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~~ The McShane Wedding Pictures, part 2 ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, May 09, 2010

Now some more pictures from Marens wedding ♥

DSC_8651 Discussing who’s wearing the pants in the marriage?

DSC_8735 One of the advantages of being bride&groom is that you get to eat first before the others ;p

DSC_8754 The siblings writing a note to the newlyweds (all the guests got blank notes where they could write whatever they wanted to the couple).


The speeches were both touching… 



DSC_8837 ..and potentially embarrassing…just like the speeches in a wedding should be ;)

DSC_8859 They even became parents during the speeches (her uncle gave them a couple goldfishes, as compensation for the ones he killed when she was little).


Yep. That’s live ones alright!DSC_8879 Marie gave a speech (and an album) :)

DSC_8924 Pouting bride is pouting!DSC_8974 Lookie! Me, Eli & Marie!

DSC_9022 They handled all the gifts, and here they made sure they didn’t miss any envelopes or gifts underneath the booth while moving them from this one to the table in the big room :p


Weddings totally are such hard work!! Here’s me and Marie :)

DSC_9074Teehee…totally staged by the way, it’s water in the bottle & no fish were harmed during this session :)

DSC_8917  There’s something about men in skirt…(or ok, kilts).

DSC_8972 Giving someone the eye…..:D

DSC_9137Haha they do make a cute couple donchathink…. cute, Maren, cute :) (her father right next to her btw)

 DSC_9147 Marie and Eli is so easily entertained – they kept communicating via Facebook…..

DSC_9153 Lovely party :)



9 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ The McShane Wedding Pictures, part 2 ~~'

  1. Lizzie Said,'> 1:22 PM

    It looks like a really lovely wedding! The venue was fabulous - the paintings on the walls gave a lovely backdrop for your photos, without being full of figures, flowers etc to detract from the bride, groom and guests.
    Lovely photos Ania!


  2. Maren Said,'> 3:02 PM

    Herlige bilder Ania! ♥♥♥♥♥


  3. Tchu1 Said,'> 6:34 PM

    Lovely photographs, wonderful weeding, funny moments... Thanks for sharing!!
    Congrats to the newly weds!


  4. Sasha Farina Said,'> 2:35 AM

    wow... looks fabulous Ania!


  5. Darlene S. Said,'> 4:54 AM

    I LOVE these photos! You captured the mood so perfectly! Beautiful!


  6. banglamarie Said,'> 9:10 PM

    Flotte bilder!! Du er knallflink!!

    -ser jo ut som vi kjeder oss i bryllup der vi sitter med iphonene våre, må bare presisere at det gjorde vi ikke ;o) Tji hi :o)

    -og svar til spørsmål på bloggen min. Maten i Brussel var fantastisk, både den vi spiste ute og den Gry laget til oss!!! Helt vanvittig god!!


  7. Anne-Britt Said,'> 9:13 PM

    Kjempeflotte bilder du har tatt.


  8. Kirsti Said,'> 9:28 PM

    OMGod I totally LOVE yours and Marie's outfits...they rock!!! and men in kilts - where I come from that's the norm!!! They look fabulous - more men should take the plunge!!! Kirsti xoxo


  9. Wati Basri Said,'> 3:38 PM

    lovely lovely photos!! awesome :)


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