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Maybe-not-really-20-something-anymore from Norway who likes to scrapbook and take photos documentarystyle and dreams of photojournalism when not working as a photojournalist and that's pretty much what this blog is about. And I like it this way.

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Been scrapbooking since late fall 2005. Currently fortunate enough to be a part of the design teams for Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants Designs and Pencil-Lines. ♥


~~ More? Yes more! ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, May 06, 2007
Heh. Tbh I dunno what I think about the lettersize one, but ohwell, I adore this picture of the kiddo so I'll prob scrap it once more anyways. Woke up this morning and saw more challenges on the RdG blog - dunno if the deadline's over or not but ohwell. It's nice to feel inspired! And! My very first 12x6!! It's such a cute format - I'll definately explore it more! I combined this one with the RdG challenge & the ScrapJack one - jackin' Stephanie Howell :) Old old pictures - all the way back to 1996!! Me, my sis & a friend having fun with a webcam! :D The pictures are ofc in such a bad bad quality - which makes them perfect for small pictures like this :) And hey. I resisted using my very last MM-flower on the lettersizelayout. Last flower! Eek! :)

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  1. Anonymous Said,'> 3:17 PM

    Hey Ania, saw your link on the RDG blog and I LOVE what you have done with the challenges - fabulous work!
    Lee :)


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 3:32 PM

    GORGEOUS colors on these


  3. Anette S Said,'> 3:42 PM

    Begge disse er helt fantastiske! Du er så utrolig god!


  4. _Kine Said,'> 4:10 PM

    Det RdG-arket bruker jeg i skrivende stund! Jeg syns scrappingen din tar nye og kule vendepunkter hele tida, samtidig som layoutene dine er veldig deg.


  5. Lene S Said,'> 5:39 PM

    Wow Ania! Det er så sinnsykt bra! Digger det du lager for tiden. Takk for at du deler! :o)


  6. banglamarie Said,'> 9:47 PM

    Lekre layouter :)

    Så tøft å scrappe 12x6! Tror jeg må prøve meg på det!


  7.'> 2:06 AM

    Your work is gorgeous, stunning colour !!! Good luck on Cocoa Daisy, Aida


  8. staceyfike Said,'> 4:04 PM

    love your jack!!


  9. Anonymous Said,'> 8:39 AM

    thank you for coming by my blog.
    I am glad i followed you back
    to your creative and delightful blog.


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