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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ Pencil-Lines & stuff ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, February 27, 2011 4 lovely comments


Pencil-Lines sketch #227 – created with the new “Sweetheart”-papers from 3ndypapir :) Oh, and some Hambly, old letters from Heidi Swapp & American Crafts and a sheet of Crate Paper (the striped one), as well as a tag from Elle’s Studio :) The image is taken w/my iPhone at the library – they have a nice little section for kids w/this chairhousethingie :)


The paperflowers are cut from a sheet of the green paper in “Sweetheart” and layered – same thing w/the angel..


I like that there’s no need to edit the images when taking pictures w/my iPhone – they’re usually edited already, either with filters (I love Instagram & Hipstamatic) or by using the editingprogs TiltShiftGen or Filterstorm. And – for my needs – just printing them small-ish, they’re just perfect and prints beautifully. I also like the Pocketbooth-app (Amalie loves this one), but haven’t tried to print out these images yet.



I’ve also felt the itch to take more pictures of my kids w/the DSLR & edit them, it’s actually very fun and rewarding doing so…I think I’ll aim to get better at this..




listening: to Amalie singing various tunes
eating: our new dinner-fave (throw diced rutabaga, carrot, potatoes, garlic, onions together w/meat (tonight we did shreds of leftover-chicken&diced vossakorv), some water, some cream and broth), let simmer for an hour or more – until the rutabaga is soft..mmm,.. add either World’s Best Dinner Rolls or English Muffins (we had the latter, I froze some from last time & it’s still so very yummy when thawed&reheated in the oven) – lovely!
drinking: tap water
wearing: some old cord-pants and a purple knit jacket.
feeling: stuffed & tired! :p & looking through some babysession-piccies and getting excited for next week’s babysession!
weather: blah blah – this one is such a boring q – good thing there’s only one more day left of this “feelings”-thing! ;p
wanting: not much – two cakes already baked (I went for this for the chocolate one and this as the base for the marzipan-one) – all I need now is tomorrow’s pizza&hotdog-baking to go just as smooth :)
needing: I dunno..maybe a glass of wine just to commend that I’ve been such a good baker today? ;p
thinking: how weird..tomorrow my oldest turns 10…yikes! (and how unfair for him that because I’ve been such a bad planner for his bday I’ve decided to try get better when it’s Amalies turn in a few months…ofcourse it remains to be seen whether I actually manage to get better at planning stuff, but still…)
enjoying: being done w/todays chores..
wondering: is it weird buying vanilla beans on ebay? (just say no :p)


pattyo Said,

1:38 AM

I think the card is perfect! Share the recipe for oreo muffins, although I guess the measurements would be different from what I know.

Thank you! :) The Oreo Muffins can be found here (in Norwegian); here’s the English translation (she originally got the recipe from her US sister-in-law, so it should be easy to reverse the measurements):

Oreo Cupcakes

1 stick of butter
3 large egg whites
1 cup milk
2 cups (all purpose) flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon salt
0.85 cup (caster?) sugar (this one was difficult, it says 190gram sugar, but it doesn’t translate into anything “smooth” US-wise like the other measurements)

45 oreo cookies


Start with taking apart the oreo-cookies – place the part w/the white filling filling-side-up in the muffin-forms. Bat the butter airy, add milk+vanilla, then flour/baking powder/salt – continue mixing – add sugar – mix/bat for approx 2 minutes – add egg whites – bat/mix for 2minutes at high speed – then add the rest of the oreo-cookies (which’s broken into 2 or 4 halves and lightly mixed with a bit flour).

Put in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 350F


We’ve eaten it w/o frosting (delicious), but am thinking that next time I’ll try the frosting she mentions in the reciepe:

21 oz philadelphia
1 stick of butter
2 teaspoon vanilla extract
3-4 cups icing sugar (hmm or is it confectioners sugar? Very very finely grounded sugar..)
roughly grounded oreo-cookies w/o cream little girlie yellin at me, I’m supposed to introduce her to Sound of Music, gotta run! ;p

Ps. The design team call for Pencil-Lines ends tomorrow – don’t forget to get your application in :) It’s a wonderful team to work with, I’m going to miss them lots!

Ps2. Norwegians, look at this! Nathalie Kalbach and Wenche Wold are going to teach at this upcoming Papirfesten! Nat is a wonderful, amazingly creative soul whose classes really have to be experienced, and if you’re into cardmaking I’m sure Wenche could show you a thing or two! Really contemplating going, but with so much going on at that time I’m not sure if I really can, sigh….maybe….?

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~~ ..and a card for Skissedilla #100 ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, February 26, 2011 2 lovely comments


I fell in love with this sketch (whose (which?) filename is named 83, which might indicate it’s sketch #83 :p), thinking it’d be perfect as a carddesign. Now, the original idea I had for a card based on this one fell through (stupid sucky card :p), but I refused to give up, so…hm…not sure what I actually think of this card, as I started adding buttons and brads stuff just kept piling up and I’m thinking it’s a bit too much/over the top, but whatev, I’m tired of projects that doesn’t turn out the way I want, and I was pretty determined to add a card to this #100 celebration of Skissedilla, so here ya go… :p

And yes, this is yet another result of this personal vendetta against hoarding – this time I figured I’d use a few of the buttons and brads just piling up (check out this awesome home decor by Jen Jockisch for inspo for the mix of brads&buttons, only, hers is 1000x better ofc), scraps lying on my desk (the Hambly Screenprints-transparency+the white cardboard…that’s the advantage of having a messy’ll always find scraps for projects), tag from Elle’s Studio (love this one, I want more of these!) plus this rouge de garance (what happened to that brand, anyone knows?) paper which was stashed w/my Sassafras-papers and left behind when I cleaned up the Sassafras-papers (from last project, see below)…which made me remember having lots of rdg-diecuts in a box, resulting in the paper-flower+butterflies.. (um right…all of this info is oh, so interesting…cough..I’ll stop now)


listening: To my husband’s cousins band, For Emma on MySpace (They’re based in Montpellier, France, so if you’re from around there & have the chance – go book/hear them :) They’ll play in Elverum & Oslo sometimes this summer too, for those of you who’ll be around there ;p)
eating: oreo-muffins :) …while the chicken is getting yummified in the oven..
drinking: warm tea w/honey
wearing: purple today :p
feeling: tired..just wanna go curl up in my bed atm..
weather: rain today it seems, though..
wanting: to get better at preparing things..
needing: to shop for Monday..
thinking: how weird it is that we became parents ten years ago (soon)..
enjoying: the fact that it’s weekend and I don’t really have to do much
wondering: when this ski world championship will be over (please let it be soon) and how much an impact does this championship actually have across the globe..? Ski isn’t that huge, is it..? Anyone?

~Sasha Farina~ Said,

1:14 PM

dramaqueen reporting for duty.. ! haaahaa!! i love that layout, not sure what but i feel it's special!
give us your real hair color - with real camera.. not iphone. or use photobooth? I wanna see!!

Oh, for gods sake, shaddap woman! ;p
(I actually think I’m brave enough showing three photos of myself in one post ‘cause…I don’t like photos of myself in general…so I consider this years quota for me-photos on the blog filled! ;p)


banglamarie Said,

1:41 PM

lekker layout! Inspirerende! Tror snart jeg må begynne å scrappe igjen.
Neste treff med papirer og ikke garn?? hm....
Uvant men lekkert med pannelugg :o)
Fine du og fine Amalie :o)


Definitivt papir! =)


Ha en fortsatt fin-fin helg! :)

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~~Hurra for Skissedilla #100 ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, February 25, 2011 11 lovely comments


Hooray for the Norwegian sketch-site Skissedilla, which recently celebrated 100 weeks (&sketches). Well, not really 100 sketches, but rather 99, as they decided to scrap older sketches for their 100th week :p

Congratulations, Skissedilla! I figured I had to join this one, and found this wonderful sketch by Carrin:


I’m not quite sure which number it is, but the filename says 12.. :p


Once again I grabbed old stuff I had lying (hoarding is bad, folks! ;p) around – mostly Sassafras (the patterned papers – plus one strip of Pink Paislee that was lying on the table), Love, Elsie (look! the epoxy-sticker! love these, having a hard time actually using them though – need to get better at this!) and rub-ons from Hambly Screenprints.


Plus – this calendar-tag from Elle’s Studio – I’ve not used it because in my mind I thought it said 2011 on it, and I was like, gotta save it then! But for this project I thought – oh heck – let’s use it and just cover up the 11 part of 2011 w/the photo – when I noticed it did say 2010 after all. Cough. Plus! See the starburst-punch? Lovesit. It punches through cardboard and – wait for it – transparencies as well! Like cutting through butter – gotta love it :) I think I have an idea what to do w/the punch next :) Just need some time to scrap – it’s been sacred lately w/so much going on around here :(

I also found another sketch I think will be perfect for a card, I’ll see if I can find some time to scrap tomorrow…



listening: Nightwish (LOVE “Bye Bye Beautiful”)
eating: nothing yet…have chocolate-rolls & Oreo-muffins on the way, though!
drinking: 3 cups of coffee so far….
wearing: same as yesterday, will change for tonight though
feeling: antsy..
weather: Grey, rainy & somewhat windy..
wanting: to scrap…but….work calls..this time, on my thesis :p
needing: hairproducts for straight, no-frizzy hair
thinking: that I’ll pay the local hairdressers a visit hunting for hairproducts your local businesses & all :p
enjoying: the music
wondering: how tonight will be – taking approx 8 boys (and a little girl) to go bowling..

Anna Said,

11:48 AM

WOW your blog is looking good. I have been reading it for a while now through Google reader and hadn't seen the changes you have done over here. You are one of my fav visits. Keep it up you are great !

Thank you :)

ParentesFantomet Said,

10:47 PM

Gubban så kul!
Jeg digger og PostSecret, likte spesielt godt den med vedkommende som stammer, gir håp for verden. *klem*

PostSecret er en av ukens faste höjdare :)

pattyo Said,

1:02 AM

Love how the scallops make the layout pop. Thanks for the tip on scalloping a brad. Streaks put in the hair here are called highlights.

Gotcha! Thanks :) And thanks for the tip on :)

pattyo Said,

1:02 AM

Oh, forgot--post a photo of your new 'do.

Mari Said,

8:21 AM

hello, show us the new haircut!!! You can't tell about it two times in a row, without showing!:)

Riiiight…um..alright, you asked for it…iPhone-images incoming from the whole process :p


Haircut done, coloring+highlights next..


Amalie also got her hair cut..


Love her hair when short (easier for us and her, see her amazing bedhair-photo here :p) + I think she looks like Amelie (from the French movie)/a cute pixie w/short hair :)




Me again…w/ponytails like them Asian girls on haha..*cough*


Have a nice weekend :)

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~~ Thursday Tutorial: Add Scallops! ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, February 24, 2011 4 lovely comments


I’m continuing diggin’ thru my various tutorials previously written for other blogs/sites. Todays tutorial was created for an event at the Minneriket-forum back in 2008, a Norwegian forum for scrapbooking.

It looks like the original post is lost, but I still have the images, so I’ll just write the text anew (plus, it was originally written in Norwegian anyways :)).


It’s quite simple adding instant interest by just adding scallops to your projects. Take this layout for instance – to the left is the original one without scallops, and to the right, the finished version w/scallops added :) It does add quite the difference, don’t you think?


Just grab big scalloped scissors (or trimmer or puncher) – cut scallops and trim them so you can add them behind the patterned paper. Push the paper somewhat upwards to add more interest (isn’t this a funny expression? “to add more interest” – I think it sounds somewhat, pretentious….but sometimes that’s just what it does sorta…ahwell..:p)


You can also add scallops to a brad by using a regular pair of scalloped scissors (mine’s from Fiskars). Attach brad to paper, cut around, and slit small cuts in between the scallops, add some ink and fold the now “petals” some.


My favorite way to use scalloped scissors however, is probably with die cuts/chipboard-shapes, like this one. Or with journaling-tags.


And if you wanna be fancy – punch holes onto the scalloped border after you’re done (remember – this was probably before the border-punches w/holes in them came out :p At least before I myself got them, as I haven’t bothered doing this since I got the borderpunches w/scallops & holes in them :p)

All the stuff here is from Fancy Pants Designs, by the way :)



listening: “Vår beste dag” – Marit Larsen
eating: nothing atm..
drinking: coffee
wearing: my “channel your inner goddess” shirt :p
feeling: cold :/
weather: …..snow!? wth..
wanting: help
needing: help..pc acting up :(
thinking: that I’m starting to like my new haircut/do more :)
enjoying: some quiet time..finally..maybe I’ll even get to scrap some! :p
wondering: you iPhone-people w/PC, what do you use to organize the pictures with? I mean, I use LR3 to import the images to my PC, but I have to delete the images manually on the iPhone, which I often forget/is boring, hmm, what to use to easier delete stuff with? I don’t want to delete them all either, I want to be able to keep specific images etc..(like, delete stuff on the PC and have it sync w/the phone…wo actually deleting the imported-to-PC-images as well)



listening: to the zergs :)
eating: my procrastinator-nutella-with-peanutbutter-muffins (am in the middle of writing an article and am sort of fighting with the words so I decided to just do something else for a bit….not that it really helped :( ) they’re yummy though!
drinking: cold coffee :p
wearing: um, my new haircut…WITH bangs! =) I haven’t had bangs since I was like, well, a child probably, I can’t really recall the last time I had bangs (then again, I can’t remember what I had for dinner two days ago…or what my children weighted/measured at their birth..which apparently sort of qualifies as a crime among mothers :p)….plus the hairdresser added some color+light strips (? what’s the word here?) to the hair….I’m trying to get accustomed to this new look, but I really do think I like it so far…
feeling: despite fighting words, pretty happy (bc of the hair + muffins)
weather: um…okayish..not so cold..still nice w/sun and stuff..
wanting: a good recipe on peanutbutter-cupcake…I loved this one, but it was pretty airy and sweet (I need to reduce the amount of sugar next time) – I want a more lunch-kind-of-muffin/cupcake..
needing: to finish this article I’m trying to write..
thinking: that it would be nice to have the words handed to oneself on a silver platter :p
enjoying: wallowing in selfpity ;p
wondering: why oh why do I still have those weird dreams >< I have a very amazing fantasy when asleep, that’s for sure :p

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~~ The Crate Paper Sketch ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, February 22, 2011 2 lovely comments


Don’t forget the Crate Paper Sketch for February! The deadline is 25th, and you have to use at least 50% Crate-stuff (old or new – it does not matter) and the sketch, ofcourse. Here’s my take, using the new collection Toy Box to scrap my two nieces….


I love splatters of paint and mist…and butterflies..


And I’m pretty happy w/the way this exact part of the layout was embellished if I may say so myself :p



I don’t have much more to report, so I’ll just press publish now methinks :p



listening: to nothing atm..will be listening to a bunch of kids later today, though..
eating: not much atm…snuck a piece of chocolate just now, though :p
drinking: coffee
wearing: warm clothes..was supposed to be outside doing a feature..
feeling: somewhat happy that noone showed up, cause now I get to work inside instead…trading the biting cold with (for?) noises from children instead :p
weather: the sky is blue & the sun is shining, but man, it’s cold outside! (ok, measly –3 degrees (celsius), but still )
wanting: World Ski Championships 2011 to be DONE. It hasn’t started yet, yet there’s been so much about it in the media the last few weeks..I can’t stand it anymoreeee.. ><
needing: ideas for dinner today..and tomorrow..and the day after tomorrow…hm..feel free to share :p
thinking: that I oughta do more sensible things with my current sparetime than blogging ;p and that I need to remember to take a picture of the kiddo for his bdaygreeting in the local paper :)
enjoying: the coffee and some quiet time before I have to work again
wondering: how fast/slow approvals&various requests will take..



listening: to the television running in the background..
eating: hot dog (busy day, no time to do proper dinner ><)
drinking: water
wearing: my “monument” t-shirt (from Seigmen’s farewell tour back in 1999 at Hulen :) )
feeling: slightly annoyed (no battery = no photos from the basket practice the kiddo was at today)
weather: darn cold! (I got frostbite by just whippin’ out the iPhone to snap some photos outside! True story! :p)
wanting: something sweet, I’ll admit
needing: more accessories…
thinking: that I might have forgotten to add a note or two on todays application to NSD :/ and that goddammit, what happened to all the plans of having lots of time creating individual, crafty invitations for the kiddos bdayparty which we might hold on Friday??!? time just snuck upon me… gah I’m such a sucky mother ><
enjoying: The newest app on my iPhone: Dagens Dikt (Poem of the Day..hmm..need to check if there’s English equivalents to this!…hmm..appears not..anyone?)…it’s free and I truly enjoy getting to know Norwegian poems better…(well, at least those at Gyldendal/Kolon :p)
wondering: how we’ll solve this bdaything, hmhmhm, have to work some tomorrow + have couple appointments tomorrow+weds + really ought to continue work at the university too this week, esp if I need to take friday off because of this bday, could I be so sucky at planning stuff??


Ps. Edited to add:


This was the result of me hurrying to create bday-invitations..unfortunately also the only photo I snapped of them (w/my iPhone) before sending them off w/the kiddo today..I used Crate Paper’s School Spirit for the invitations..and solved much of the headache just inviting the boys in his class to go I just have to bake a cake & remember to bring the kiddo out on Friday (it’s been his wish to celebrate his bday at some entertainment-centre, but I’ve told him no…until now :p)

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~~ Sunday Tutorial: Fancy This Notebook & Binder ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, February 20, 2011 9 lovely comments


Looking at what my most popular posts have been, I see that tutorials scores pretty high..This, combined with the nagging thought I’ve had for a while now that I oughta gather all my old tutorials that’s been posted at various manufacturer-blogs here and there – to keep them all together in one spot sorta, have made me decide that I’ll try to repost most of my tutorials here on my blog, and link them in the new list found to the right, labeled “tutorials”.

So, here’s a repost of a tutorial I created for Fancy Pants Designs, on creating a binder/reuseable cover for notebooks. I truly adore this one – especially because I discovered that if you apply multi-medium twice at both the front and back of a paper it makes it feel like a real canvas. Is it as strong as a real canvas? I doubt so, but I really do like the feel of it…and it’s certainly stronger than just reg. patterned paper!


Road Show: Strips
Road Show: Grocery List
Artist Edition: Bulb Shaped Safety Pin
scrap patterned paper and card stock (optional)
spiral bookbinder (optional)
black cardstock
decorative border punch
embroidery floss
matte medium
sewing machine
magnet clasp



1. Use a purchased notebook, or make your own. Anne Jo's is made of random paper, scrap cardstock and patterned papers, bound together with a spinal bookbinder (I used a bind-it-all).


2. Measure your notebook and add at least 1/2 inch to the width (3/4 inches if you choose to hand stitch the edges). Score a full 12x12 sheet of patterned paper (Anne Jo used Road Show: Strips) as wide as the notebook + 1/2 inch.

3. Since Anne Jo's notebook was a bit large, she had to divide her sheet and add an extender - another patterned paper (she used Road Show: Grocery List – see the striped paper in the middle). She chose to place the extender approximately where the spine would be.

4. Using a sewing machine sew the pieces together. Decorate the ends of the spine with black cardstock, punched with a decorative border punch.


5. Score two pockets - slightly smaller in width than the front/back of the notebook.


6. Cover all the pieces of paper with some kind of sealer/matte medium. Apply two layers on both sides of the paper, allowing them enough time to dry in between the layers. Feel free to do three layers to make sure it will be durable. Anne Jo says her papers felt like canvas after two layers on both sides.

7. Hand stitch the pockets. Test with your notebook to find the correct placements, and remember when stitching that the notebook needs room to slide in and out the pockets.



8. Attach a lock-mechanism (Anne Jo used one with magnets and ribbons). Decorate the ribbon with an Artist Edition Bulb Shaped Safety Pin and attach a charm, button, pearl and a flower.




This tutorial was put together after I was done creating the notebook, thus no step-by-step-images, which’s a bit of a bummer. But – it’s not difficult making this cover/binder, so I urge you to give it a try. Maybe I’ll redo this one some day too..just need more multi-medium :)


Oh dear…I’ve forgotten yesterday’s “feelings”. Bummer!



listening: to the kids play WoW with their cousins…questing and doing instances together...mine at home, and two of their cousins at each their homes…communicating over skype…this makes me unbelievable happy :) especially watching/listening how my son, who’s the highest level in the group, takes care of the lower level ones and helping Amalie w/her character here at home…
eating: homemade rolls..
drinking: coffee
wearing: half proper clothes and half pyjamas…’s Sunday & lazyday! So far, anyways.-.
feeling: sky, the sun’s out…gonna whip the kids outside some after they’re done w/the instance :)
wanting: better health..
needing: time&discipline..
thinking: about the kids and how well they’re enjoying each others companies atm..
enjoying: That Sunday also means a new batch of Postsecret-cards..
wondering: how long that will last – the kids and enjoying each others companies..

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~~ Spent Snart Skolepike ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, February 18, 2011 4 lovely comments


All this morning, my little five-year-old was like, a furball of energy.

You see, today was her “first day” of school. Not a real first day, but – like an hour of sitting inside a room with some of her future classmates getting a taste of the real school kinda. Or, you could also call it mommy’s wonderful excuse to actually bring out the DSLR for some much needed Amalie-photos ;p


It’s a wonderful excuse for me to try out some new stuff & showoff the photos here as well..


Once we got to the school, she suddenly was hit by the solemn reality of it all…


We tried look for her big brother, but didn’t find him…she found this thing, though, which helped some on the nervousness.


But not entirely..there’s so many BIG, LOUD, UNKNOWN kids at the school!


And the principal might have looked somewhat fearsome for a five year old…
(she wasn’t really, she was a nice lady with a nice accent and nice dress)


They got to sing, draw and write their own names though..and even got homework with them!

(to add more drawings in their books)


Maybe school isn’t that scary at all…?

When we were done we went to the mall, hit the library, then the huge sale at the bookstore (det er mammutsalg nå folkens!) where we scored books for me, Amalie and Adrian, bought ice cream and took the bus home.



listening: to myself on tape…I’ve gotten over how weird I sound (a bit), right now I’m rather focused on the fact that I start every sentence with “eeh…” “eehh” “eeehh”….ugh! Need to change that habit into “so, let’s see..” “right,…” and stuff…I think… or nothing at all, just go straight to the questions..(working on the qualitative questionnaires)
eating: homemade pizza w/thin crust, fresh mozzarella, onions, prosciutto (parma ham <3), avocado & ruccola…..DAMN this thing rocks ;9 Oh, and I had a soft ice cream earlier today, yay me!
drinking: red wine…’s Friday..and water :)
wearing: my red, polkadot-tunica
feeling: proud (see images above)
weather: coldish
wanting: MORE RAM! (have 4gb, that was more than enough a few years ago :p) Argh. Lightroom & Photoshop opened together apparently takes between 97-98% of my physical memory..seriously? It eels like I haven’t done anything but upgrading stuff lately:(
needing: see “wanting”
thinking: how weird it’ll be when my little baby is going to start school this Fall…..sigh…
enjoying: having gotten some extra sleep this afternoon…but…am still tired :/
wondering: why I always have to be this tired almost all the time :/


Psst….have Crate Paper-stuff lying around and like sketches? Join this month’s Crate Paper-sketch! The stuff doesn’t have to be newer Crate Paper, either – so – what are you waiting for? Stop hoarding, start using! ;p

I’ll share the rest of the layout here later this weekend, but for now, drop by this post to see the sketch, this layout and the other stuff the team did w/the sketch :)

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~~ Revisiting Old Stash: The Prima Edition ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, February 17, 2011 4 lovely comments


I may have mentioned it here a few times already – I intend to stop feeling bad because I..uh..hoard stuff…and instead try to do something with, as I have a fair bit of mostly old Prima stuff in the house, I’ve decided to try join their challenges from now on in order to help me get rid of some of the stash :p So, here’s my take on their January Sketch..(everything but the brad comes from Prima) here.



And here’s a card I made based on their color-challenge. Here I’m especially proud of myself for using the chipboard-star I’ve had in my drawer for oh, so long, combined w/lace-rubons from Hambly…..I actually stamped too (see tag) – no wait, I embossed…!


I love the papers from this collection (I think it was released back in, hm…2007? Or probably 2008..?) – so pretty & lovely..the ribbonbowthingie was premade, originally intended for another project, but then I changed my mind and just had it clutter my desk until figuring that it’d fit this card if I just slapped some flowers&bling on it :p


Pretty,pretty star…(it was originally white – colored it w/glimmer mist then added the rub-ons upon it..) – bonus for actually using at least two whole sheets on this card.



listening: well, earlier today I listened to my own, recorded voice and damn, that’s so not funny :p
eating: fresh bread w danish salami
drinking: red wine…um, I’ve DESERVED that tonight!
wearing: dark plum-colored sweater, levi’s
feeling: positively exhausted
weather:  not as cold as I feared, still cold though and the snow’s still on the streets
wanting: to go to bed now, but I feel like I have to finish this one first :p (I’ll be glad when February is done :p)
needing: someone to massage my back :p
thinking: about tomorrow and Amalie’s hm, what’s it called…inscription? Admission? She’s gonna visit school tomorrow for an hour or so, say hi to her principal and teacher and some of the classmates she’ll get when she starts school this Fall…I’m so looking forward to and my camera both are ;p plus, we’re gonna have some mommy&daughter-time when done..I am thinking…ICECREAM at the mall…or something like that…we’ll see ;p
enjoying: that I’m soon done writing this status-update! :p oh, and spent the afternoon with a former colleague, that’s always lovely :)
wondering: whether to read some before bed, or to just try to get some sleep immediately :p


listening: to Barne-TV in the background :)
eating: Oreo Cupcakes
drinking: coffee
wearing: my “pyjamas”-tshirt (it’s not, but a friend of mine who also has it uses it as pyjamas and teases me when I’m wearing it like, the regular way)…
feeling: happy, having dived into the nostalgia of my youth :p
weather: snow&friggin cold :( (I’ve been freezing on my feet all day – so not a good sign as I think I’ll be sick soon :( ) 
wanting: to not become sick..
needing: sun..warmth…tea w/honey…sigh..
thinking: no more thinking! My head hurts after trying to work on my online survey (betingede hopp i Opinio, bleh)! And that this free action from MCP Actions, called Mini Fusion is pretty nice :) 
enjoying: Reading through the archives of the old website (started in 1995, I think we stopped updating it in 2001-ish) I once had with my friend Kaja: Kajanias gule sider :D (Mostly Norwegian, although we did have a few pages in English as well), and reading one of my earlier papers on gaming (I wrote about “Everquest – identification and identity”)
wondering: If there really’s gonna be a red carpet at tonight Red Carpet opening of “Dra til sjøs” (a boat convention I’m gonna cover for the paper) (edited to add: I didn’t really see a red carpet at the hall I was at, but I think there might have been at the other place..there were free drinks and snacks though, which, when I think of it, might be why people were so extra positive and happy to talk to me *grin*).


Lacey Said,

5:48 PM

These are fantastic!! I am definitely inspired to create some of my own to hand off to family & friends with photos taken throughout the year!


Awesome! Please do so, for me personally giving away photos has become a way more enjoyable process /fun thing to do now that I also try to make an effort creating cards/envelopes for the CD.

pattyo Said,

1:18 AM

Love your CD holders. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day--homemade bread, tea, knit sweater and snow! I know I'm probably amoung the few that really love the white stuff--I'm definitely a cold weather person.

Say, do you happen to live somewhere warm-all-year-around? If so, can we swap houses? :p (well actually, I don’t stand the too-hot-days, I’m hard to please :) )

Maya Said,

8:49 AM

Knallfine....skikkelig stilige var de!! Du er jammen meg kreativ - fatter ikke hvordan du får tid til alt!! Hadde vært kjekt med en liten forklaring på hvordan du har laget de...hadde trent å lage en haug selv men aner ikke hvor jeg skal begynne engang ;-I
Hilsen Maya

Heihei :)

Det er ikke så vanskelig :) Her har du linken til CD-konvluttene, og CD-kortene – det er bare å kutte sånn ca 6x6” vekk fra et 12x12 ark, og så brette resten/kutte litt av den flappen som skal være inne i kortet. Eller sy/lime en passende lomme til CD’en og lime på inni et 6x6” kort. Ikkeno mer hokus-pokus med det :)

Og tid, vel, jeg kan være en fryktelig effektiv scrapper avogtil (alle tre CD-greiene jeg viste i den siste posten lagde jeg på en kort kveld – det som evt. skulle tørkes ble satt på dagen etter..det meste jeg lager tar igrunn toppen to dager, starter sent på kvelden og avslutter i løpet av neste dag), og det meste jeg deler her i bloggen har jeg igrunn laget for en god stund siden (men ikke kunnet dele før nå) :)

Men ikveld skal jeg ikke begynne på noe, for nå skal jeg jaggu meg legge meg!
Natta folkens :)

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