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~~ Better but not quite there… ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, November 06, 2009

And that’s the last statement you’re gonna get from me when it comes to how I feel right now. I’m really trying to fight against my innate needs to just feel.sorry.for.myself. but that’s boring to read about so there!

Good news is that I felt good enough to scrap the other day..which meant the whole stay-at-home-and-be-sick-thing became a little more bearable for me :p So. I made a card for a person whose party is tonight but because I’m not entirely well enough (+ the reg. babysitter is sick herself :p) I’m gonna stay at home w/the kids. Jeje.

The card had to be large enough to cover a giftcard, which was sorta huge. The dimensions are 10x4,5”. Played around w/corrugated cardstock, glimmermist, cracklepaint (peeled paint..loves!) a sheet of Fancy Pants Journal book (Summer Soiree) and small leftoverpieces I had on my desk – like some Hambly transparencies & kraft stickers (love the sparrow..and the edge-stickers peeking from the rose), piece of lovely Jenni Bowlin gold rubons I’ve saved like, forever… a sheet of K&Co shaped minibook..letters from some old Heidi Swapp alphabets (love the alphas, HATE the socalled “adhesive” on them tho).

I especially love how this flower turned out. I read about this on the CK blog a while ago – credit goes to Tia Bennett on how to make this awesome cute&simple flower. I love how this 3ndypapir pattern sort of fits these kind of flowers – I had a scrap of that paper I couldn’t make myself throw away – now it’s turned into these kind of flowers dashed w/a lil glimmermist (Iridescent Gold). Here it rests on a piece of Making Memories glitterflower, whose color matches the dotty Hambly kraftsticker perfectly.

Some more closeups…..did I mention I love this kraft-sparrow from Hambly?? And the lush gold rubons from Jenni Bowlin…….mm… I painted the K&Co minialbum-sheet w/gesso and drybrushed aqua on it, before spraying glimmermist (Iridescent Gold goes to anything!) over it. When dry I rubbed the rubons on the top and painted the edges heavily w/cracklepaint.

This post is already huge, but I just have to add the photos of my little girlie who kept me company today. No, she’s not sick, just had a day off kindergarten because of some planning-stuff. So, as my dear son told me last night “You’re gonna have some girlietime together!!”. Uh yeah.

Girlietime = me taking photos of her…cause I’ve been missing taking photos!! And I’ve been missing the amazing weather we have atm (just my luck – sunny and lovely outside when I’ve been inside sick).

"Wait, I forgot something!" she said. And returned with her sunglasses.
Hum yeah. I sort of made her wear that tutu. She’ll thank me for that later.
Sorta. Hush.

Struggled somewhat w/the wb here. Hm. Looks a bit bland no? This was in the shade of the house – with WB put to shade. Had to correct the wb slightly postproduction though.

I read that some photographers become sad when their children learns to automatically put on their “cameraface” once they reach for their cameras. I totally get them. She loves to pose, and while mommy thinks she’s still cute mommy’s got lots of these kind of photos so mommy tries to snap away especially when she’s between poses.

Right now she’s sitting next to me on her own pc singing along to Regina Spektor. *love*

I bought her this tutu last Christmas. She doesn’t really like it. She refused to wear it the first four-five months?? Sigh. But hey…she’s growing so fast – one day it’ll be too late for her to put on a tutu sorta (heaven knows it’s way too late for me *cough*) so….believe me, it’s for her own good – now she has some photos of herself in a tutu! :p

I edited this photo of Amalie then went back to the original SOOC-piccie (bottom) and thought. Hm. The SOOC piccie is indeed good. Yet I spend a few more minutes each piccie, trying to find a better way to edit it. Like. Why do I insist on spending so much time editing when I really need to just cut down the time editing? I dunno. I think part of the fun lies in the postprocessing too. To see what you can do with the negative (SOOC). It’s…sort of fun :)

Have a nice weekend :)

15 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Better but not quite there… ~~'

  1. Wati Basri Said,'> 3:08 PM

    great it all


  2. Maren Said,'> 3:31 PM

    Hahahah, for noen fantastiske bilder! Digger tutuen!


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 3:44 PM

    That card is out of this world!!! I wish I was Stein :D


  4. Anonymous Said,'> 3:49 PM

    Hey you, love the link to the flower tuto. I love flowers and going to have to try this. As always, your project is a beaute :) So is your little girl. Bises, D


  5. Torill Said,'> 5:28 PM

    Så utrolig nydelig kort!! Hærlighet så kult!!
    Og de bildene av prinsessen!!!! Gleder meg til å se de bildene scrappet:0) KNALLKULE!

    god helg (og god bedring)


  6. Eli Said,'> 5:33 PM

    Herlige Amalie :) Godt du føler deg bedre og kan være ute og leke litt med kamera. På tide det igjen ja! Vi burde få til bilder nede ved veggen her nede som du har snakket om en stund - i mørket vettu ;) Kos deg og nyt helgen! *klem*


  7. Aquarell Said,'> 7:00 PM

    Herlige herlige bilder! Du har en skikkelig skjønn liten jente!
    Og den tutuen!:D
    Ha en strålende helg!


  8. Camilla G Said,'> 11:05 PM

    Så herlige bilder av Amalie og tutu'en. Som du sier- hun kommer til å sette pris på at du avbildet henne i ett så helsøtt plagg, en gang!
    Jeg ville bare innom og legge spor fra meg, jeg er fast følger av bloggen din, men svært dårlig til å kommentere. Jeg prøver å skylde det på readeren, men det er nok en hel del min feil også:)
    Ønsker deg en kjempefin helg, og vil bare slenge me dat jeg digger oppsettet på bloggen din, og den proffe fremleggingen av bildene som i denne posten!
    See you!


  9. Unknown Said,'> 2:04 AM

    totally get the posed kiddie photo shots at the moment, Izzy has a forced smile or none at all, i think i need to give her a break, LOL
    Hope you are feeling better, this isnt much fun is it :(
    Huge hugs


  10. Heidi Said,'> 11:03 AM

    Nydelige bilder av Amalie!!!!!! Digger tutu'en!!!
    Ha en flott helg.


  11. banglamarie Said,'> 8:40 PM

    Så herlige bilder av Amalie :)
    Knallflott kort og den blomsten var bare lekker!!!


  12. Sasha Farina Said,'> 9:57 AM

    SHUT UP! you made that card while being SICK? That card is phenomenal Girl.. you get back to 100% soon, okay? Love you!


  13. { Kristina } Said,'> 12:41 PM

    For noen dødskule bilder! Digger skjørtet! :D
    Og et nydelig kort! :)


  14.'> 6:49 PM

    WOW that is a fabby card, i love those photos too - stunning. I hope you feel better soon, and I've become a follower of your blog - it's FAB!!!


  15. Olga Said,'> 7:35 AM

    Wow, very pretty card!


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