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~~I gotta get this right ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, June 08, 2009

Pencil-Lines sketch #138
was guested by dutch Hilde Janbroers and we used a sketch by Anna :)
I didn't really find the time to do the sketch this week, but then I needed to whip up a quick hostess-favor for a BBQ yesterday so I decided to transform the sketch into a tag :)

Used Fancy Pants Designs - mostly Delight papers&stamps + a kraft kut.

As for the spice - rub a dub - it's a darn good BBQ-spicemix from Craig Whitson..I usually triple this recipe and store it in airtight glass-jars...totally yummy for BBQing and to spice up minced meat (makes yummy meatballs for your spaghetti :) ). Totally recommended :)
(and Norwegian only :p)

  • 5 ss malt paprika
  • 2 ss salt
  • 2 ss brunt sukker
  • 2 ss chilipulver
  • 1 ss malt sort pepper
  • 1 ss malt hvit pepper
  • 1 ss tørket oregano
  • 1 ss hvitløkpulver
  • 1 ss løkpulver
  • 1 ts kajennepepper
(gir ca 2dl blanding)

Mm. Some photos from yesterdays BBQ - thank you so much for having us Marie & thank you gals&guys for the company!! (Vibeche, Gry and Ellen - you were missed!!)

BBQing is (thank you :) )
Love the smoke here btw :)
Chillin'. Eli made us sun! (originally it was supposed to rain)

The two Amalies :)
Every time someone called "Amalie" both of them perked up saying "yes??" :)

Um. I have one word. Poor wabbit!! (ok, that was two)
The kids played "hunt the wabbit" like 80% of the time chasing it all over the garden. *cough* :p


Rinse&repeat a zillion times ;pAmalie enjoying some dessert :)

Oh I just gotta add this one: Amalie drew herself as a "Hello, Kitty" :)
*look mommy I'm Hello Kitty!*

Title: "Fire to your Plain" -Tori Amos
(mmm her newest album is starting to grow on me)

7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~I gotta get this right ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 12:06 PM

    Jækla god på å blåse finvær jeg ja :D :D Takk for en koselig dag i går. Var kjempetoppers - og vi er heldig som har deg som knipser og står i. Veldig kjekt at du delte bildene :) KLEM


  2. Grylla Said,'> 1:36 PM

    Så kosleig det så ut som dere hadde det. Jeg hadde så utrolig lyst men grillparty og en gutt med 40 i feber som synes så synd i seg selv at han ligger og klynker er desverre ikke kombinerbart. Krysser fingrer for at det blir flere anledninger :)


  3. Aquarell Said,'> 4:39 PM

    Så morsomt dere ser ut til å ha hatt det, med kaninjakt og gode greier.:D


  4. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 5:35 PM

    Ser ut som om dere hadde det kjempekos!


  5. banglamarie Said,'> 8:29 PM

    Kjempekoselig du kunne komme. Utrolig herlige barn du har!! Amalie likte godt Amalie :)
    Takk for at du har delt bilder!!


  6.'> 3:06 AM

    Anne Jo I LOVE your photos !!! Everyone looked like they were having tons of fun ..... hope the wabbit survived the children *LOL*


  7. Maren Said,'> 10:46 AM

    Takk for en suuuper dag, og takk for bilder :D


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