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~~For hope I’d give my everything ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Sunday! :)

I figured I’d let you know how it’s going with my project Clean Kitchen ;p (I know you’re so thrilled to learn more ;p) Hum. Umkay, I had to lower my ambitions a tiiiny tad. The original plan was like, kitchen at day one, bathroom day two and if lucky, livingroom at the weekend. Uh yeah – well, I’m glad the hubby+kids aren’t at home right now, because the way I clean is a bit laidback with lots of breaks and so wouldn’t have worked if they were at home. Oh and plus, I did all this *after* work, so it wasn’t like I had a whole lotta time to do stuff at, sorta! But – I AM progressing! Slowly, but sure…

DSC_1242  See – my lovely, messy kitchen ;p

The blue outlines are day one – I cleaned the largest pantry + the top of the fridge, and sprayed oven-cleaningstuff in the lower oven to stay overnight. Lots of sauce mix bags were thrown – the oldest expired in 2000 *cough* (to my defence – I started making my own dinner & sauces from scratch a few years ago, using way less (like, 90% less compared to before) mix-bags and dried stuff when cooking dinner – thus rarely using what I already had stored. So there!)

Day two – red outlines – the fridge! Ick :p Plus, sprayed more oven-cleaningstuff into the upper oven & cleaned all the, uh, bakingsheets (??).

Day three (Saturday - green) – one of the lesser closets/pantry, the microwave, a drawer, the top of the stove and the fan above the stove. I’d *probably totally* get way more done if I wasn’t interrupted by a visit from Eli!!!! *winkwink* Oh, and I went out having a beer or two (Guinness!!!) later that night too, but – it’s not like I’d continue cleaning the kitchen at midnight, now, huh? :p

500 I got this towel from Eli a few days ago by the way :p I was gonna save this image for a post later next week involving these lovely French macaroons, but somebody was impatient to see the towel blogged, so here you are! ;) Thank you so so so much :D *hugs*


I suppose I should continue working on the kitchen, uh? :p I did the pink/purple outline today – I want to finish the whole side today at least! And wash the floors before I leave..I’m probably off to the summer-place tomorrow after work, so I better hurry up! :)


Title: “Nemo” - Nightwish

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~For hope I’d give my everything ~~'

  1. Leena Said,'> 5:23 PM

    WTG Ania!! You can do it and it's looking good! :)


  2. Catrine Said,'> 8:00 PM

    Bra Ania! Nå er du godt i gang!
    I morgen skinner nok kjøkkenet! :)
    Og nam, de kakene så gode ut. Og lekkert kjøkkenhåndkle!
    Ha en flott søndagskveld!


  3.'> 10:06 PM

    Now we need to see the finished result!


  4. Ellen* Said,'> 1:39 PM

    Hmmm - jeg må ta kjøkkenet en omgang, jeg også... Tok ut ting i forbindelse med bursdagsfestene, og nå får jeg dem ikke inn i skapene igjen...:o( Nye ting har jeg også fått. SNART skal jeg ta meg sammen! Makronene så yummi ut - laga sjøl?
    Lykke til med finishen! *klem*


  5. Maya Said,'> 2:49 PM

    Se her ja...det kan man kalle rot.....hehe. Ser ut som her noen ganger det der....og så er det skikkelig tiltak å begynne på det med tre unger som roter fortere enn man får rydda...
    Lykke til videre :-))


  6. Anette S Said,'> 2:17 PM

    Jeg er som deg, det går i mye pauser i storvasking. Derfor kommer jeg aldri rundt hele leiligheten før jeg må begynne på nytt... Men jeg er cleaning nazi, så det er alt eller ingenting. Også får jeg pusteproblemer av rotete kjøkken! Blir det for rotete må jeg bare holde meg ute derifra eller vaske alt.


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