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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ Hostress gift bag ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, September 27, 2011 2 lovely comments


Over at the Glue Arts blog there’s a whole series of what you can do with a Scor-Pal.
I’ve been drooling for one in like, forever, but never found one when my LSS have had sales going on, so I gladly jumped on the chance to receive one for this collaboration between Glue Arts and Scor-Pal. I love mine and use it so much now that I actually do make cards every now and then :)

I made a hostess bag thanks to a step-by-step I found at this Norwegian blog – and recreated it in English over at the GA-blog, as seen here (actually, when I started folding this one I remembered this one from the Cosmo Cricket blog some years ago, I folded like a dozen of these to create some Halloween-bags for my coworkers. Lots of work, don’t expect me to redo that this year! :p).’s some images..paper’s from Websters Pages, bits and pieces from Prima, Hambly Screenprints and stuff.



I’m pretty much engulfed in work atm , whether it’s work-work (love when I get to pursue my own projects, atm I’m working on two new series which started/were released last week) or photography-editing-work (finally got my new Eizo-screen!! YAY!!!JOY!!), so..there’s not much newsworthy stuff to share from me these days…other than the fact that we’re counting the days until we can go to PARIS! First vacation abroad for all four of us in what, 4 or maybe even 5 years..since we went to Hungary/Austria when Amalie was like, 2 or so…!

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~~ Craft Origine ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, September 24, 2011 4 lovely comments

Here’s my proof that why yes, I can stamp!

Or something like that *wink* *wink*

My first layout for Craft Origine!

Which brings me to a nice reason for being on a stamp-DT: A non-paper DT means I’ll get an excuse to dig into my non-DT-manuf stuff more often! Because yes, I’ll freely admit that when you have obligations for this and that manuf you’ll use your older, beloved non-DT-stuff less and less (although I think I am pretty good at balancing this atm, having a number of non-paper-DTs already :) ). Stuff on my layouts include American Crafts, papers from Prima, Crate Paper, KaiserCraft and Pink Paislee), tags from Elle’s Studio, Pink Paislee, MME and yeah, random bits and pieces from here and there.
So, I’ll freely admit I don’t have much experience with stamps, hence I’m probably easily impressed..which I’ll admit I became, using the Craft Origine-stamps. It took the ink (Archival Ink) so easily and yielded such crisp, detailed and rich impressions. I don’t think I really needed to push as much as I did (I do that when I’m afraid the stamp won’t stamp off easily sorta).
Nice, aren’t they? (Yes, yes – I didn’t notice until it was too late that I didn’t make sure the duck-stamp had ink all over before I pressed it down. In fact I saw that just as it touched the paper…and when I redid the stamp, well, I didn’t hit exactly on the lines :p)
Nevertheless. The stamps I’ve used comes from Anniversaire (the numbers), Enfance (the duck, sentiment and rocking horse) and Recettes (the bunny!).

Alright. I’m excited and honored, and looking forward to see how I’ll solve this with “I’m-no-stamper”-thing combined with being on a stamp-DT =)
Feel free to check out the Craft Origine store, the Craft Origine blog (it’s in both English and French) and the other (French! I’m the only Norwegian there o.O) girls’ blogs: Céline Le Guay (Marianne), Gaëlle Fauglas and Karine Cazenave-Taipe.

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~~ Chalkboard Paint Fun! ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, September 20, 2011 2 lovely comments

You can find this post over at the Maya Road blog aswell! :)



Alright, I guess I might be late to the party - I read lots of DIY-projects involving chalkboard paint like, a year ago or more - but only recently actually got to play with it myself. But my oh my - what great fun you can have with just a little chalkboard paint! Truly!

C1444 - Pennant Chipboard Album

For this project, I used the Pennant Chipboard Album.

Here's the instructions, although it's fairly easy to do so you shouldn't really need instructions =)

1. Find the clean edged chipboard and apply chalkboard paint on it as per its instructions (the paint, that is. I have no idea if all chalkboard paint acts the same :) ). For mine I tested it both with and without gessoing the chipboard. I think I actually prefer to do this without gessoing the chipboard - without it took me two layers of chalkboard paint, with gesso I needed three layers for a proper coverage.

2. Find the scalloped chipboard and either spray or paint it. The front chalkboard was covered in orange acrylic paint, the back chalkboard was covered in Maya Mist (one layer of Bublegum Metallic Mist then topped off with Dragon Fruit Pink Mist). Note: I adhered the chalkboard layer upon the scalloped chipboard, hence didn't need to paint/mist all of the chipboard, only the scalloped part.

3. Find some ribbon (here: Candy Striped Ribbon) or twine to decorate the top of the chalkboard. Optional: I wanted to decorate the twine some by adding small, cute trinkets to it: Wooden Mini Spools and Trinket Beads: Hearts and Butterflies.


4: I decided to attach the chalk pen to the chalkboard. This by securing the twine to a wooden button before hot gluing the chalk pen to the button.Tip: Depending on whether your kid is right or left handed - make sure the twine is on the "right" side for your kid.

There you have it - an easy peasy chalkboard project your kid will love! Mine sure did (aged 6 and 10)! And - it really didn't take that long to assemble - like 90% of the effort was spent waiting for paint&mist to dry.

Hope you enjoyed this mini-inspiration project and is now tempted to try it yourself. Remember - just because it says it's a mini album doesn't mean it have to be used for that, you know! :)

Have a lovely week!


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~~ Hello, miss Stamper ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, September 18, 2011 7 lovely comments

The other day I got an email asking if I’d like to join a design-team.
One that manufactured stamps.
«Um, stamps? Me? Ehh..sure you got the right person?» I asked back, pretty confused.
Because yes, it had to be asked. I don’t see myself as a stamper, so I couldn’t fathom why someone would ask me to join a stamp design-team. Well, long story short, and after ensuring she actually knew I didn’t really stamp, and after having seen samples of her stamp-designs, I agreed to join the team. I mean – 1. It really is flattering when someone actually have checked you and your work out and still ask you to join and have faith in you (thanks Virginia!), 2. The stamps I’ve seen and tried so far are unmistakenly cute, sophisticated and vintage-y and actually stamps I wouldn’t think twice about using and 3. I’ll admit I’m curious and pretty much always up for a challenge.

So. Bring it on!
Say hello to Craft Origine stamps!



I’ll share more of my layout later when it’s on the Craft Origine-blog, but for now – here’s a peek …and yes, I stamped on it after having sewn stuff and all. I’m oh so brave (or cocky) ;p

And in the meanwhile, do say hello to the design team of Craft Origine :




Now excuse me. I’m gonna prowl the stupid webstores waiting, longing, needing my new Eizo-screen to enter their virtual shelves so I can get myself a proper screen to edit photos in ASAP!

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~~ What the ... ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, September 16, 2011 4 lovely comments


Sure, I realize not everybody likes words that’s like, close to swear words (I don’t really consider “heck” a real swear word, although it really is used like one, or in the place of one, sorta). Nevertheless. Some situations require such use of strong words (although I would have preferred WTF, which I would, but then again, this was also supposed to be a DT layout, so I decided against it in the end. Uhm. Right. Nuff babbling!)

But. Seriously. My niece. She’s grown so big and all adult and stuff. Sigh.

I created this one at a crop last Saturday where we were given a sketch, a direction (C&S) and like, one hour? Two hours? To complete it. Loved the sketch (and thanks for the crop, it’s been too long!) :) AND I loved the papers! Seriously! The Lemon Flower collection from DCWV is absolutely, absolutely GORGEOUS. Just look at the patterns and the colors…and it’s glitter too, but not in a glitter-all-over-way! Do drop by the Glue Arts blogpost which you’ll find here to read more about this layout and ofcourse the products I used :)


Hand cut the patterns..of is it called fussy cutting these days??


The bling comes from Websters Page – loved it!

And my gorgeous niece?

I think she’s fabulous..


A natural in front of the camera..


And she really makes me wonder….where the heck did time go!?!?? Crap :p

Srsly ><

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~~ Couple cards.. ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, September 12, 2011 5 lovely comments
Geez, I’m so pretty dense. What's the point of doing a bunch of blogpost-drafts when you actually forget to *schedule* them? *cough* Right. Couple cards coming up! =)
Over at the Glue Arts blog we have (ok, had) a Pinterest-week. We were to draw inspiration from images posted to Pinterest, and create something of our own. Well, I loved these Pebbles Inc -papers so much that I decided to create a card when I saw this image:

Here’s a closeup of the card – created with stamps from Paper Smooches, skypunch from Fiskars and ofcourse, adhesive from Glue Arts. You can find the Glue Arts-post here.
The Prima BAP and PPP post is up (that’s – Build-A-Page and Prima-Product-Pick which’s actually a Palette aswell so it should actually be PPPP.. but I digress..)
Here’s my card for the BAP one..
And while I’m sharing cards, here’s one I did a few weeks ago but never got around to share (hmm, see a trend? Naa…no comments on age and dementia, please :p)…
The coworkers needed a babycard, so I dug into the Fancy Pants Designs papers of mine, found these then a really, really old rub-on from Jenni Bowlin (the bird – impressive how well it still was after so long)..the chipboardframe is from Crate paper, the button from American Crafts, small flowers from Kort & Godt, tulle and some hidden strips of die cut from Doodlebug….
And ofcourse, Hambly onesie-transparency..can’t create a babycard without these now, can I? :)
Sparkly gem from prima by the way..

Right. If you have any 3ndypapir-papers in your stash, head over here for *my* (flex! ;)) challenge for a chance to win brand new 3ndypapers! Good luck!

And for the Norwegians dropping by today: Godt valg!

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~~ Tutorial: Gift box/hostess gift ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, September 08, 2011 2 lovely comments


This is a box I made a few weeks ago, I think it was in the beginning of the Summer or something like that. Mom was visiting and needed a little hostess gift for a friend who invited her on dinner..


So I made this little box, which I’ve created a few times, and even done a tutorial on for the Norwegian challenge blog That’s Just So Cute back in July. Figured I’d share the tutorial here too, in (the Norwegian version can be found here). Scroll down…


See…it holds such candies so well…I think it’s a nice treat and it’s pretty quick whipping up aswell – I only had half an hour creating and photographing this one before mom was off for that dinner of hers...all materials: Prima Marketing for the box above, and lots of Crate Paper for the box in the tutorial.


Right, the tutorial. First you have to find a small, open box, or create your own (see tutorial on how to fold the box itself here).



Find a thicker cardstock/cardboard for the top/bottom. I usually ask the LSS whenever I’m dropping by if they have any pieces they don’t mind giving me – they normally get such when they receive their papers. Place your box upon, and cut out two squares larger than your box.



Like this – one for the bottom and one for the top!



Dress up the bottom/tops..


Now, for the flap at top, cut out a strip of cardstock slightly wider than your box, and adhere it to the bottom between the bottom/box, fold/score, adhere to the back of the box..leave the top for now, we’ll decorate it first before attaching it to the flap..


Right! Decorate the top!


Then adhere it to the flap..feel free to add like, ribbon or something like that so it’ll be easier opening the box..(I know, I’m so wonderful at explaining…but the truth is, I usually just wing these kinda things so maybe it’s why I find it hard to put it into words, hmm! Nevertheless, I hope you got an idea of how to do these’s just to get started then it’s pretty self-evident what to do sorta :) )

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~~ 3ndy news and a challenge! ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, September 03, 2011 5 lovely comments


Every month we have a challenge going on over at 3ndypapir, and I’m the one responsible for the September-challenge. It’s 1. Use scraps (I have a long winded explanation as to why on the 3ndyblog – but basically – it’s because I need to purge stuff for the good news, see below :p), and 2. Use at least an old embellishment while you’re at it (mine: the übercool Hambly-rubons).


The prize? Well, it’s brand new papers from 3ndypapir. Yep, that’s right – Gudrun is soon coming out with new collections for 3ndypapir. Check out the peek for the first one, “Blue Sky”:

Such lovely, fun colors, eh? I’m certainly looking forward to this one! You’ll find the full images of every paper in this line in this post.



So. Scraps. I’m too good for my own good at keeping them *sigh*. Hence – thick, hard-to-close-folders loaded with scraps. Also, I’m good at cutting up things then realizing – uhm, I think I changed my mind. A bad trait, I know..Nevertheless…all the different 3ndypapir-lines sort of goes well together here, don’t you think? :)


And old embellishments – I’m trying to remember to use my rubons, as they’re the first to actually “go bad”….all the other stuff can be reglued sorta. Nevetheless. Love the Hambly-rubons and the cute & cool designs :)

Right, what are you waiting for? Have a tiny, little 3ndypapir-scrap lying around begging to be used? Well, GO ON THEN! ;)

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~~ TA/Prima Hop: 2 for 1! ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, September 01, 2011 37 lovely comments

Hi and welcome – did you know there’s a blog hop going on? No? Well, now you do ;)

Prima and Tattered Angels decided to do a giveawaythingy, and have a bloghop with inspiring projects from the design team while at it. Here’s my contributions.


You see, I originally made a layout (the 2nd one in this post), wasn’t entirely happy but thought ahwell, but then I got to see peeks of the other girls’ stuff and I was like. Oh. Crap. I need to up my efforts. And made this one instead. Then decided to share both, cause…well, some people might like layout #2 more than layout #1 and vice versa. So, there you go. 2 for the price of 1! Or something like that :p


I colored this Ruby Violet stamp w/Tattered Angels mist – Jazz Blue and Tattered Rose.


I cut a too long strip of this Prima rose-ribbon once, leaving one rose dry…figured I better put it to use on this one, I love the green color of it!


I can see myself using this particular stamp more than once! So cute! Haaa, I’m so funny ;p


Here, this was the original layout I made for this hop..

A sheet of paper from Pixie Glen (layout #2 contains leftover-scraps from this sheet of paper =) ), lots of alterable canvas pieces, my favorite new bling (this one is truly sparkly), romantic butterfly, amazing canvas letters (loves), cute miniflowers and hey, look at that lovely resinbird!


Jazz blue and patina must be my favourite colors from Tattered Angels, along with Iridescent Gold. Both are used here – the blue here is jazz blue (Patina is pretty close – I usually just grab whicever of these bottles which’s closest to me when I want that color), and the iridescent gold is used on the paper for a subtle golden shimmer. Bummer that it rarely shows on photos :(


I also attempted to paint the chest of this bird with jazz blue, I think it worked pretty well :)



Here’s what you can win from the Prima blog – here’s an excerpt from their text:

Included are:

  • Prima Innocence alterable flowers-3 packs
  • Prima Winter Roses
  • Prima Royal Verbena Silver Flowers
  • Prima Miss Sophie Lace Flowers
  • Prima Sugar Plum Roses-Banana
  • 3 styles of alterable Prima lace
  • TA Glimmer Mist-Sunflower, Blackberry Cordial, Bronze and Timberline
  • TA Glam-Nightfall & Dirty Martini
  • TA Chalkboard-Cherry Cola & Monolith

For a chance to win the LOVELY prize above just visit some of the other blogs listed below and then come back here and let us know your favorite altered Prima product spotted on one of the blogs!

(Comments will close September 14th at midnight PST. One lucky winner will be chosen on September 15th.)

Here’s the Design Team links:















Prima Educator links:

Janine Koczwara

Nathalie Kalbach

Cari Fennell

Birgit Koopsen

Jamie Dougherty

Marion Smith

Sharon Laakkonen


Also: Tattered Angels also have their own Prima/TA giveaway!

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