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~~ I love my job ♥ ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I’ve been working at the local newspaper for soon six months, and I’ve truly enjoyed every moment of it. How long I’ll be staying depends on when (and how much of) my next surgery will be up – I’ve been told sometime during spring 2010, but no exact dates, or how complicated it’ll be, so we’ll see how things pans out. In the meanwhile I’m just enjoying the experience, trying to learn as much as I possibly can.

I do however not think I’ve scrapped about the job or anything job-related before, so it’s about time isn’t? Here’s the car I’m using at work – we all share it but as a photographer I guess I’m the one who uses the car the most (besides, most colleagues uses their own private car when they’re going out). I don’t mind. I like this car :) I’ve taken a few nice photos with it, and I’m also using a photo of the (mirrors of the) car as my work-cellphonephoto. Simply put. I love this car :) Sure, it’s difficult to reverse (you have to use the side-mirrors as you can’t see anything by looking back yourself). But. I love it when I’m alone in the car and can put the radio on full (and maybe sing a long a teeny little bit haha) and just drive around the island. However. I’ve been stuck in the snow with this car twice. This photo is from the first time, I called the editor (in chief) to ask for help when I couldn’t get it out after a while but after ten minutes I managed it on my own after all and called off the help :p The second time however the editor had to go outside (it was right outside the workplace *cough*) and push the car outta the snow. Right! Glad he’s such a sport about such incidents :p

I love this Raffle Leaf Hambly-paper. It’s pearly and shimmery and just all around gorgeous. I added a huge cutout from the Frosty Snowflake-transparency. Two oldies but goldies :) The red transparency behind the photo is from the newer snow-transparency, Falling Snowflakes. Other products include chipboard-letters from Prima (w/newsprint on them - how fitting!), and rhinestones from KaiserCraft. The latter being a real favorite! :)

I didn’t really know what to do with this layout, but wanted to do some kind of subtle edge on it so I just folded the edges a bit and sewed around them. I do believe it turned out fab :)


Last friday I was invited to Anne Britt for a crop and to celebrate her and Grys birthdays. Made this card for her then. It’s just white corrugated cardstock folded twice sort of, to make two pockets for tags.

abkort4  I adhered the edges once so it would become a sort of “roll”, pushed it flat and folded it again to make these two pockets.abkort3

The embellishments was just various Hambly-scraps – rubons, transparencies and Kraft stickers – along with glimmer mist (ofc!), half a tag from Elle’s Studio and a butterfly made from Fancy Pants scraps :)

The left tag is blurred because there’s a giftcode for Papirloftet on it ;p


Pwetty butterfly! Punched three times :)


Look! New color!!! This time Zoyas Posh Matte Velvet Laquer. GORGEOUS. I dunno what’s better, this or the grey-black “dovima” color, but I do know this: It’s surprisingly easy to apply, dries superfast and yields such a well covered (pigmented), beautiful color. *sigh* Did I mention I’m in love? It’s surprisingly strong in wear too, as in… I thought it would chip easily and stuff (after the reviews I’ve read about matte nailpolish) but it’s just slightly white/worn out on the tips of the nails after two-three days of use (w/o topcoat). Not too bad! The next color is the purple one from Orly – I think the color is gorgeous too but from what I’ve seen (I helped some friends w/this nailcoat) it’s way more difficult to use than the zoya ones (doesn’t apply as prettily and as even as the zoya ones). We’ll see!


Pretty busy day today (isn’t typical? Only one assignment yesterday so I played some w/the cam and selftimer, see above :p but a zillion assignments today giving me no room to edit/pick out photos at all during work..hardly had time to eat :p) so I’m gonna head down to work to get a few things wrapped up before an evening-assignment later tonight. Have to since I’m off work rest of the week to attend Dok:10 – can’t wait! Callie Shell (the one who photographed president Obamas campaign) and Nan Goldin (awesome photographer, I’ve adored her raw work for a while) are two of many amazing photographers speaking/showcasing at the festival…..looking so forward to it!!


Have a lovely week! :)



3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I love my job ♥ ~~'

  1. Maren Said,'> 9:17 PM

    Kjempestilig å scrappe arbeidsbilen! :) Det er gøy å kjøre rundt i sånne, så jeg skjønner godt at du koser deg. :) Det er så bra at du trives i jobben, det unner jeg deg virkelig :)

    Håper vi sees igjen snart!


  2. Eli Said,'> 7:27 AM

    Kule bilen; kjekk å ha når ikke noen kommer suusende i en 4W og redder deg :P Ha en superkjekt i Oslo med alt som skjer der! - og så snakkes vi plutselig *klem*


  3. Sasha Farina Said,'> 11:46 AM

    digging your work-car AND your nails!! that is wicked!


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