite his baskety-inheritage.. he's not interested in organized sports for now. He likes gym at school though and he's quite active/physical when he plays.
  10. He's sensitive..sometimes too sensitive...
And so much more.
Love you.

Ps. Seeing this picture on another computer than the one I edited it w. Tanorexia anyone?? Geez. Must. Calibrate. Properly.

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~~ Norwegian Grand Prix Arendal ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, July 23, 2008 3 lovely comments
No, not the Melody Grand Prix, but the Offshore one....ClassOne World Championship..
we (me and Simen) spent last week in Arendal volunteering along with the basketclub joining other volunteers for this event..

First we put up a lotta tents all over the centrum (which's pretty small :p), mainly focusing on the areas by the piers. It might look like hard work but it was actually easy.. (or maybe I got out easy taking photos every now and then? :p I DID work mind you)

Sometimes the tents weren't really where they were supposed to be which meant we had to move them...this is one of the occassions...(back and forth and back again cause we went too far at one side and blah blah blah :p)

Then by the weekend we were working at the VIP tent (which we had set up =) ) serving food and stuff for 800 guests (which cost 5000 NOK per person to attend..most of the people there were paid/invited by their companies tho)

Here's Simen readying one of the 80 tables..

And here's me at my post...I served beer all weekend...which was pretty nice compared to have to walk back and forth serving food and cleaning the tables and bringing drinks and stuff :p My first time tapping beer and I did great imho!! =)

The entrance to the VIP tent..

The guests (about 400 of them - took this in the middle of the tent - the other 400 were behind me =) )

And oh, let's not forget the race itself :P Here's the "Norwegian" catamaran - the Jotun one w/Norwegian ppl and stuff.. it started out as like, third behind two Victory boats (from Dubai), but after a few rounds it climbed up second and then finally first and the atmosphere inside the tent when it passed the no 1 Victory catamaran was pretty cool - everybody was cheering and stuff :)

Victory from Dubai had most catamarans in this race - 3. They're also on top of the chart although Jotun won this time and climbed up 5th (it have had a lot of technical problems in the other races). Qatar from Qatar (duh) (pictured furthest) have two.

All in all - an awesome experience and it's kinda cool being "behind the scenes" for such an event :) Here's a summary of this event if you're interested.

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~~What I did with my ATCs ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, July 22, 2008 7 lovely comments

I attended an alphabet-SWAP at Minneriket some weeks ago, and got well, the whole alphabet (duh) in this swap. Very very cool - loved all the cards and this was very fun - thank you so much ladies! Now, I needed something to put these ATC cards into and well, I've always been into making my own albums for the swaps I've attended in the past so why not do the same with the ATCs? I found some ZIP lock bags that fit two of the ATCs, put one in the end of the bag, stitched it in and put the other card in. The outside of the album is made with some old leftover Websters Pages-papers I found here and the inner pages from some old 7gypsies-papers. Yay. Recycling at its best - complete with ziplocks, cardboard and old papers! *snicker* The shape of this album was inspired by a Summer-class over at BG by Gloria Froese :)

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~~ Did I ever share.. ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, July 18, 2008 8 lovely comments

Did I ever share Pon & Zi with you??
Two totally cute emos.... too cute for words...there's a certain darkness and a bit sadness yet total cuteness in the drawings.....and they're well, just superb..even though some may be a bit morbid for some people...there's CUTENESS behind it all.... ♥♥♥

Check them out - aww... and have a wonderful weekend :D

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~~ Sketch 93!! ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, July 14, 2008 11 lovely comments
Removed for publication.

Sketch 93 for Pencillines!
YAY Look at me, going (almost) all BG on this one!! I have to admit...I LOVE Basic Grey...but although I have a whole big box full of various BG papers I have a veryveryvery HARD time actually using the doesn't really feel "me" although I love them (and buy them *rolls eyes*). But! I did it this time - dug out the old papers (hm, Periphery or Pheobe, one of the Christmas-lines and uh, Stella Ruby).... the photos are made in Photoshop by adding my own digiframe to the photos and printing it out.. threw some buttons on it just for fun...and by the end...I figured some hand-stitching (GASP!) would add the finishing touch it needed. I know. Hand stitching?? SO not me. But I have come to love it a tiiiny tad bit lately - esp with Bazzills too-easy-to-use In Stitchz templates :) Other stuff include Hambly, some sequins&stickles & Making Memories. Notice the O.o ? My fave expression ....o.O actually..

And the story behind this layout? Well, when my sister was visiting in April she lived upstairs in our attic/guestroom and the little girls were playing while we sat down in the kitchen.....suddenly Amalie came down (all dressed up --her cousin loved to dress her up) with chunks of body-lotion on her face...somebody had fun w/aunties stuff!! So well, my sister, being the perfect auntie that she is, went to help Amalie with smoothing the chunks out while me, the mother, went to fetch the camera ;p No big surprise there uh?

Have a nice week!

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More new LUXE CHA-S stuff1! :D

Posted by Ania On Friday, July 11, 2008 6 lovely comments

Got the chance to play with some of the new CHA stuff from Luxe Designs - namely the new "It's time" - line, some of the new transparencies and the Color Me papers. Oh yeah the "It's time" line will definitely be one of my faves and the Color Me papers are so cool to cut out.... I guess I should use it the way it's "intended" to be used (like, colored) someday but for now I am enjoying cutting out the little figures & stickin them on popup foam :) Below are two more of my faves from this CHA Summer from Luxe -- two new colors for the Simply Luxe collection (LOVESIT!) and the Christmas line which looks very very nice! Have a nice weekend! :)

Ps. xoxo to Oddbjørg and Kimmie who gave me different but equally touching awards..I feel weird that they think that much about me... love ya!! *hugs* :D Will pass them on when Ive got more time :)

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~~ Wedding Cards ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, July 09, 2008 5 lovely comments

Summer = Weddings. This summer we're gonna attend two the same weekend. One day in Drammen for my cousins wedding (SO SO SO happy for them and the children!!!!). The next day in Ålesund for a childhood friend of my husband. So looking forward to both :)

Anyways. Needed cards & the Bad Girls July kit is SO perfect for this kind of romantic, sweet, easy card kinda. Not to mention the gorgeous stamp that Cari created which adds a touch of elegance to any finished project!! I am a bit early with the cards as the weddings aren't until August, but I thought I'd finish them off & add them to the Summerschool at Minneriket aswell before I forgot all about it kinda :)

Alright!! Off to the trampoline!! It's my day "off" today in the midst of all the major cleaning and stuff going on in the house. Gotta enjoy the sun while it lasts!! :)

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~~ I heart my niece ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, July 06, 2008 4 lovely comments

I have to admit it. My oldest niece holds a very very very very very very special spot in my heart. She lived with us the first year of her life (then I moved out from technically I guess it's..."I lived with her the first year of her life" :p). She is one of the smart kids....doing great at school and doing great with friends...and boys! Now the latter part certainly comes from her mother no doubt! Bout time my sis will learn how much grief she gave our mom *snicker* I do however hope she'll be more sensible than her mother in that dep...;p

Um right. This layout. Pencillines sketch :) Guested by Kelly Purkey this week - she is totally amazing....I really love pretty much everything she creates...

I made the latter version first, sewing the flowers and stem before gluing down the buttons...but the stitchin was too anonymous here so I decided to whip out the stickles instead.
Materials include Sassafras, Scenic Route, & Prima...mainly old stuff..

We just spent a few totally lovely days at the summerplace... loved to see how the kids embraced the place totally, playing around the waterside, fishing crabs, running into the water (lots of running...neither have learned to swim yet)..going fishing..generally just relaxing and doing summery stuff...the weather was lovely...sunny.. personally I went through two and a half books - one of the things I really like with the summer and vacation - you get to catch up on your scientific literature (and other literature...but for this summer I've got mostly scientific literature on my agenda). My brand new computer is still a no-go (sniff) for now it looks like a low-key start on the week for me & the Internet (and any photo-editing..grr). Jeje. Wish you all a nice week :)

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~~ Bad Girls July Kit Creations++ ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, July 02, 2008 8 lovely comments


The July kit at Bad Girls, "Whimsical Wonderland" was such a dream to work with - totally loveloveloved these papers and gorgeous accessories!! More DT-layouts can be found here. Am so sorry for hardly having time to play with my scrapthings these days because well, I wanna scrap! More! But alas...vacation and summer and renovating and running out of ink in the darn printer and well, spending time with the hubby and the kids...and uh, watching Weeds when I have a moment for myself (Just finished season one, lovesit!!) and BSG with the hubby - we just finished s3.....=)

Spending time with my hubby also means playing Age of Conan - took some levels for me to fancy that game, but it's quite enjoyable now that we're level 50+ (leveling is superFAST! I really haven't been playing this game a lot, yet I'm lvl51 atm). And extra enjoyable when we are able to play with long-time friends over the net (friends from our time in Everquest->World of Warcraft-> AoC) The game itself has a more EQ'ish feel over it rather than WoW, but it has a lot of WoW in the sense of quests being a big part of the xp-grind, at least for now....EQ was like, way more about the xp-grind than really questing despite the's quite easy to level up doing quests which doesn't give you a real xp-grind-feel :P It'll be interesting to see what the game has to offer to keep holding on to our interests when we hit level 80, which's the maximum level in the game...

Well, nuff nerdtalk - here's some more promostuff galore!! :D

Luxe!! CHA stuff!! OMg!!!!! Darn!
Ok, Ive shown you the "It's time" peek already but I really really really adore it so I wanna show it looks so great...and there's new stamps and new color-me-pages and a boy and a girl line for the CHA show....and that's not all!! Two of my most fave things from this release (beside the time line) have yet to be so looking forward to get to work with this!!

And then there's Bad Girls first Aniversary....the things the designteam has done and made for this anniversary is just a m a z i n g... I am in such a total awe of their talent and creativity and energy. So much candy to come on the message board this month, you really don't want to miss it!!


Have a nice week!! :)
We're crossing fingers for some nice weather over here's sunny and warm today so far....hope we get to keep camera is loaded and I'm ready for summerphotos...gotta run!!

PS! Did you see?? D700!!! Fx-sensor!!!! OhMyGod*drool*

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