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~~ It's that time again... ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, May 31, 2007

*sigh* okay. So it's that time again. Back to the hospital. I gotta admit - once I saw the letter in my mailbox. The newly appointed date for my 2nd surgery. My heart sank rockbottom. I kinda felt numb for a moment. I thought I was mentally prepared for this - having gone through it once knowing what I'd face....but naa... bleh. Jeje. One's gotta do what one's gotta do no? So. Tomorrow I'm gonna hit the hospital, sit down and wait patiently for a couple of hours, hopefully get a bed at the Hospital Hotel & on friday I'm gonna go through another surgery & when it's over I'm gonna stay at the hospital for a week or so until I'm recovered. So with this in mind I created my second One Little Word layout - their new word was "STOP". I sure feel like yelling that now but bleh. Better suck it up and hope time will fly so it'll be over soon...

Anyways. /whinemode off & don't worry, you won't get rid of me that easily - I've got a laptop and am so gonna hog that wireless network at the hospital (LOVE IT!) whenever I can to try beat the boredom called Waiting Time/Recovery. And I brought some books (and a mag -- missing at least two more mags!! I KNOW I saved these mags specifically for the hospital but bleh, they're gone now bleh bleh). And while at the hospital I plan on working on some writing assignments. And I get to sleep a lot! I love to sleep! :p

And - the other layout; $$$ - Ingunn challenged me to lift Keishas beautiful layout. Now, I love Keishas delicate style (EVERYTHING she touches turns into little delicate cards and layouts and...things!) and I knew I wouldn't be able to do it justice, so I did my own version. With moving houses & painting our new house the money sure flies FAST....bleh! So this bill is just one of numerous bills I've got because we needed more paint & stuff. Look. It even got its own little wings cause it's supposed to symbolize the money that flies ;p

Jaja. Nytt sykehusbesøk imorgen -- ny operasjon og nytt opphold vekke. Heldigvis har jeg fått låne laptopen til min snille svigermor, så jeg kommer til å surfe masse fra sykehusets trådløse nett! Hurra for trådløse nett! Bildene på LO nr 2 er hentet fra siste sykehusopphold. Jepp. Ser frem til dette. Not. Jeje.

Men! Har dere sett?? Nytt forum fra Papirloftet; Papirprat! Stikk innom da vel og last opp minst 10 LO'er i galleriet for en sjanse til å vinne 500kr i gavekort fra Papirloftet (siste frist 31. mai!!) eller bli med på skissekonkrransen der du kan vinne en av de nye, lekre MM albumene med scallopede kanter!

Snakker om konkurranser - imorgen er fristen for den aller siste M-måneden på Minneriket; har vært kjempeflink og lastet opp hele 6 bidrag jeg og hastet meg til å bli med på 17.mai konkurransen :D Gydas skissekonkurranse rakk jeg dessverre ikke for denne gangen, men gleder meg til å se og stemme på alle bidragene når den er over om.....4 dager! :)

Leggetid! Lang kjedelig dag imorgen! :p

13 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ It's that time again... ~~'

  1.'> 2:45 AM

    Very powerful! I hope everything goes extremely well for you.

    One Little Word


  2. Lynn Said,'> 3:00 AM

    I hope it goes well for you too! Great layout!

    one little word


  3. Unknown Said,'> 4:06 AM

    I love the design of the LO!!! wishing you the very best with your surgery!!

    one little word


  4. michelle Said,'> 4:15 AM

    great layout under not so great circumstances.. wishing you the best


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 7:19 AM

    Flotte begge sidene du har laget!Lykke til på sykehuset; tenker på deg og x fingre for at det blir mindre ubehag denne gangen. Klem, Eli


  6. Linn Said,'> 7:58 AM

    Herlige LOer som alltid! Og lykke til med nok et sykehusopphold, får håpe du får surfet masse da!


  7. _Kine Said,'> 9:10 AM

    Lykke til, Ania. *stor klem*


  8.'> 11:19 AM

    great layouts - all the best for your treatment :)


  9. Heidi Said,'> 2:24 PM

    Lykke til med sykehus innleggelse og operasjon ania!!!

    Herlige layouter også!!!!



  10. Anonymous Said,'> 10:56 PM

    Lykke til med operasjonen!
    Og fantastiske layouter og!

    (ps. Hege fra Oslo som anonym her)


  11.'> 7:19 AM

    Very powerful page & full of essence. I sincerely hope the time goes fast for you & you can keep your mind busy with ideas ready to scrap when you get home.
    Love the new banner!!


  12. Marjolein Said,'> 11:20 PM

    I thinks this is a very good page, and it says everything you feel! Hope all goes well for you!


  13. Unknown Said,'> 2:54 AM

    Best wishes for a quick recovery!


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