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~~ Oslo, day one ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, February 18, 2010

I sort of feel renewed and inspired, so over the next few days (I hope) I'll share some photos from my trip to Oslo. Starting with...yesterday :p

We started out at the pier of our little island, where Amalie made sure to pout (albeit somewhat playful for the camera I think) - where's the ferry? How long until the ferry? When are we gonna take the plane? The ferry arrived, we boarded it, went to the bus-stop, entered the bus and got safely to the airport.

We were quite early - had about two hours of playing in the playpen before we had to board our flight. Yes, she's gonna cut her bangs soon. I'm hoping to get my mom to do that ;p

I love beautiful, natural light. It makes me fall in love - with the light and the photography itself because it's such a delight photographing and it just makes you happyhappyhappy. Here in front of the large large windows at the airport letting in lots of beautiful, diffused light. I want my own, transportable beautiful-light-in-a-pocket-device! (ok, maybe there is one - which's called - learn your darn flash well or something like that :p)

I arrived Litteraturhuset straight from the airport, attended the "Press photo of the Year 2009" award ceremoni, which was very very interesting and inspiring. One thing I noted though. There seemed to be a lot of use of photoshop - no - not over-the-top use, but - to strengthen and underline the aestetic of the photos sort of. I don't know. I mean. We're talking about real photographer-pros here who knows their gear inside out in their sleep sortof. However. Makes me think that I can in fact be a bit more bolder when it comes to editing my own photos for the newspaper, at least for the feature/magazine-photos..? Uh. I so dunno. Another thing I noted re the awards. Darn men! So many men who won, and I think there was only three women who got awards - one of them getting multiple ones. Still. Huge overload of men winning. Hrmf. (ofc - it's the pictures that's speaking - but I did hope there were more females in the top-field sort of)
Then there was a very interesting debate (pictured above) about wheter the larger newspapers really need their own photoagencies (I'm not sure I'm using the term correct here) or wheter it's just as well the photographers are placed in various editorial fields within the paper. Lots of interesting thoughts and perspectives - I agree that the photographer and journalists might need to cooperate more, the photographer needs to be involved in the cases, know it well and stuff in order to carry out his/her assignments well, and at the same time, the photographers being together in one unit and have their own editorial chief would be strengthening their cases and well, they can learn lots of each others? I don't know for real as I havent been in such a unit - I'm the sole photographer at my local newspaper and I do often wish I had others I could console with, ask for advice and exchange ideas with sort of.

Then there were two seminars, I'm annoyed I didn't snap a picture of Jérôme Sessini when he spoke... he showed his pictures from the drugwar in Mexico, and I even dared ask him a question - in English - go me! My heart was racing and I was so nervous, what if he didn't understand me and had to ask me to repeat the question? Eeks... it went well and it seemed like he liked my question as he spent lots of time elaborating on it, way more than others. HAH! ;p
Pictured above is Samuel Bollendorff, who had an intriguing speech about his projects, especially interactive documentaries on the web. It looked just like a computer-game to me sort of, with questions from the journalist you could pick between and click and get replied in return and new choices where to go from there. Intriguing, seemed time-consuming and well, certainly a new way to share your photojournalism with the public. I'm slightly bummed I didn't ask him any questions, because I found his work intriguing - I just wasn't sure wheter I got it right, so it would be embarrassing asking something he already did cover or whatever. *cough* He only got one question from the public too, which I thought was a bit embarassing - that he didn't get more questions....I mean - what he talked about seemed to represent a new way to think of photos on the web hm? Ohwell.

Then I went home. Had to snap a photo of the castle (wohoo :p) in Oslo - I remember back in -90 or -91, when the old King died and we went to the castle to pay our respects and lots of people were gathered and there was flowers, pictures, lights and drawings covering the whole front yard. Funny how small memories still sits with you.

Just thought this building looked fine :p
I like playing tourist (uhm, I AM a tourist these days) but not in bright daylight - I prefer the dark when it's not so obviously touristy when you drag out a camera. I like to think anyways. :p

Just as I was gonna enter the subway I passed this scene and just HAD to drag out my camera again. There was a lone girl reading a book under the lights.....I just liked the scene. (streetphotography is way easier in the dark too, by the way *cough*)
Can't wait to get home to my own calibrated screen and my own photoshop and play with this picture.

Just had to add. My subway-station. I don't really miss it, but it sure makes me nostalgic having grown up taking the subway all the time sort of.

Off to do a photosession with a BABY, meet some friends and attend new photoseminars!!! :)


2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Oslo, day one ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 3:05 PM

    Tøffing du! Kos deg masse videre i Oslo og superdupert at du deler bilder underveis. Me like :) *klem*


  2. ~Isabell~ Said,'> 10:21 AM

    jeg er helt imponert over bildene dine, du har alltid riktig fokus og får utrolig flotte farger på dem.


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